FASTEST REROLL GUIDE Route to AR 5/AR 7 – (Eng/Indo sub) Genshin Impact


Ok, Guys first thing: first, make your character, Make your Avatar and just go into the Tutorial Here. You just need to be fast and make sure you dont leave Paimon behind Cause. If you leave her, you nedd to get her back And it’s just so annoying. I mean she’s cute and all But she’s really slow, There’s a chest here and you need to get it If you wanted to Adventure Rank 7. But if you just want to reroll at AR 5, Then just leave it If youwant to AR 7. U need? U need every chest in my guide because, if not you’ll need another chest, another tutorial? U just need to shoot. U dont need the inside just need the XP and then just leave activate portal and the just kill the goblin. They are goblin…

Right fast, kill, fast, kill and then another cutscene tap4x and get the CHEST YOU dont need to jump here. Just walk. If you did, the you’ll take damage be sure to walk near the lake. If you not PAimon will smell something delicious and triggered another quest. It doesnt really matter, but it’s really annoying bc. When you rerolling, you need to be fast, really fast. Here’S the route that i made some people just take the stairs you don’t need to just climb here, wait for the stamina to full and the climb ASAP another tutorial.

This time is gliding. You see that chest over there. You need to get it later. First thing: first activate this portal: u need XP another cutscene, blablablabla kill the dragon, Choose the 1st action when talk with Kaele, that’s the fastest way to end the convo. So now you are AR 5. U just need to claim your prize in the mail draw on Noelle banner just once bc. That’S all! U get. Noelle banner is good because good discount and rate didn’t expect to get 3 char at once either, and that’s your first roll on AR5 Keep going. If you want or stop, i recommend u to keep going bc. You’Ll have 20 pulls on Venti banner after this after out from HQ. U just need to Activate portal on top of HQ. This is how i climb. U can stand in the window and just climb wait for your stamina full and climb again. His sound is idk erotic, maybe he’s hot. The mc is hot both of them. U need to get 3 chest here, just glide glide this one, the chest tha’s, the 2nd and the 3rd is from the roof that we saw earlier. That’S the 3rd one! After this! U need to equip best weap on ur team that will make the reroll a nd adventure faster. I’Ve been for idk 2 days, maybe since the release and i haven’t encounter any star beside qiqi. I hope this is a good one and i promised myself.

This is the last like always hahaha after this. U need to teleport and go to amber. My left hand is hurt, bc, i’ve reroll for 2 days straight, and i don’t recommend any of u to do the same im just stupid. So after 2 days, i wanted to make a tips for reroll. This is my 2 days experience of reroll. This is the 1st chest on pyro temple. That’S the 2nd total 4 chest here. That’S the 3rd! Asap! U get the 3rd chest and fire the arrow from here. I f: u fire here. Paimon won’t talk as much outside idk, maybe it’s my device or universal device and that’s the 4th congrats. Ok, so we need to get to Kaele, there’s hidden chest here: u’ll need to shoot 3 targets and then u get a chest. Every chest in my guide is really crucial bc. If u miss one? U need to find another chest! Ok! So here? U need 3 people team ot, 4 bc. Keale will after this and his passive is really2 helpful for adventuring? U don’t need to shoot the fire walk throught it 1st chest, go why change now? If? U can do later? Yes, but reroll need time now AR 6 good progress.

If u dont get AR6 here, something must be wrong. It’S not that bad! U just need find another chest, but it hard to find when u really want to roll ASAP. Ok! Now? U get 1 chest and 1 portal open activate. Go? U need to be fast, activate this statue for map and exp? U see here, we can dash and dash without much stamina. Keale passive is really helpful and then we met Lisa here pick 2nd option. It’S faster! Ok encounter 2 CHEST HERE, 1st 2nd 3rd on the next room. She really2 good at WET ENEMY or WET PEOPLE. Here’S the 4th! Ok! U can just go. Ok! Be careful here! U don t wan na fal unless now fall here, it’ll be much faster. That way faster than waiting the tiles to come for you. Unless, u are SCARED, that’s the 5th, and now we are AR7 CONGRATS, don’t mind my nickname here bc. I need to retake this guide 3 times bc. I keep forgetting 1 chest and you can see that it’s just AR7, no more XP. U get no less! Just 0! That’S means! U doing good, not wasting any resources, and i promised this will be my last reroll LAST REROLL take ur reward, go to shop and buy intertwined fate. 10? U just need to buy 10, keep ur resources guys and now?

U can roll on Venti im really happy when i get venti bc, It’S been 2 days and haven’t got any 5 star and the 5 star that i get is VEnti. This is really2 paid off in the end, but the cost is ur left arm, hurt, left hand. Hurt. I mean it’s OK right. I mean, u get ur trap? U get UR TRAP, WAIFU HUSBANDO And i get every char that i wanted. I got barbara. I got xiangling i get fiscl i get venti. My accounnt is good to go. Ok. U can now buy acquint fate for noelle banner. It’S just cost 8 acquint fate, maybe ill get something good. This is my last roll. I get ice boy he’s really strong. I, u played him right. Ok, that’s it! For my video! I hope. U guys liked it don’t forget to like and subscribe and i’m really2. Sorry bc: this is my first voiceline eh voiceover in youtube and it’s really umm it’s MY FIRST TIME. U SURELY FORGIVE ME RIGHT. Do I RECOMMEND REROLLING? No, BUT IT’S WORTH IT WORTH TO TRY, BUT IT COST. U UR TIME MIND UR SANITY, UR LEFT ARM AND i don’t think it’s really worth it unlesst. U are as stubborn as me give it try who are me to judge who r they to judge just reroll? If? U want don’t reroll, if? U don’t wan na in the end, it’s just a game. Thank you guys see! U! Next! On my video

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