Genshin Impact 3 Easy Tips & Tricks To Get Higher Adventure Rank, Gain Experience & Level Up Guide


Hey everyone, how’s it going grunty gaming and i wanted to talk about the adventure rank and gentian impact and how you can improve it. Three easy tips, because you need the adventuring to play along the story. Um, it’s send characters unlock things. You kind of need that adventure rank, so i’m gon na show you how to do it. Three easy tips and hopefully find this video helpful. It would be worthwhile making this video, because your adventure inc affects everything else and every aspect of your game play so hope. You guys enjoy and starting that off the first major chip is exploration.

You have a huge map. You know you have a big map to explore. You have statues of the sevenths and waypoints to unlock. The first major tip is just explore and unlock the map, because when you do so, you gain xp and adventure rank like experience through unlocking all these waypoints and that will tie into another aspect of the statues so far in the game. I believe we have like the wind areas like i call it and like the geo area, so the earth area collecting g, oculuses and air oculuses. You cannot only unlock the statues, but you can level them up to gain even more experience and stand on other things. So that’s going to be a major part of leveling up in this game, just opening up the map as much as possible, unlocking teleportation waypoints and the statues and then finding the oculuses and the air oculus is to upgrade the statues like.

I just upgraded it to level two, so i’m going to gain experience in my adventure and you want to keep doing this, keep looking for them and exploring because you’re going to find more, and that is how you’re going to gain experience pretty quickly in this game. It’S kind of necessary besides the fact that you kind of want the map opened up anyway and second tip is going to be uh, hunting down hordes bosses and just gaining experience that way. If you find a boss or a horde, you know tackle them, they might have chests there’s secrets. There’S little puzzles hidden, there’s little things to do all over the map. So, while you’re exploring unlocking the map and the waypoints fight some little hordes unlock, some chess do some little challenges and riddles and little dungeons.

You are going to unlock chests and, depending on the level of chess, that you unlock you’ll gain. Experience like a common chest is only 10 experience, but you know what every little bit counts and they add up pretty quickly so just explore and just definitely hit up every chest that you find don’t turn one away just because it’s uncommon hit every single chest and Explore the out of this map attack the horde, do all the riddles and the puzzles and try to you know, figure out little different elemental combinations to unlock different dungeons and different, like secrets in the game.

That’S that’s. The whole point of this game is to explore and have fun and best part of the game. And honestly, there are a lot of little hidden puzzles, find those and try and figure out. You know what you might be limited to the areas that you are and there’s a big portion of the air map and areas that like are. They got like a red line on them, so you can’t go there so just really thoroughly explore the areas that you can access, whatever your adventure rank may be because you’re gon na unlock a ton of secrets as you’re just playing the game.

So i encourage you to try to seek these out figure them out and, depending on the chests that you unlock, you’ll unlock experience and, like i said, they’ll, add up pretty quickly. I also feel like the first two kind of go hand in hand because, while you’re exploring you’re going to be doing this at the same time, you know unlocking waypoints and whatnot as you’re just exploring the map trying to unlock it like you’re, going to come across A lot of cool things that you can do to get experience, i encourage you to do them all. And lastly, this is the biggest one that i find to get experience is doing the missions or the um tasks. I guess the quests.

There are main story quests that you’re going to be limited to because of your adventure rank. This is another reason why you need to get that up as soon as possible and then there’s going to be commission uh quests that are going to be unlocked on rank 12. I believe so keep grinding it and world quests honestly, while you’re exploring the world unlocking it talk to people talk to like uh ais in the game and they’ll give you requests and you can get like almost 100 xp per quest, and some of them are really Easy and quick to do don’t turn them away and the main story. Quests do those two. You get a few right off the bat, then you’re kind of forced to explore a little bit and gain some experience grinding.

But once you hit adventure rank, i think it’s 15 and 16. Then you want to start to unlock a lot more and right now. Currently, i’m waiting for adventure rank 18 to continue the main story, so i’m kind of just grinding it out a little bit doing. Quests every single day, the purple commission, uh quests, come back so come back every day. You’Ll be able to get more of those done and you’ll get like 500 xp from just those or even potentially more, but if you’re just really having fun exploring then just hit the chests. Do all that and before you know it you’re going to be gaining adventure rank xp like crazy. It really doesn’t take long once you get grinding and get going. So i hope this was helpful. It’S a pretty easy, straightforward guide, not very long because really at the end of the day, you’re gon na have to put time into this game. If you want to see any results, because you’re not going to get a quick fix for you know, jumping from adventuring 2 to 15.

It’S going to take a little bit of time and you’re going to have to play a lot. So if this is a game you’re really interested in and you want to get that vent rank up, these are the three basic helpful tips. I can give you, i’m sure, there’s a lot more information out there, but this is an easy step to guide you to get to where you want to be so hope. You guys enjoyed this video um. Let me know what you think and if there’s other tips you can include in the comments do so as well, because that always helps and on that note guys uh. Thank you so much for watching and we will see you in the next video ha ha ha ha ha, hey ha

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