Genshin Impact 1.2 Update | Festering Desire AMAZING Sword | New Free Event Weapon Looks TOP Tier


There are a lot of cool things coming to gentian impact in patch 1.2, but this is going to be one of the coolest things you guys can get your hands on when the patch does come out. This was talked about on the live stream, and this is going to be the festering desire. This is going to be a one-handed sword. You guys are definitely gon na be using on somebody out there for using a one-handed sword character. This thing is packed to the brim with amount of crazy stats in multiple different ways. So let’s go over the fester and desire. This is gon na be a four-star weapon. It has 42 base attacks, so it’s going to have the second highest base attack among four-star swords, currently in against impact it will max out which take it all the way up to level 80. 90

At level 90, it’s gon na max it at four or five hundred. Excuse me in ten attack and forty five point: nine percent energy, recharge energy recharge: that’s not offensive stat! Why do i want this? So we already have a lot of swords of energy recharge. Why would i wan na go get the festering desire? What makes it so special how, if you’re new to the channel, we provide high quality data driven ganshin impact character guides, as well as content critique? If you want to see more stuff like this, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button turn the notification bell on. If that’s not enough, for you guys, we’ve been dared that if we hit a hundred thousand subscribers we’ll pull for c6 gone, you invite the bullet.

As long as we hit that deadline before the banner comes out. That’S right! You could not only get top tier content, but also witness the c6 go actual goat anyways. Well, you can see the special ability here, there’s two things for your elemental skill: it’s gon na increase the elemental skill damage that your character does and it’s gon na increase. Your elemental skill, critical hit rate, so this thing is giving you three different stats. This is an insane weapon that you guys get your hands on and then eventually, when we’re able to refine it, because this is coming to us with the uh, the new chalk prince storyline event, they talked about on the live stream. Here’S the special ability when we’re able to refine – if you take this all the way up to level five refinement. It’S gon na give you 32 elemental skill damage and, in addition to that 12 critical hit rate on your elemental skill.

So this is going to give you critical hit rate straight up damage bonus and on top of that energy recharge. This weapon is crazy because it’s so stat efficient in a lot of different ways. Now, obviously, you want to be using this on characters who are using their elemental skill for damage and if you are doing that and they have a utility elemental skill, this is going to be an insane weapon. It’S going to be super strong for those characters because most other one-handed swords and other weapons in the game that give you energy recharge. You have those faster elemental bursts. They don’t give you a lot of offensive capability here, especially the four star ones, where you have the sacrificial weapons that allow you to maybe get an extra elemental skill in there or the bonus weapons that give you some particles when you do damage this weapon’s awesome. So, let’s see how it stacks up to the other weapons right now that we’re looking at so this is the festering desire. 510 attack 45.9 energy recharge there, then, on top of that remember, 32 elemental burst damage which you can refine it, and some critical hit rate on top of that uh.

Another fantastic weapon here, the four star black sword here. This is a battle pass exclusive weapon, same amount of base, attack 42 base attack and then critical hit rate 27.6 critical hit rate for all of your all of your skills that you do on your character. This is one of the best battle pass weapons. There is in this thing on top of that, also increases your normal and charge attack damage, especially once you start refining it. You get up to 40 increased normal in charge attack damage. So this is like the black sword in the festering desire, one of them’s from normal charge, attack damage. They both give critical hit rate and the other one is for the elemental skill damage that you’re gon na be doing with your characters. Even something like the flute, which was a very highly regarded weapon and still is, has the same base attack as the festering desire. So all these weapons, all these strong weapons, they all have the same base attack very strong base attack here now. What about characters? What about characters?

Who are we using these characters on you saw k, is pretty good? K is gon na be pretty powerful? He could be in there any quarter, any sort of character, guys that you are looking to use their elemental bursts as much as possible. You want them to be doing damage and you want to buff up their elemental skill, damage and critical hit rate, which is a double wombo combo of damage you can do with the character. Is gon na be wanting this weapon. So if you’re out there building bennett as a damage, dealer you’re using him to use his elemental skill, just tap the monster with the lml skill, maybe have a hydro debuff on the enemy or a crowd before the enemy. So you get to melt with bennett. Bennett can do an insane amount of damage this way, and this sword is going to be amazing for him, because almost all of the entirety of bennett’s damage is coming from his elemental skill. So you get straight up.

