EZ Zhongli Tips | Most Complicated Genshin Impact Character to Build Around


The most complicated character in genship impact is that zongley, yes, zongli is the most complicated character, the most misunderstood character in a genji impact. There’S been a lot of outlash and outreach about how low his damage multiplier is on his normal attack combination string. That is true. He does not have the highest multipliers on his normal attack string, but he can do so. Many things for your party and a lot of players aren’t really seeing the potential that you can do with zhong li so which way is the best way to build him. Even after i’ve put up a couple of guides there on the animation cancels and the boost of damage that you can do by flinging abyss, mages and high hp enemies in the higher stages of the abyss. Doing 33 000 40 000 damage with just a four second cooldown on his e skill. If you want to see more information on that, that’s the video.

Obviously, we also have the full on build guide, video that covers all of the options, but even after watching that content, a lot of you guys have left comments about how you’re confused that you don’t know which way the best way to build him is that’s because There is no singular best way to build zhang li because he’s incredibly flexible. You can build him as a carry damage dealer if you want him out on the field with a crescent pike proc that weapon is absolutely insane for him, but as long as you have the right team for him he’s going to be doing work for you, you Can do other things as well? Freeze compositions are not the most prominent thing in gentian impact right now, but in combination with his elemental burst skill. They become quite powerful with planet befall.

Here you can petrify enemies, freeze them if you have high energy, recharge, petrify them in again, freeze them again, petrify them again and that’s going to be a big boost in your damage overall in your dps, because the less time that you’re dodging around the battlefield, the More damages that you’re gon na be doing in general, so there’s a lot of cool combinations of characters out there, his friends his foes there’s a lot of things. You can do double geo, double uh pyro. If you don’t care about the sort of enemies that you’re running across to do just maximum damage, with your other characters, put them together with a super conduct, team composition, a freeze, team composition or what i think is going to be his best team composition. If you have the stuff for it, a combination of super conduct as well as freeze, which is what we’re going to be going over today. Now we are going in with a basically naked zong lee right now, just to showcase that he can do this supportive aspect.

If you want to do more stuff like this, then you’re going to want to go in and you’re going to want to definitely uh give him energy recharge, but we’re going to be combining him with some other characters. You want to do an electro character. Maybe you want the electro character to be a carry character like razor you put razor in here for your electro character. That’S gon na give you part of that super conduct combo with cryo characters, so you’re gon na want, like chichi or diona or even kaya. In there, in your party as well, and a lot of these characters are going to be bringing in there with their bare bones basics. Just to show you the combination of very strong crowd, control that you can do in here as well. You’Re going to want to bring in a hydro character like uh, shin chu as well as shincho. Excuse me butchering this poor man’s name here. Well, let’s go in and let’s check it out, so we’re coming in unit’s, pretty ungeared level. 50.

This is just about the crowd control. We have the freeze, we have the super conduct as well. If we wanted to build zongli in this specific team for a physical damage carry, i know a lot of you guys out. There want to do that and it’s viable with crescent pike in a superconduct team, because you’re going to be getting huge damage bonus multipliers, especially if you have some refinement rakes on that crescent pike proc. You could swap the official out in this case for a razer bill, jungling more for support, so you can get more and more and more petrifications off. Keep your enemies locked down between the petrification in the freeze aspect and have razor come out and carry as well or you can have the official in here like we do for this situation, where we just want to have high uh supplemental damage here with our zhang Lee so uh shincho is pretty good here, because any attack that we do is gon na come in with water and just kind of take this guy out.

Now we can come in here and smack this guy around all the damage numbers popping off before this guy puts up a shield, we’re gon na petrify him like so we’re gon na pop this back off, i’m gon na make sure we freeze them again and uh We’Re gon na be doing some pretty good stuff here: big freezes, summon our pillar for some enemy until generation and just kind of put, and pluck this guy down a little bit so we’re gon na get in here with some freeze get in here with some uh. Some uh super conduct to raise our damage. These guys are coming out, so we’re gon na want to make sure that we’re coming in here freeze these dudes maybe go and take out the thunder guy here. So, let’s pop this out pop this out pop this out make sure we’re kind of having fun here with our our team freeze again and we’re just having the ability to just come in here and see she’s chained, a lot of our enemies.

