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Genshin Impact 5 Advanced Tips Using Ningguang By: Skyverlash_YT


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This tips are basically the TL;DR from my uploaded video

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Timestamp :

00:40 – [1st Tips] Jade Screen tips

01:31 – [1.5 Tips] Shielded hillies

02:30 – [2nd Tips] Burst tips

03:38 – [3rd Tips] Countering Abyss Mage Shield

04:10 – [4th Tips] Countering Pyro Fatui Agent

04:28 – [5th Tips] Redirect Star Jades

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Aight let’s jump straight to the first tips

1. Jade Screen can be used to break enemy’s momentum

Casting jade screen (E skill) on smaller enemies = they’ll thrown away

Casting jade screen on bigger enemies = some of them will stagger

You can attack shielded enemies using jade screen without destroying their shield, the rule of thumb here is to aim for their butt (cast it a little bit closer to them)

*Reminded by call_me_zzaacchh, since Ning’s burst is “spamable”, you can benefit her iFrame to become invincible and avoid some attacks, which could potentially killed you

2. Burst> then re-cast your jade screen


this way you’ll gained faster energy burst and potentially defend ranged attack

in this case, using prototype amber (especially R5) can almost guarantee you to get 100% burst up time all the time

3. Ning’s attack = universal element counter for abyss mage’s shield

Even tho the damage can’t be compared with the “real element counter”,

Ning’s geo attack is somehow “a little bit” effective in damaging any elements of abyss mage’s shield

4. Use Ning’s burst to attack invisible pyro fatui agent

Just do it, it’ll automatically chase them even tho they’re invisible

5. You can re-direct Star Jades (Hold attack) by dashing

This one it’s easier to see the video to understand what I’ll explain here,

but basically when you dash immediately after the main big gem is being launched, the star jades will launched the same direction where you dash

And that’s it, the summary of Ningguang tips that I can shared with you right now

If this somehow can helped you out and you want to hear about other character’s guide, you can tell me who should I add next

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