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As most of you have known, 1.5 Spiral Abyss is rated to be much more challenging than its 1.4 counterpart, mostly due to the introduction of the new Abyss Lector along with those annoying hydro mimics. Until now I still see a lot of my friends struggle with this floor, and with Eula’s recent debut, I figured now would be a good time to help everyone go as far as they can 😀

This is an AR55’s guide to 9 stars F12.


This post is intended for WL 7-8 players (new players can use some of these tips too).

All of these are my opinion and are based on my playstyle. I do not own every character so I can not give details on all team compositions. Happy reading ;D

General preparation

  • Unless you’re a huge whale, damage from only main DPS won’t suffice. Make sure your supports are decently leveled and equipped with good artifacts and their suitable weapons. (I will try to write a guide on how to build characters).

  • Study the enemies before diving headfirst into battle. This lowers the risk of you destroying your device. Saves time as well as helps you find suitable elements to counter them.

  • The maximum number of stars will count towards the final result. That being said, you only need to get 3 stars once on a chamber and no matter how many stars you get on the following runs, it’s still gonna be 3 stars.

  • A team comp may be suitable for a chamber but can be trash in the next. (E.g. Tartaglia on F12-2 2nd half). So if you can’t make it in one run, just abandon the current chamber and rebuild your teams. Takes long, but it’s worth it. I use the same strategy for all 3 chambers.

  • If you are resetting chambers often, it is advised that you start every floor with all 4 elemental bursts. This saves your 30 seconds of energy recharging.

TL;DR: If you are resetting teams for every chamber, make sure you charge all 4 bursts on the current floor before hopping on the next.

  • Finally, know some basic movement skills such as iFrame (grants short invincibility when dash), or use Ultimate to avoid taking damage.

Chamber 1: Whopperflowers and Geovishaps

This chamber is relatively easier compared to 1.4 where you have to face 2 Geovishaps each half. Just bring counter elements, shield if possible. I tend to bring either Venti or Sucrose to a half and the other to the remaining just for easier crowd control. Beidou also deals great damage with her counterattacks. Whoppers will teleport to you.

For this half just use Cryo or Hydro (preferably) or Electro to neutralize the Whoppers’ shields before they enter turret mode.

When the Electrovishap enters infused mode, its jump attacks, slash attacks and spike attacks will deal physical damage. Each of these and punch attacks will also send out several electro orbs before disappearing. Avoid them if possible.

Use Pyro or Electro to destroy the Whoppers’ shields.

When the Hydrovishap enters infused mode, its slash attacks will deal physical damage. Its jumps, punches and spikes will deal Hydro damage. Pretty easy to counter if you have Cryo with you.

Chamber 2 First half: Treasure hoarders and cicins

If you have Venti, congrats. Just suck all the hoarders in and give them a nuke. Cicins on the otherhand, won’t get sucked so you would have to deal with them separately. If you don’t, Sucrose can serve the same purpose as well.

Prioritize AoE damage dealers (Ganyu, Noelle, Razor, etc.).

Physical damage dealers are excellent due to cicins’ low Physical RES.

I like to use Xingqiu’s ultimate alongside a bow user. This ensures every hit deals damage to cicins. Freezing is also an alternative.

Chamber 2 Second Half: Hydro mimics and Abyss mages

Tbh, this floor is the real pain in the neck. This requires both strategic planning and either heavy shields or heals (or Ganyu). Unless you’ve got thicc daddy Zhong’s shield, max out Bennett’s energy recharge and HP and you’re good to go. Any other healers should suffice.

I found Cryo to be the most effective due to immobilization. Best characters for this half are Ganyu, Chongyun and Rosaria.

Pyro with reverse Vaporize deals considerable damage as well. Best characters include Hu Tao, Diluc, Klee, Xiangling, Bennett, etc.

I don’t recommend using Electro on them though. Similar to how you wouldn’t take a bath with a hairdryer. I tried this with Razor and got electrocuted before I could finish my normal attack chain.

This half is divided into 2 waves:

Wave 1: Hydro Abyss mage, 2 Ferrets, 2 Boars, 2 Ducks.

The key is to kill the ducks first. They have swirls around their feet that can shred your HP immediately. Dodge the boar’s projectiles and don’t stop attacking them else they will heal, and use any element to break Hydro mage’s shield (preferably through shatter reaction). Ferrets are easier to kill.

Wave 2: Pyro Abyss mage, 2 Crabs, 3 Cranes.

This wave is less painful than the previous. The cranes will spawn at the South. Kill them first since they have the highest ATK among these mimics. Your character won’t withstand 2 slashes.

The rest could be dealt with using anything. A simple trick I like to use is to bring any Anemo character and use Hydro swirl against the crabs to break the Pyro shield.

Chamber 3 First Half: Abyss Lectors

The Lectors will spawn pretty far away from eachother. The key feature is that their positions will be fixed after they shield up, so it’s important to have them close to eachother as of when both enters shield mode. Most charge and plunge attacks can knock them back, as well as some elemental skills (e.g. Jean’s, Xingqiu’s) and some bursts (e.g. Diluc’s, Xiao’s). Venti can clump them together easier but i prefer using him on the next half.

Once they both enter shield mode, each will deal a powerful burst. The Lectors’ attacks will drain your energy, so make sure your character has high energy recharge rate or dodge them like Quicksilver.

Use elemental attacks to break the Electro shields. Anemo, Cryo and Pyro are very effective, while Hydro seems to have little or no effect on them. My favorite units to use on this half are Xiangling and Bennett. Both have short skill cooldowns; Xiangling’s burst provides a constant source of Pyro while Bennett’s does massive healing. Diona is also great due to her heals, shield and icy paws.

Chamber 3 Second Half: Fatui Agent, Cicin Mages

Kill the Fatui Agent first since he has the highest damage, then the Electro Mage then Cryo. The Cryo Mage has got to be the most annoying one though. Kill the cicins as soon as they spawn to stop her shielding up. If you’re lazy like I am, bring a Pyro character and let him do the shields.

If you have grouping units like Sucrose or Venti, it should be easier to multi-target enemies.

r/GenshinImpactTips - [1.5 ABYSS GUIDE] A detailed guide to Floor 12 Spiral Abyss

My team comps using only 8 characters. Notice how the comps are all different.

Good luck! 😀

For inspiration, be sure to check out our F2P god Enviosity. We can all learn something or two through his playstyle.

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