Genshin Impact Abyss 1.5 full stars with female characters only [Guide] By: InvisCr


I agree with everyone who said that the new 1.5 Abyss is significantly harder than before. The design also favor Zhongli and the upcoming Eula. My waifus only team composition had a hard time trying to get full stars, so I hope this guide can help any players who don’t have S tier male supports such as Zhongli, Venti, Bennette, Xingxiu, Albedo.

All of my 5 stars are at C1, I have Aquila Favonia for my Keqing (by pure luck), but my Ganyu only has Prototype Crescent. I’m at AR55. Keqing may be replaced by any main DPS (Hutao, Diluc, Razor, Baidou, or else), but I’m not sure if Ganyu can be replaced by Rosaria, Eula or others or not?

—Floor 12-2 Guide—

1st half – Keqing(Phy), Sucrose, Xiangling, Qiqi

Enemies electro buff is the problem. I use Sucrose to group enemies then Xiangling burst to damage and clear those electro buff. Two set of bursts for two set of enemies. Keqing is for clearing those remaining, Qiqi just for heal. Average time spent = 1min 30 secs.

2nd half – Ganyu, Fischl, Lisa, Diona

First, open with Oz in front of the hydro mage, then move to it’s back and use Ganyu’s burst. You can freeze lock all of them with Ganyu’s charge shot. The last standing will be two troublesome boars. Move to the opposite side while shooting those boars. Then Ganyu’s burst on top of 3 cranes. The pyro mage will warp (to suicide) into the same group, use Lisa burst on top of it. You may be surprised to find Lisa here, but she’s actually useful to help depleting pyro armor Expected time = 1 min 20 secs.

—Floor 12-3 Guide—

1st half – Ganyu, Xiangling, Diona, Noelle

Move to the right while shooting and let the two mages move to be close to each other. Use Ganyu’s and Xiangling’s burst, followed by their elemental skill to refill energy. Avoid all energy-reduction electro attacks. Use Diona shield then Ganyu charge attack 2 times while moving around at close range, then Ganyu’s and Xiangling’s elemetnal skill to refill energy, then Noelle shield and Ganyu charge attack 2 times, repeat. While both mages’ electro armor proc, use Diona’s burst along with Ganyu’s and Xiangling’s. Average time spent = 1min 50 secs.

2nd half – Anemo Lumine, Sucrose, Keqing, Qiqi

Immediately walk left and use Lumine’s burst to blow cryo mage toward pyro fatui, walk along it and just before the cryo mage fall to the ground, use Sucrose’s elemental skill to blow it. This will help preventing cryo mage to proc cryo shield (but not always). It’s the end if cryo shield proc. Use Sucrose’s burst to buy time and Lumine’s elemental skill to collect more energy. You need the 2nd Lumine’s burst to blow all 3 of them to the side together. Then Keqing’s burst and charge attack them. If the group split, the top priority is cryo mage. Expected time = 1min 10 secs.

Feel free to suggest any other ideas or ask any more details.

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