Genshin Impact 3rd Party Switch controller support for PC using x360ce By: Reika154


I spent a number of hours trying to figure out how to get my Gamecube-style Switch controller (, for reference) working on Genshin and finally had success. I did not enjoy using reWASD due to needing to use the second stick as a mouse in menus, and eventually got x360ce working. I couldn’t find any posts with the steps I took so I thought I’d share.

You will need x360ce, located here: The download link is the silver button on the right side of the page that says “DOWNLOAD FOR ALL GAMES”. Here is the direct link:

Follow the directions on the #Help page to set up x360ce, stopping after the step:

“5. Minimize Xbox 360 Controller Emulator in order to reduce CPU use (program icon will be visible in tray). “

**Do not launch the game yet. First, unplug the controller.**

Now open Genshin. Log into the game, still using mouse and keyboard and navigate to the options menu. Once in the menu, switch the control type from keyboard to controller. NOW plug in your controller. Then, navigate using the controller to the key bindings tab in Genshin’s options menu, set up what you would prefer, and you’re all good to go.

I do not know why it does this, but in my experience, it seems having the controller plugged in while launching the game causes Genshin to somehow read x360ce’s default control setup in addition to your current x360ce setup.

After you’ve done this all once and closed the game, the way to setup to play again is simple:

  1. Make sure your controller is unplugged

  2. Open x360ce

  3. Launch Genshin and login

  4. Go to the options menu and change control type to controller

  5. Plug in your controller

  6. With your controller, navigate to Genshin’s key bindings and set it to your preference

(For whatever reason, I’ve found that Genshin is inconsistent about remembering your key bindings using this setup. You may have to re-set your buttons on startup, hence step 6.)

I’ve tested this with 5 computer restarts, and this is working consistently for me. Despite the extra bit of setup, I find this is far better than using reWASD. It’s free, and it properly utilizes the controller in menus. The only real issue I’ve found is if I enter the Stone Harbor Treasure Journal web event from my mail, the controller stops working entirely once returning the game, so be aware of that.

I’m hardly the most capable tech-lady, so I don’t know if I’ll be any help troubleshooting, but I can try to answer any questions. I hope this lil guide saves somebody all the time I spent.

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