Genshin Impact 5 Star Claymore Wolf’s Gravestone Showcase Review With Beidou!


Hey how’s, everyone doing today, grunty gaming – and this is a very quick video today to talk about wolf’s gravestone of five star blade. I pulled today claymore and i’m going to be using it with vito, because bito is a badass and just went well together. Basically, this blade is an all out assault, machine and essentially, all of its perks have to do with just upgrading your attack more and more and increasing your attack by 20 initially, and then it has a 40 chance to increase your attack to the whole. Your whole party by 40, so your whole team, will have a 40 attack priest for 12 seconds. That’S insane! Imagine that in a really important boss fight – that’s so critical! Now, let’s just dive right into this okay, so i got it at level. 50 um. I literally just got this thing: um yeah.

I got it in the new banner, the weapons banner that they just came out with today. Um wolf’s, gravestone base attack 308 and yeah increases attack by 20 on hit attacks against enemies with less than 30 hp increases. All party members attacked by 40 for 12 seconds can only occur once every 30 seconds that basically, your whole party has a chance to have a 40 attack increase for 12 seconds. That might not seem like a long time 12 seconds, but when you’re in a critical boss, fight you’re, throwing out characters, 12 seconds is a long enough time to really put in a massive dent 40 percent. It’S nuts and that’s not even talking about refining this thing, and it feels like it occurs very often while using her that, like you, get that initial 20 increase just with her and just from attacking regular attacks like it’s it’s a lot of fun. I am quite enjoying this five-star blade, definitely worth it um like i said i always say this wouldn’t break your wallet over it, but if you do get it, it’s definitely worth investing in and something to just you know if you need a really good claymore i’d. Go for this one 100: it would go really well with die, luke or d luke um.

It would go well with razor for sure or noel. This blade would go well with anyone, but i use it with vito or beto because well, like i said, she’s a machine and just getting those increases she’s like so so threatening yeah and she goes well with klee too. I just pulled her as well. It’S been a good day guys, but yeah this weapon is awesome, just a really quick video just to showcase it. What it looks like doesn’t hurt that it looks badass too it’s such a badass looking sword, but anyways guys hope this was helpful um. This is an idea of what the wolf’s gravestone looks like in the field and what it does so hope. This was helpful. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. We will see you next time later.

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