Elemental, burst, uh, elemental, skill damage from the sword. You get critical hit rate for his elemental skill from the sword and then you get energy recharge on the sword as well, which, even though you’re building bennett as a damage dealer, his burst. His elemental burst is insanely strong, it’s gon na be a big attack buff for himself for the rest of your party. It’S gon na make him very survivable on the battlefield as well. This sword is gon na, be an insane weapon, an insane insane weapon for a character like bennett there, any character that wants to use their element burst as much as possible crit with their elemental skill and do just damage in general, with their elemental. Skill is fantastic. That 32, once you were able to max refine that right, that elemental skill damage, that’s like the same amount of damage bonus that you guys gon na be gaining out there who are wearing gladiator right for your normal attack, bonus there, the four piece of gladiator: it’s The same amount of damage bonus, that’s uh, built in on the weapon, we’re getting this from the event.

What other characters could you guys be using if you think of a sword character, it’s probably going to be good for him, so we mentioned kk is going to be coming in and if you guys are kf fans out, there he’s got that new set coming out For him he’s a cryo character right put him in a freeze team. You could be using the black sword on him, but if you want energy recharge, so you get that ultimate out there. So you can keep gaining those extra cryo damages, so you can combine them with a character that does hydro damage constantly this weapon’s gon na be great for him, too. Energy recharge, critical hit on a skill and then elemental skill damage on his elemental scope. We’Re out there using gene, you get elemental skill damage for her e element rate for her e and on top of that energy recharge for that faster ultimate, there isn’t really a whole bunch of terrible characters out there that you could use this weapon on even the Traveler both the geo traveler, which is gon na, be pretty powerful and the uh animal traveler have very powerful elemental skills and they have very short cooldowns on their elemental skills. So this weapon is going to be a fantastic for them as well, and both the geo, as well as the animal traveler, have utility-esque type elemental bursts.

This is going to allow you, the energy recharge, to use those bursts bonus damage. It’S very easy. It’S very easy to see why this thing is just that good, it’s a very strong weapon. It’S an incredibly strong weapon! If you compare the amount of stats that this weapon gives you right as far as secondary stats, we have 45 right here in energy, recharge and another 32 in elemental damage and then 12 critical hit rate. That is a ton of stats for three different aspects of your character. This is just traditionally something you see like on the highest tier weapons in the game. Five star weapons and this weapon has that for you now, obviously, not every character in the game is going to be using it, but if there’s a character that wants their elemental burst up asap, get it on that cool down, get it out there rolling for damage That way and then you’re using your elemental skill for damage, this is going to be a fantastic weapon for them and another character. That’S going to be very, very good with this.

Obviously, albedo is going to be very, very strong with this, because what we’ve learned, if you’ve been in the channel before elemental skill damage things we’ve tested this before, with the likes of our lovely devily character, fishel with the string list, the string list affects everything that Oz does for her elemental skills, not just the summon damage on stringless. It’S also oz attacking, so it should work that way, albedo’s not out yet though, but it should work the same way with his elemental skill, where you summon the some of the little geo flower right and then that field exists and then, when someone hits the enemy Uh it every two seconds it can when they take damage pulse aoe geo damage. The festering desire should also work for him. There and that’ll be amazing, because that’s going to give you bonus, credit rate bonus straight up damage, that’s fantastic, it’s so good um. So this is definitely a weapon for you guys to look forward to in the future for against impact. Let me know what character you think you might be using the festering desire on down below. Is it going to be? Elbow, though, is it going to be? Kaya? Is who is it going to be the festering desire, though it looks really cool and that’s all i want to make the video guys about, because i wanted to get your attention out there that this weapon’s coming out.

It’S looking to be pretty spicy, i’m gon na get my hands on it and it’s coming from an event quest of all places, so it looks to be very powerful. This is gon na, be the chalk prince. I do believe they said that in a live stream, reward look forward to the faster desired 1.2. Let me know how you’re going to use it down below until then guys stay safe, want to see more stuff right here on the channel. You know what to do and i’ll see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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