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Hey guys so, as you guys might already know, um gentian impact had an update for spiral. Abyss floors at nine through 12 ended up getting some changes for the leyline disorder and the enemies. We have different leyline disorders, so floor 10 is no longer like pyro damage. Over time or anything like that, floor, 12 is no longer uh the stamina reduction and icicles falling from the sky and stuff like that. So i wanted to do update videos on my current floor 9 through 12, but i did for this version version. 1.2.

The new changes and we’ll be doing it and showcasing just the seven guaranteed characters as usual, so let’s hop into the character build okay, so i want to quickly speed run through this um, because i honestly forgot what my build was when i used it for floor 9 and flew through 410. I think i ended up changing some artifacts around, but more or less. This will be my stats that i did end up using um, crit and crit damage on main character. Weapon refinement rank one prototype, roncourt artifacts here for peace. Gladiator is my main damage source, the flower feather hourglass goblet and the circlet. We have constellation six and a six nine nine for talent so base talents. No all over here stats details, weapons is white, blind level.

90 refinement rank one one piece: artifact set kind of scuffed. She did have a two piece, but i ended up accidentally foddering, another gladiator, so normally i’d rock a four piece. Glad there we go flower feather uh, defense hourglass. This would be a geo damage and we have crit here constellation zero and a 666 for talents amber level 90. 52, 121 avonius warbow level. 80 refinement rank one for energy recharge, four piece: wanderers troop here, flower feather hourglass, goblet and circlet. We have constellation zero as well and talon 666 barbary here level, 70 stats weapons, prototype amber 40 refinement rank one. Just one piece means beloved kind of scuffed: flour feather hourglass, goblet and circle. It constellation zero. Of course, balance 166.

Not using official she’s not guaranteed um level 80 shang ling over here, 54 168 crescent pike refinement rank 1 level, 90 artifacts two-piece blood, stain two-piece, gladiator. Here’S the flower, the feather hourglass goblet, dirklet constellation zero, as always 666 for the talents. Lisa level 70 out of 80 55.75 weapons primary rank, one artifacts thunder and fury no bluss two-piece each flower feather hourglass, goblet, circlet, constellation zero talents; five six four and then kaya 50 out of 60 23.83 iron sting 80 private rank one artifacts, two-piece blizzard two-piece gladiator. Here goes: the flower feather the hourglass, the goblet and the circlet, zero constellation and four four four for the talents. That is it. I know what to do.

We put shang ling to lead the charge lisa barbara kaya, four of them top team geo geo amber three man. Damn i forgot how sad looking at seven characters was the foxes send their regards thanks for saving us? I actually forgot how sad looking at three characters was, but now i remember how sad that looks that looks so sad. Doesn’T it like that looks actually sad that looks so sad right that looks so sad. Okay on to chamber one floor, nine – and i want to start off by saying i feel like floor 9 as a whole – was a lot easier to do compared to the previous spiral abyss floors 9 through 12

We have two ruined braziers on the left and right side of the arena and there’s going to be mobs that are going to be aggroed towards these, which will disable it and you will not be able to mitigate the shear cold when you do accumulate it. Above your hp bar, so my main suggestion here is just focus on the enemies that are going for the ruin. Brazier, they have ice shield, so fire attacks can break it. Claymores can uh can break it easily. Overall, the stage is relatively self-explanatory, continuously burst down the enemies that are going for the ruined brazier and rinse and repeat, whenever any new enemies spawn this right. This is just for sheer cold. This isn’t like. I need to desperately protect this, i’m like panicking right now, because i’m like okay, so this is pretty self-explanatory. You just kill the guys who are attacking the monolith. Baron bunnies helps with uh with aggro taunt.

These guys are going down relatively fast. It’S floor 9, though, put down amber, make sure we break the cryo slimes shield. Sure cold is accumulating, so we’ll go back, so we don’t take any more damage. Amber should be, i mean amber, should be equipped with a crit set. I think her artifacts are correct, but i don’t think we’re doing much damage. I think maybe i should have put a four piece pyro set on her be truthful. I don’t think i mean it’s debatable. Actually, okay, this is time all right. Second half. What do we have here, i’ll focus on the shaman first you’re gon na be my main priority: yeah focusing on the shaman, the abyss mage will teleport over to us so for chamber. One second half: i mainly focus on all the adds, the snipers and the shamans that spawn before the abyss mage just because the abyss mage will follow you, but the snipers will stay pla, stay stationary same thing with the shaman and the fight is a lot easier.

