Genshin Impact 1.2 New Dragonspine Claymore Secret Reward | Entombed City & Snow-Tombed Starsilver


There’S a ton of stuff to do in dragon spine, but i’ve been getting a lot of questions. How do i get to the new secret area? How do i unlock the entrance to the entombed city, the ancient palace? What do i need to do, and what can i do inside of there? This is where you’re gon na be getting the new claymore recipe and some other bonus items inside there and it’s a pretty lengthy quest, but as you’re exploring dragon spine, keep an eye out for these things. I’D be going over everything you need to do here. So if you don’t know where the entrance to the city is obviously right here next to the statue in dragon, spine you’ll be able to take this teleport once you have it unlocked and just head down over this way now, there’s some stuff you can do while Here some things to keep your mind on as you’re unlocking this area, these little geode things that you see that you can activate those for a bunch of treasure, chests, there’s just a lot of stuff in general to do in dragon spine.

But what you guys are looking for is the entrance down here. As you see it’s currently locked, but we’re about to head inside after. I show you guys what it is that you need to do. As you can see, these runes are starting to light up, and that’s because each of these runes is connected to one of these little statues that you can find and observe once you observe them the proper loom, the room will light up for you and there’s going To be eight of these, for you to do, seven of them are going to be out and about in dragon’s mine. The last and final one is gon na be kind of locked behind its own secret dungeon, so we’re gon na be showing you how to get access to that one as well, so obviously the first one’s gon na be right here. You just want to make sure that you talk to these ancient carvings as you find them in dragon spine. The first ones right in front of the dungeon, the first other one that we’re gon na be going through are the places on the map. So, let’s go ahead and check these ones out.

You’Re gon na have to have a large amount of their regions unlocked in dragon spine. So don’t worry about doing it first thing, but once you get in there, you’re gon na know exactly where to go. You have a lot of these navigation points unlocked, so this one right here is going to be, as you can see right underneath the worm rest valley, it’s got its own teleport spot. You take the teleport point here and i have them mapped out for you on the notifications right there. I have the little quest tag icon and we’ll go over and show you guys the map there as well, but in case you want to see exactly where they are. You have a little puzzle, a little little boss battle or two to happen in here. A little mini boss and you’re going to jump down in here, and it’s going to be down here for you so you’re going to head right on wrong and check it out. It’S going to be right here so make sure you observe this one as well.

Doesn’T matter what order you do it, but you want to observe them so there’s gon na be one of the seven, the second one out of the total of seven there that you can find in the wilderness of dragon spine. Another one that you can find here is right actually near the start in worm rest alley. So once you get to the walmart’s alley, one you’ll probably find this one pretty quickly we’ll head over there and i’ll show you that one as well just teleport right on over there. You guys have been over here, jumped across this bridge a couple of times. I’M sure so jump across the bridge head on over to the other side and we’ll go up this way. We’D be coming back around this area in the future to enter the second secret dungeon.

So we get into the main secret dungeon here, but all you’re gon na be doing here is you’re gon na walk up here and you’re gon na take a sharp right – and it’s gon na be hidden behind these cliffs right here. Next to this nice little torch, you’re gon na come over here and you’re gon na make sure you observe this one as well warm yourself up next to that cozy fire. On top of that, so that’s gon na be three of them that you have done there. Another one that you can do is the snow covered path area and go ahead over here. This is gon na be next to the frost bearing tree, but it’s gon na be a little bit northeast of it. So what you do you head over here and just check this out? You just walk on over here, ignore the little weasel man. Sorry, mr ferret, we’re not here today.

It’S okay! I don’t need your meat, it’s all right! Man, it’s! Okay! My guy we’re gon na head on over this way, and it’s going to be right here now, while you’re here as well, you can activate like a little a mini boss, fight and gain access to some treasure and loot here and on top of that uh. On top of the little mini boss fight, you can do you light all these little torches here, you’re gon na spawn another treasure chest or two. So there’s a lot of stuff in dragon spine like that. If you see some torches light them up, you’re gon na need to do that. Not all of them are gon na give. You rewards, but you’re gon na, be surprised on how a lot of the treasure chester just hid behind simple puzzles there. So we’re almost done we’re charging our way through right, we’re getting we’re getting there we’re getting there another one that you can do quite easily is literally right.

Next to the new domain teleport to the domain. Maybe you’ve missed it. Maybe it didn’t, but it’s gon na be right next to the domain so teleport to the domain, and it’s gon na be right in front of you right here so make sure you come up here and observe this one as well. Now, there’s only a couple more for us to go and locate so let’s go to the star glow cavern area, and this is going to be one right outside of starglow cavern. So make sure you teleport over here and follow this path right on down down around the mountain side. Here this one’s not that hard to do. There are some other ones, though. The last few they’re a little bit uh a little bit of ouchy time uh. If you don’t know exactly where they are, but it’s okay, we’re gon na have your back for you that one as well now this one here is gon na be hidden underneath these stairs and it’s gon na be in a block of ice. So you need to you, know, get one of them: crimson egg gates and come over here and break it and smash that to pieces there all right.

