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[Genshin Impact] 6(+++) reasons I main Ningguang DPS (AR30 Wolf + Dvalin)


Geo characters, often dismissed quickly by many due to their lack of elemental reaction. Today, we look one of my favourite characters and main dps for my adventure through genshin. Yes I could be staring at this moment for hours and possible have it as my wallpaper~ Without further ado, let’s have a brief look at what she has to offer. Note as well, her gems when attacking all home towards their targets within range, so it’s ideal even against airbone targets. Her attacks are heavy and can juggle certain enemies as well making her a stationary gatling! Just to emphasis the importance of dropping a screen before you ult here. When successfully done you will notice additional gems appearing around your ult statue ready to fire. Now this is something that makes high octane plays possible dodging and attacking. Without having to spend stamina, you can better use your stamina for dodging attacks and still charge. Now for her last skill passive, when in team, she helps highlight a set of minerals on the mini map. This has no height limit so it can anywhere from the ground up at the location marked.

Personally having her as my main dps, constellation 1 is going to help improve the speed in mobbing anywhere. Constellation 2 with higher rate of dropping screens, you will be able to deal a good deal of aoe damage constantly. Being a 4* hopefully one day she gets added to the shop to purchase with the tokens rebate from gacha. Max constellation might not be just a dream after all. *prays* Now note that her auto-target only applies to mobs and anything else, will not be targetted and gems fly straight. Yes a wonder only made possible by geo elements. This shield is generic and absorbs a set amount of damage depending on your elemental mastery. Hitting a taget affected by an element (as seen above their head) reacts with geo attacks to drop these shield items. Now I just got mona (YAY) so I can’t wait to get her ready and build this team. Basically freezing an enemy (hydro + cryo) and then doing geo element attack, deals a ton of damage when shattering the freeze.

AR30 is where the real fun begins, farming the Wolf and Dvalin stages weekly. Boss tier goes up upon AR30 and drops becomes bettter. So be sure to grind that adventure 30 to not waste the first week! With that, I’ll leave you with the 2 boss fights with ningguang solo dps, enjoy!.

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