Genshin Geo Hypostasis Step by Step Guide Made Easy – Low Build Requirement


Barbara (, Optional ) healer 2 damage dealers depends on who you have Noelle to break the health regen pillars Level of Noelle doesn’t matter just bring a good Claymore. / dual-hand sword Swim across to reach the island. If you have the stamina or walk over through the connected islands, Geo Hypostatis is important for Geo-base character. Ascend Once triggered the bossfight stay near the center of the stage. It will spawn 4 pillars with one at the center of the circle Break the center pillar, with Noelle Noelle has 1 job and 1 job only — to break the pillars. Noelle’S shield help her survival.

You can replace with another claymore weilding character if you want Do watch out for any signs of attack from the Geo Core. The Geo Core has a few modes of attack. The machine gun mode is the easiest to dodge simply by running in circle against the Core. Only exposed Core is vulnerable to damage, So don’t waste your time when it’s surrounded by blocks When it spawn into the field dash outside of the yellow circle to evade the attack It open up for damage after the attack serve your cocktail of element attacks. This is where your level and build doesn’t matter, as you can take your time to slowly tick down its HP. Healer can recover some health while waiting for it to get vulnerable again, always keep your eyes on the Core to read the signals of attack.

Here’S the reason why you need to clear the center pillar. The center marking ensures you won’t fall within range of attack area, use this period to heal and prep for the next damage. Opening Fischl often miss the Core as the target, but instead shooting the pillars, while breaking these pillars are optional again. Another attack opportunity open up retrieve / get out of range whenever you see the Core charging the pillar. Another easy to dodge attach signal just dash away when the yellow ring glow the window time to attach is short. Only an archer is useful here, Get below the Core wait for it to descend. If you deal dmg with close attack Dash away, It’s charging the pillar again, you know what to do 4X Fast Forward, tick down the HP. Slowly, In its dying breath, 3 new pillars will spawn Take down as many & as fast as you can Claymore, with good damage helps

The more pillar taken down the least health, it would regen Again 4 new pillar spawned with some health recovered by the Core Break the center pillar, rinse and repeat the process PIllars that were broken will not regen. Only the one remain will respawn to regen the Core’s health Breaking this pillar and your boss fight is done. Make sure you have the 40 Resins to claim your rewards, Don’t forget to click like if this video helps you. Let me know down below if you like, to see more Genshin Impact. Vidoes See you in the next one

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