I don’t think it’s called the crimson again, that’s the that’s the new material that we use, but it’s going to be in one of them. Red rocks need to find one of the red rocks. This thing right here, the scarlet, the scarlet quartz scarlet, quartz you’ll, drag it over here and you’ll break that block, open and you’ll have access to this one. Now, there’s gon na be another one that you guys need to get access to and this one’s going to be inside the star glow caverns, as you can see, to be a couple different ones inside of here. So we’re going to need to do here. You’Re going to teleport inside the starglove labyrinth and we’re going to take a nice little journey to this one, that’s a little bit out of the way, but also something that you guys are going to want to do at and gain access to. So you take stargold caverns and you want to head upstairs so what you’re going to do, you’re going to be heading upstairs this place when i first got in here, there’s a lot of stuff for you guys to gain access to it’s also a little bit a Little bit of weird weird wonkiness, so you can get lost in here quite easily uh. I did anyway, maybe i’m just bad at navigation.

Sometimes i don’t know, but there’s like two different versions of the upstairs uh downstairs a middle downstairs. You can see you feel like that would lead to something nope. It connects to something totally differently and entirely. That’S that place right there as well. We’Re gon na be going back there later as well, but what we’re doing we’re heading all the way to the top? For right now, so we can gain access to this region up here and get access to our lovely little little uh little ancient carving of sorts, so you’re gon na head up this way and when you come up this way as well um, it’s gon na, be Another area where you’re going to have a nice little puzzle for you to solve as well. If you don’t want to solve the puzzle right away and initiate the boss fight a little mini boss, um no spoilers there, but this is going to be right here. Here’S your ancient carving and then you’re going to have a little a little a little bit of puzzle there to get these runes ready to go fight, a guy get a lot of treasure chest and that’s going to be this area up here for you.

So that’s the seven that you can find in dragon spine. What about the eighth one where’s, the second secret dungeon at so you’re gon na be going back inside our nice little uh, our nice little area inside this star, glow cavern, we’re gon na. Take this teleporter right on over here. It’S gon na put us right back to where we were before, and this way we need to take a different route, so we’re gon na be still going up, but halfway through our little adventure of going upstairs we’re going to need to clean i’m trying to record A video [ Music ], you weren’t, even clee, is interrupting some videos right now, anyway, we’re going to go back up this area. You got ta love her right, uh just make sure you constantly jump that way. She won’t talk all right. You can keep going up. This way, but what we’re gon na do is, instead of continuing going up all of the way we’re gon na cut off we’re gon na jump over to that side. So what this allows you to do is get to the secret mini dungeon of sorts. Now this mini dungeon is gon na have its own requirements, but that’s okay. We’Re gon na show you exactly how to get into this thing as well so glide on over here, don’t bad jump like i did and uh you know, there’s gon na be a guy! Here i already took him out and get that damaged, mask we’re gon na head up this way. Now this is not the same area. Remember last time we went up all the way over there. This is a different area for us to head to, and it’s gon na be a different dungeon for you to go into so let’s go over this way and it’s going to have its own criteria for you to unlock it.

You have to go back out and find some other stuff. If you already have that stuff good on you, some of them are a little bit harder to find. Some of them are not that hard to find. So you can find this door right here this door right here, you’re going to need these three different boxes. So where do those boxes come from? I’M glad that you asked a lot of these boxes are actually pretty close. You probably walked right by. If you didn’t see him before so we’re gon na go, take the dragon spine, monster, teleport area right in front of the frost bearing tree, and this is gon na lead you to two of them actually right next to each other, but they’re a little bit hard To see because they’re, not necessarily right in front of your face, so what you’re gon na need to do here is you’re gon na come up this way and you’re gon na head over back the way that you were heading before right. We’Ve done this before we’ve we’ve seen the uh, the good old, my friend this guy right here right, we’ve got this guy, but what we’re gon na do here, is you see this little island over here, you’re gon na head to the island? Now that island is gon na have uh something that you need to click on. It’S gon na have a timed event for you to complete and it’s gon na be against.

For me, it was a bunch of abyss majors and you had exactly 60 seconds to down them all. It was like a cryo one in like a hydro one and something else, but we’re gon na do over here is you’re going to click on this sword. Right here and it’s going to initiate a battle for you to do it’s going to be that timed event, and once that happens, you’re going to spawn a chest and one of the boxes are going to be in that chest. For you to pick up now. The next one’s also going to be extremely easy for you to do it’s going to be right outside of star glow, cavern you’re, going to teleport to this teleport area, and it’s going to be literally right next to it and you might have passed it over. So you just jump off and you’re going to look for this stone carving. Now this is not a stone carving for the quest, but, as you can see, it’s going to ask you when you talk to it, i can’t talk to already.