Now we got frozen there ourselves, so it kind of broke our cc chain lock, but you can do a lot of crazy stuff with a team composition such as this, we have super conduct up again. We can go in here and petrify this guy, throw them back down with the petrification, maybe throw the freeze at this guy summon uh some in oz here and just keep our cc chain coming out. Freeze again drop this make sure we just keep this up, move this guy around and then we’re gon na petrification again, there’s so many cool things that you can do with this team composition, a little bit more freeze a little bit more petrification pretty soon it’s going To be coming up, pesticide will be up soon. Super conduct pop that off pop this guy down hit this guy with a water that guy’s gone. Now we can’t freeze this guy, but we cannot petrify him. So, let’s petrify him: let’s throw her heel out here and we can super conduct him now and if we had like more gear on our guy we’d, be pretty well off and ready to go here.

On top of that, we have it’s generating solid shields generation with our pillar here, so we’re doing pretty well. On that front, he would definitely be going down right now if we had any semblance of uh of damage at all hit with a final petrification and uh. You know this might not be the best best showcase of the damage that you can do with these characters, but it’s definitely a good showcase of the crowd, control that you can do with them. That was just a little bit of a showcase of the cc change that you can do there now remember. Also his talent right now is level one on planet befall. It starts at a 3.1 second petrification duration. When you hit level 10 on this, it will cap out at 4.0 seconds you gain like 1 or 0.1 seconds per time. You level this up, as you can see here, it’ll go up um by 1.1 seconds there. This will cap out at 4.0. If you are out there, you have c4 of him as well or go to 6.0 max at that point in time, but you can build an energy recharge. You build the diona energy recharge, you build the uh, the shincho energy recharge. You have high freeze, high supplemental damage with him. This is why this is a very good team composition for him as well.

I call it the cc team right. You could even do something with like vinci or sucrose as well. If you wanted to get in there, you don’t care about the superconduct, maybe you’re, building him just for straight elemental, burst damage. You get some hp shields from him with his holy as well, which we didn’t even demonstrate. You also have the crowd, control gathering of venti or sucrose gather them all together. Freeze them all drop the uh drop the damage on them as well. You could sub out someone like the sheen chokes. We already had a healer with diana uh. You could swap him up using child and you could group them all together, petrify them all. Child comes in very strong aoe damage with this riptide procs get in there chain up a whole bunch of damage. There do a lot of good stuff. There keep cc chaining your enemies between the freeze with child and diona diana’s ultimate’s in there, then you drop the petrified and you come back into. Try there’s a lot of crazy stuff that you can do with this character and it’s very hard to fully and comprehensively cover every little nuance and team composition that you can pull off with this character because he’s got in almost infinite builds and because he’s got almost Infinite builds, there’s almost infinite team compositions that you can make him with there’s almost no bad team composition for him as long as you’re playing him to your strengths.

Now, if you want him to be your physical damage, carry and he’s not in a super conduct, team and you’re, not using crescent pike, he’s gon na do almost nothing for your team. In that case, if you’re building him for just straight attack percent crit chance create damage, and you have on uh your big daddy, a vortex vanquisher. You have this weapon on, and uh you’re, not in a superconduct team. He’S gon na seem incredibly weak and that’s because you’re using them wrong. So i this video, the one thing to take away guys is you need to put the pieces of the puzzle together because he is that complicated go watch.

The guide gather all the information from that learn. His animation cancels if you are using him as a physical damage dealer get the crescent pike leveled up, get some refinements on it. I know it’s rng, that’s a hard thing to say i’ve gotten a couple so far. I think i’m refinement two and then maybe this week. I think i did get a third one, finally put some more love into this character, it’s hard to level up characters in this game. The one thing i think i dislike the most is how hard it is to actually level up new characters, but i wanted to put this out there guys for you guys to just take in and see that there is a lot to this character. More than just the the normal attack damage numbers on his on his normal attack string, which are pretty low.

That’S the one thing that’s weak about him, but his strongest thing is his shields. Is his free hp scaling on his elemental burst? Is the 42nd cooldown on it is the 12 second duration. Other 12. Second cooldown. Excuse me the four second duration of the cc combine the four second duration of that cc, with additional free cc in the right team composition, and you are going to be high. Stepping to a lot of cool things out there, so that’s what you want to take away from this video. If you guys want to see more stuff organization impact content in coverage from build ideas, team compositions, news coverage and more come and check the channel out. You guys so much see you’re smiling faces down in the comments section below and i’ll see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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