When it’s one on one compared to four versus one so take out the snipers and the shaman first and then you can deal with the cryo bismage after four enemies remaining right hide behind this pillar. There we go all right. Three enemies left use lisa to break the shield gooba to generate some more particles. Chong-Wing should decimate this guy until he attacks damn okay, so he has the eyesore. So we can focus on the abyss mage first and try and make the uh the lavatory collateral damage. Mage goes down easy 300 seconds is five minutes yeah. We should be fine to try and generate some orbs. I should have been able to all right chamber one done so far so good i mean that was four or nine, though right. That was supposed to be easy. Damn our buff again sprinting. I think i’m gon na take defense here. It’Ll be a buff for a new all too we’ll take defense same thing: okay, chamber, two: first half here we have four hilly churros that spawned up with two cryo slimes, all attacking or the hilly trails attacking the ruined brazier. My main focus are the hilly churros, because the cryo slimes will follow me wherever i go.

If i take out the hilly churros, especially the ones that are throwing the slimes around and then i’ll run across the map and deal with the other ones, that spawn on the opposite side of the map, so i’ll normally prioritize the hilly trolls since they’ll be aggroed. On me run across the map, let the slimes follow me and rinse and repeat: the slimes are the least of my worries. Right now, all right, we got aggro, not bad, it’s good that we have geo main character and all together, because geo main character is acting as a battery for noel, providing some great aoe, all right, no new enemies are spawning. Besides him, it seems like we kill these two slimes and i think another two will spawn. I think that’s the case, so we’ll take these two out of the way. First yep. My theory was correct. Final two slimes final three enemies go ahead and pop that pure cold is coming up, we’ll run back really quick and this hp i’m assuming goes for the second half as well, but it’s okay, our health on it was nice a few minutes on first half clean. He has the aura all right chamber, two.

Second, half my main focus here with these four tui agents is gon na, be the cryo tui, since he has the aura underneath him, the ice prison will continuously spawn after that, then i’ll deal with anyone dealing damage to the monolith um. If i need to my main focus is killing the guy with the aura. Okay, now that they’re taken out of the way you can go here: okay, not bad, no more auras, we’ll start with this guy super conduct, bring this guy over as well disable them both save our ultimate for the final four and try and charge up for the Final four as well: okay, not bad elemental, skill damage. We take that yeah. Are there any downers in chat? Anyone? Okay, seven minutes on the clock right now for the last all right, final chamber: first half we have three enemies: two snipers and a frost arm lava turtle. Obviously my main focus here is going to be these snipers, since they are stationary and will not be coming after you like the lava turtle, so take out the two snipers first and then just burst down. The lava trail make sure to use pyro attacks to uh, break his shield and then i’ll focus on geo, my main character and the wall.

Okay, let go main character, brute force, our way through half health pop down the baron bunny. You can cause some fire whenever that thing does explode, let him be attracted to it. Ultimates back up we’re going to stick to geo main character, since that’s our main dps switch over to no wall for ultimate use and boom a minute in 30. We have another minute, 30 for the final, all right, so much like the first half for the final chamber. We have three enemies this time, it’s two uh rock shield wall, uh, meteor, churros and then a cryo, this mage that has an aura underneath him. That will be spawning the ice prison underneath you, so i will focus on the cryobiz mage first and then we’ll burst down the media charles. After all, right, we got it we’re taking damage from sheer cold, but because i was so low on time, not really that low overall we’re still fine yeah we’re fine. We have 46 seconds left, that’s four or nine. In a nutshell, huh focus on the abyss mage with the aura. Let the two media charles come towards you shang ling at incredible aoe to uh, break all their shields, lisa, lowering defense, not bad synergy, and that was basically it man floor, nine um! It was definitely a lot easier than the previous floor nine on floor to our spiral abyss on the previous reset but yeah.

What do you guys think about the new abyss stages? I will be uploading the following videos: floor 10, floor 11 and floor 12 in the following days, coming soon so stay tuned. For that i do hope. This video was helpful and informative. Any questions or comments. Please leave them down below i’ll, be more than happy to respond and other than that uh i’ll catch. You guys next time.

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