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Fischl Build + BIG CHONGUS (Genshin Impact Fischl Build)


All right guys today we’re going to be talking about fishel and why she is so nasty most notably one of my favorite characters to pair with which is big, chongas chong. Now, yesterday, in our kaching video, we talked badly about chong you see, chong has an e ability where he applies, that cryo effect that aoe damage effect and he converts all damage from swords, pole, arms and claymores in that vicinity into cryo damage, which means, if you’re Rocking something like a ching who uses a sword and you’re proc and superconduct you’re, not actually taking advantage of it because you’re not doing physical damage, but what about fish? She doesn’t rock a sword. No, she rocks a boat, which means she can steal.

Proc super conduct. Very easily, with her own e ability, constantly procking super conduct for herself and simultaneously taking advantage of that 50 debuff there in physical damage. So, let’s walk you through what we’re rocking here on official, by the way guys, i know, there’s a lot of five star champs and everybody’s, just like really wanting just the five star champs right by simping for de luke. I love kaching, but look these four stars are incredibly nasty if you spec them out right, i mean incredibly nasty you’ve got official here, she’s got a normal attack and you can also aim out sights to apply electro, although i actually just fire pretty much from the Hip right, i know some destiny lingo in here, but just your normal attack is what i use with her again. Speed is our friend here on fishing. Her e ability allows her to spawn a raven which applies electro damage to your enemies and that little bird just goes in on everyone. Her ulta ability, though, actually allows you to convert yourself into a giant raven, allowing you to deal a hell of a lot of electro damage, and if you got ta max out consolation, it’s really really nice. You get things like health back.

When you do this, i know i got lucky here by having this maxed out constellation, but considering that the venti banner has such a high drop rate for her, i don’t think it’s that hard getting fish, or at least getting a few of these in this constellation, A lot now, let’s talk about what we’re rocking here artifact-wise i do have a gladiator set just the two-piece and the berserker set the two-piece one increasing my attack percentage by 18. The other one increases my crit rate by 12, very, very important that i’ve got crit rate up here. I do have an instructor’s cap here, which does increase the crit rate, even more 23.2 percent and crit damage 4.4. Obviously, this could be a little bit better, but for the most part, i’m completely satisfied with these artifacts, which actually takes us to the detailed breakdown of her damage. Now her damage and attack looks good. It could definitely be better but remember her attack rate of fire is just so fast and it’s a ranged attack, so you can almost just sit back out of harm’s way.

You can pick up enemies that are trying to get away from you or that are in the air, so a lot of benefits to fish oil and just bow users in general. She also has a crit rate here with this build of almost 50, with a crit damage of almost 70 again. This can be specked even higher, and i had some better artifacts, but this isn’t too shabby – and i mean you see the damage right here. It’S disgusting now, let me walk you through what we’re doing. We do a lot of testing here. These are essentially my new greg’s for gentian impact, which is this pyro regis vine. I hope i’m saying that right, regis vine, regis fiend in the cryo regis vine, both are fantastic for testing damage numbers on, because we wanted to make sure that bose will take advantage of superconduct granting us that 50 percent debuff and, of course, avoid chong’s e ability.

Chong’S, the ability is fantastic because you do the aoe effect. It applies to immediate cryo damage, but anything else that steps into this radius. If i hit them with either chong sword or someone else’s sword, it immediately applies that cryo damage and as you’ve noticed there. My raven, being out with our e ability official, is constantly applying electro damage, so super conduct will continuously keep procking and the more enemies you proc with superconduct the better you’re spreading that debuff out even more. But let’s talk about single target damage. This is when things got really interesting. First up, these are the clips of taking down the pyro and the cryo-regis veins without super conduct proct.

This is how much of a different actually makes. Now the cryo probably doesn’t look like it makes that big of a difference which i was actually getting some strange numbers, but the pyro. You could definitely tell the difference in. We saw a range on the pyro of 489 at the lowest end. All the way up to a max of 1092 without superconduct and again super conduct is a debuff for 90 seconds and it doesn’t matter whether or not you apply electro first and then cryo or cryo, first and electron. I would just spam them both at your own convenience. Now, when we actually apply super conduct and what i actually like to do is just like put my raven out first start doing electro and then do the cryo attack there with chalk now, chong’s ability actually does a pretty big chunk of damage, and it comes back Extremely fast, but these damage numbers you see how much it increases it. I mean that 50 debuff is not to be overlooked. Up against cryo, we see at the low end still 682, but at the high end, cranking up to 1888, which definitely signifies that super conduct is at work and on our pyro registering. We saw a range of damage from 734 to 1638. Again, this is a pickup of 50 there in damage, thus showcasing how good superconduct actually is, but where could ching and kaia superconduct was also really good for single target damage.

It didn’t quite have the ease of use right. You had to proc electro first, then, you had to kinda wait for the tail end of your electro abilities. Cause kaching there for a second will keep applying electro damage over and over again and then swap the kaya get the cryo attack off to apply superconduct and then swap back to kaching. There’S a lot of timing issues. What this combo offers is ease of use, but equally as deadly, if not more, i don’t know. Actually, when i sit down and actually look at the damage from kaching in comparison to official here official seems to be on par. Maybe better i mean i don’t know this is this is really tough and it might be her weapon. I mean we’ve got a decent weapon here, it’s not the best. It’S rust it is refined once it actually increases our normal attack damage by 50. So this is taking advantage of this right us just sending your spamming shots over and over again, but i mean i had some nasty weapons on kaching yesterday, the black sword.

So the fact that this little four star, champ, combined with four star chongus, that everybody’s kind of like hating on right now, because chong has an e ability that can screw you if you rock source, polar or claymores, which is like all of us. It’S apparent to me, though, that fishu and chong were made for each other here now, as far as what to use on the rest of the team you know. Originally i thought i was gon na have to rock two pyros to get that increase of 25 damage, which i did take advantage of a few times, but it’s really not necessary. That’S just how much damage fissure actually does so. I would actually suggest just kind of like making your team well-rounded take advantage of elemental effects, dropouts like shailene, which i really like, and her bear applying some pyro to go along officials. Electro damage really does some massive aoe damage and then follow up with chunk’s e attack to apply that super conduct so guys try out official a fantastic character again.

The venti banner is your friend going on right. Now is a 50 drop rate increase for these four star champs shine, ling, barbara and fishel. I know everybody wants vintie man, don’t get me wrong. I like vintie but maxed out, barbara and her constellation. Shailene and fishel can carry you in this game. So i don’t know where you’re burning your wishes at and burning wherever you want to burn them. I guess i would just recommend at least initially especially for new players to burn their wishes in the venti banner feathers. And, ladies, thank you all for coming and watching and as always slap that like button, like your mama, told you right.

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