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Genshin Impact 2 ARCHONS BEAT FLOOR 11 | NO HEALERS | Using Level-1 3-STAR* Bow By: singasling


How do you clear an entire side of Floor 11 with no true DPS and no Healer? Watch the video to find out how!
Video here: 2 Archons alone Destroy Floor 11

These two C0 support Archons managed to do the job! (This is a showcase video and not really a guide! To pick up on how to do this, read the Description below and watch the video)


(the actual Guide bit)

Some of the key things include always being protected by a shield, so Pyro DOT does not burn you.

Using Bursts of your Characters pauses the Corrosion and Pyro DOT, so you get about 2s of invulnerability. Never come out exposed near death without a shield or without a Burst.

Get an element applied on yourself (like get shot once by Pyroslinger when you are Shielded, or stand where the Agent spinblades will cut through you), then walk into the centre of Venti’s Burst to get his Burst infused with that element. It’s a fine balance between CC-ing them so the enemies get to do nothing, but if you do it too fast, you don’t get any existing elements on the field.

Venti is using a L1 Recurve Bow, which heals 16% HP per enemy killed. There are actually several 3* Weapons which have a healing passive, apart from the 4* Black Sword which is $15 in my country for the BP. Check out the 3* White Iron Greatsword in your inventory, for example.

You can see Venti/ZL artifacts at the end of the video. They could have more damage if tweaked, like full EM Venti or ATK% Sands ZL, but I was just a bit lazy to experiment with different setups and went with their everyday gear.

There’s also a special secret on Floor 11-2, which will carry you through till 11-3. Believe in the heart of the cards ! (yugi-oh reference)

For 11-3 it’s still about speed, as every Cicin Fly killed adds to the Corrosion stack. CC the Cicin Mages and Agent, and give them all the DPS you got.

I may try to show a full 9* showcase, with maybe some special duo on the 2nd half – Bennett and XQ(the two 4* Archons of fire and water)? But honestly this Spiral Abyss cycle is kind of boring and MHY just made it a DPS check on F12, so the motivation is not really there. Well, we shall see !

Hope you enjoyed the 2 Archons destroying Floor 11 with no Healer or Main DPS helping them!


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