Genshin Impact 1.5 Spiral Abyss guide (minor spoilers) By: systemplayerlost


I had some difficulties with the new spiral abyss this cycle, but managed to get 36 stars after some testing and shuffling of my teams. I’m hoping these notes can help others clear it as well. Note, my account is reasonably strong: level 90 carries, level 90 weapons (and some 5 star weapons), 20+ artifacts, talent level 9s. This is not intended to tell you exactly what you to do beat spiral, but share my experience – what works best for you will vary based on what you have available on your account. There are 14 days left on spiral at the time of writing, don’t forget you can try a few times each day and make incremental improvements to your teams – good luck!

Floors 9-10 are the same as before, easy. Use 1-2 fire characters on each side to break shields, but otherwise use your best carries and play around the heat seelies as required.

11: Hydro infusion floor – increases your cooldowns by A LOT (like the hydro weapon ascension domain). Suggest taking double electro character on 2nd half for reduced infusion duration.

  • 11-1 Tower defense like old 11-2, but way easier. Just a few treasure hoarders on each part, this is an introduction to managing your cooldowns for 11-3.
  • 11-2 2 Fatui electrohammers on each side – need for ice character on both sides unless you can very quickly deal with one side and you’re happy to take it slow on the 2nd. 360s (6min) remaining is 3 stars, so a bit easier.
  • 11-3 First half is an elecrto cicin mage and 2 cryo cicin mages. If you have a high investment Venti and a character that can easily deal damage during his ult you should be able to deal with this in 30s~. If you don’t have Venti, substitute Sucrose as keeping the mages controlled not able to shield is really important. Part 2 is 2 of the new hydro abyss heralds (like the one from the story quest) – this content is quite hard. NOTE: your cooldowns are critical to manage correctly on 11-3 part 2. In general, avoid using elemental skill and burst while you’re hydro infused. I suggest targeting one herald first until it spawns the hydro shield, then dance around their attacks waiting for a window when you’re not hydro infused to use your elemental skills, then repeat. Sources of persistent electro damage like Fischl/Beidou are excellent for this. Bennet/Jean bursts can help remove the infusion, but it’s slow. You will likely need to restart 11-3 multiple times to get used to the herald mechanics, the main attack to look out for is when they spin and dash at you, this attack deals large damage and knocks back.

Teams I used for 11

  • Part 1: Ganyu, Venti, Mona, Diona
  • Part 2: Diluc, Beidou, Fischl, Bennett

12: No leyline disorder as before, but updated chambers and much harder than old floor 12

  • 12-1 Single geovishap and 2 whopperflowers on each side, this should be fairly trivial. You may want to have characters that can break their charging shield if you’re having difficulty with
  • 12-2 First half is simple, just a bunch of treasure hoarders and cicins – characters with large area damage skills are great here. Second half however, is difficult. It starts with a hydro abyss mage and a bunch of hydro mimics (like the ones from oceanid) – unless you freeze them, the mage and the boars will likely kill you very quickly. Suggest taking a strong ice character here. Once you’ve dealt with the first wave, the rest of the chamber is easy as long as you have a way to deal with the pyro abyss mage.
  • 12-3 First half is very difficult, 2 of the new electro abyss lectors, these are ranged catalyst users very similar in design and mechanics to the hydro heralds from 11-3. Be careful of their attacks, getting hit by at least 2 of their mechanics will remove some or all of your active characters energy. Similar to 11-3, expect a few restarts to get used to fighting them. Once they get low, they spawn an electro shield/health similar to the hydro heralds HOWEVER, you do not need to use ice to beat them, well invested fire characters will get the job done (albeit slowly, I finished with 7:37 remaining only using 3 characters). This is fine assuming you have a well invested Venti+ranged carry for the second half, if you don’t, you may need 1-2 characters with persistent ice effects (Kaeya/Rosaria/Ganyu) to clear the lectors faster. The second half is a fatui assassin and 2 cicin mages. Use Venti+ranged carry for easy cleanup on this half, or Sucrose + either a fire character to deal with the ice mage’s shields or target the ice mage first – this is older content and you should find it quite easy.

Teams I used for 12

  • Part 1: Diluc, Xingqiu, Fischl, Bennett
  • Part 2: Ganyu, Venti, Mona, Diona

Next time I probably won’t use Fischl for 12 part 1 and will replace with Kaeya to have a smoother run.

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