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Genshin Builds Optimizer – Builds Optimization From All Your Artifacts By: Nagariann


TLDR: https://genshin-bo.com/

Hello guys, I’ve been working on a tool called Genshin Builds Optimizer for the past few months and it finally reached a stage where I think it is good enough to be used. Basically, you can record a video of your artifacts in game and then import them into Genshin BO to run a build optimization with multiple options and filters.

Here is a short video to see it in action:

Genshin Builds Optimizer demo

Let me know what you think and feel free to join the discord (link in Genshin BO header) to follow development process, submit feature requests, share your builds, and give your opinion on features priorization for next releases.

Detailed Features

Artifact Importer:

  • A guide to record the video and import your artifacts for PC and PS4 (not tested)

  • An options to fix misrecognized main stat value, artifacts type, stats type or set

Builds Optimizer:

  • Select character and weapons

  • Select artifacts sets

  • Filter artifacts by level, main stat and focus stats (important stats, either in main or subs)

  • Filter artifacts that do not have 4 subs stats

  • Level-up lower artifacts to level 16 or 20 (it will only increase main stats value)

  • Filter builds by specifying minimal values

Whats next:

  • Filter artifacts in artifacts list

  • Edit and delete artifacts

  • Manually fix artifacts in error after import

  • Display complete builds details

  • Also increase sub stats based on differents senarios when setting level-up artifacts option

  • Many other things… .https://github.com/FabienCH/genshin-bo/projects/1

Limitation: It only computes stats for now, not damage (it could happen soon, it depends on what features people want me to focus on) and it’s also not meant to be used on mobile.

See you on Teyvat, and discord 😉


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