Did it it’s going to ask you for three uh flowers, three kalias lilies? I do believe and once you do, that it’s gon na spawn a box you’re gon na open up that box and you’re gon na get the uh inside that treasure chest. The actual box. You’Re looking for now, the last one here for you guys, is going to be this away right here, so you’re going to take the old teleport across that broken bridge again, and you are going to be picking up the box here. So, let’s go over here run across this bridge amazing, and this one is going to be very close to something that we got earlier for one of the uh ancient carvings. Now you can pick this up if you watch the entire video or you were following along. I’M sorry if you were following along you’re doing a little bit of backtracking now my apologies, but i wanted to make it as easy to follow as possible like what are these boxes for i’m not sure what’s going on.

So that’s what we’re doing right now. But what you’re going to do you’re going to see these things here going to collect some of these things? You might have even already found this box on the way up, but as you’re traversing up this mountain side, you’ll be doing this for the main uh story. Quest originally is you’re going to find it right around this area here, so there’s going to be a box that you can activate and open up and it’s going to be a good time right around this area. I don’t remember the exact location, but i remember finding it here or or up there just light the torches make sure that you uh light the torches on all of the uh different platforms and you’ll get a box with the final box in it. So now that we have all of the boxes in hand, we can open up the mini secret dungeon, so we can go inside and get the final ancient carving for the actual secret dungeon. So inside of here we’re gon na have some nice treasure chest. As you can see, don’t forget the one in the snow here, the little exquisite one you’re going to want to make sure you observe the ancient carving here. So that’s gon na activate our final seal and uh pylon’s.

Actually gon na tell you when you’ve finished finding all eight of them you’ll be good to go. There also gon na have this luxurious chest for us to pick up and that’s going to give you a crimson gate, while you’re in there as well. So another reason to do this part and then, after that, you’re going to be all done with this area. This little mini quest, and so all you need to do now is go right back to the entombed city, ancient palace. You can be ready to head in because we’ve done all seven of the carvings that were out and about in dragon spine and the extra one in that little sealed room there that you needed to gather the boxes for so now that we’re done with that. Remember! Don’T don’t forget to go, don’t forget to activate those those little uh geo things, because that’s like three or four chests, but now that we’re done with that we’re gon na have all of these ready to roll we’re gon na be able to open up the entombed City, so let’s open up the entomb city, let’s head on in and see what awaits us inside so once you’re in here we’re gon na open up this precious treasure chest and it’s going to give you a crimson, a gate and it’s going to give you the Memory of the entomb city, which is going to allow you to craft the new claymore, where is it the new claymore, the star silver snow, tuned, star silver?

But since you’re? Also in here notice, we always like to light up lamps right. So, let’s light up this lamp and this lamp and then we’ll do this lamp down here and then we’ll light up this lamp right here. If you light up all the lamps, not only we get the plan, so you can craft the prototype, but you get this little cut scene here and a special bonus reward. This is why it’s always important to be on your toes when going through dragon spine and you’re gon na get a nice little free copy of the snow tuned, a star silver, great source. This one over here boom pick it up free one, so make sure you light those torches.

Now this weapon is a pretty powerful, especially if you are using it on a physical damage dealer. It’S got physical damage bonus on the weapon. It has a very good base. Attack for four star weapons, so, if you’re using someone like a physical carry, if you want to use like xenon for burst damage or maybe make her your carrier you’re using razer, this could be a fantastic weapon for you. If you don’t have a weapon. That’S already, like top tier super strong. If you something like the prototype animus, you can throw this on there. The physical damage bonus gets relatively high. It starts at 7.5 percent. Y

ou can make some extra copies refine. The refinement rank for the frost burial, which is also pretty decent damage as well, because it’s going to do 60 percent, uh of a proc rate to proc and aoe icicle attack. So this is very something very similar that we have on a lot of the other weapons like the prototype animus weapons. On top of that, if your opponents are affected with cry, when this happens, it’s going to give a 200 attack damage so especially for something like razer. This can happen once every 10 seconds, razer’s, usually in a superconduct team.

So if you use this correctly right, you use razer and a superconduct team. You can put the cryo debuff on somebody like after you’ve done superconduct you swap back to redo superconduct. You can swap in put the car on then swap in razer again and then get the proc, so you get the super conductor already on there and you get the 200 damage. Proc. That’S gon na be pretty big aoe damage and then you put super conduct back on with razer. So that’s going to be something that you guys can min max there. That’S a big multiplier. 200 percent. If you get some refinement ranks on it, that’s gon na help. You get that higher proc rate up, although it’s not like super necessary, but it’s a very strong weapon for him.

So hopefully, you guys found the guide, helpful and informative, and you got that that final little freezer, three four star claymores that have to actually craft the thing for you guys there. So hopefully that helped you out. If you want to see more stuff like this gunship impact guides content coverage just informative stuff and some fun as well, you guys know what to do hit the subscription button we’ll get more stuff out there, and i want to see your comments down there with your Smiling faces attached to them until then guys take care and i’ll see you in the next one.

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