Genshin Impact 2 Crit Rate to Crit DMG ratio is a guide, not a rule


I get the impression that many players are blindly following the 1:2 ratio without understanding how it effects their damage increase.

If you want to fully understand how the ratio guide works, I recommend watching Krush SG’s Understanding Crit Stats on Youtube. Otherwise, I want to share examples to help you decide which artifacts you should use.

If you have two different Crit stats, one being 80% Crit Rate, 160% Crit DMG, and the other being 100% Crit Rate, 140% Crit DMG, which is better?

If you’re looking for a DPS increase, 100% Crit Rate and 140% Crit DMG is better. If you’re looking for big numbers for that youtube highlight, and/or you like seeing big numbers even if it means doing lower DPS than what you can do, 80% Crit Rate and 160% Crit DMG is better.

With any Crit Rate % and Crit DMG %, simply multiply Crit Rate % to Crit DMG. That is, 80% x 160 = 128. The number 128 essentially means the artifacts you have gives you a 128% DMG increase on Average.
Doing the same with 100 and 140 gives us 140, since 100% of the time you will crit, doing 140% extra Damage.

TLDR: The 1:2 recommended ratio is a GUIDE based on attainability value, and doesn’t always mean higher DPS compared to other stats you might have.

100% Crit Rate, 140% Crit DMG is better than 80% Crit Rate, 160% Crit DMG for DPS.
60% Crit Rate, 100% Crit DMG is better than 50% Crit Rate, 100% Crit DMG.
50% Crit Rate, 120% Crit DMG is better than 50% Crit Rate, 100% Crit DMG.

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