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Genshin Impact Abyss F12 Clear F2P at AR43 — No Benneth, no Diluc, no Chong, no Qiqi, etc — F9-12 Guide Included By: TeraFlare255


After clearing F12 two days ago, I decided to write a guide on it to help people, specially ones who are hitting the F12 wall. I never bought any primogens at all, but I’m not using 100% guaranteed obtainable characters like Enviosity is doing, as I did get a few characters from the Gacha such as Venti and Fischl after rolling a hundred times on the banner.

I’m not good at making videos so I’ll just provide screenshots at the end as proof (I’ll add more if anyone asks for them in the comments) and try to give detailed explanations on the post itself.

I’m also not using any 5 star weapons, and I’m using a team with only one five star who is Venti, who can be replaced with Sucrose or Anemo MC with a damage loss that’s likely not high enough to make this floor impossible (gonna be trying soon to confirm). If you have other 5 stars, it should also do the trick, or be even better if they are characters like Klee or Diluc. I’m also using a lot of four stars, over half which are 100% guaranteed to be obtained. I also wanna say I did buy the BP, but it’s definitely not needed as I have a lot of leveled up characters and weapons I simply didn’t use at all.

You do not need to have the same party composition than me to clear this, I’d say the only requirements are: a strong Xiangling for first half and a strong DPS for the second half (doesn’t even need to be a 5 star or a pyro DPS, but it being a pyro will help a lot), two healers, a cryo, a pyro other than Xiangling, and two supports of your choice who can break the flowers charge gauge or provide additional damage.

Now that the intros are done, if you wanna keep reading, for the actual guide then.


I just wanna say that my artifacts are definitely not optimal, as I didn’t have crit damage artifacts or crit rate ones, and not all of them were 5 star either

Team 1:

  • DPS: Xiangling, level 80, level 80 Crescent Pyke, Gladiator set artifact 4 piece, ATK pieces, with Pyro Damage Piece

  • Healer: Barbara, level 70, level 60 Prototype Malice, Maiden’s Beloved artifact set 4 piece, HP pieces, Energy Recharge Rate Piece

  • Support: Beidou, level 40, level 70 Prototype Aminus, Exile Artifact 4 piece, ATK pieces.

  • Support: Kaeya, level 40, level 40 Iron Sting, Noblesse Oblige 4 set, random stats.

Team 2:

  • DPS: Venti, level 80, level 80 Stringless, Viridescent Verner 4 piece, ATK pieces with Anemo Damage piece

  • Healer: Noelle, level 60, level 50 WhiteBlind, Maiden’s Beloved, Def Pieces with Healing bonus piece.

  • Support: Amber, level 40, any bow, Exile set 4 piece, random stats

  • Support: Fischl, level 70, level 70 Favonius Bow, Thundering Fury 4 piece, ATK pieces.

F9-11 Guide

  • For F9, I’d recommend getting a physical damage dealer for first half and an elemental damage dealer for second half as your DPS if you have, as the last chamber features an enemy that is resistant to magical attacks on first half, and two that are resistant to physical damage on second half. But it’s definitely not needed, as doing so will likely make the first two chambers harder.

  • For F10, you’ll want two healers. If you only have Barbara, this is where you’ll need to start investing into Noelle. Have a Hydro character for the first half or you’ll face hell everytime the Pyro Fatui guy on last chamber puts his shield up. If Barbara is your only healer, get electro characters for second chamber to break the pyro mage shields. If you have two hydros, have Barbara on the second half, as it overall requires way more healing than on first half, and Noelle might struggle there. Never let the pyro flowers fully charge up either, or they’ll throw bombs at you nonstop for over 15 seconds. For the anemo aura on the anemo guy on the last chamber, be sure to iframe your way through it with bursts, and kill the anemo guy as soon as possible, as it’s extremely hard to dodge and will most times stop you for long enough to the two pyro snipers to land shots on your, and cause you then to explode due to the fire swirl, both combined which will almost one shot you.

  • F11 is, in my opinion, easier than F10. If you cleared F10 you should be good to go for F11. For the first chamber, when you kill the electro Fatui mage on second half, be prepared to kill the hydro mages as fast as you can, save elemental bursts if needed, or else they’ll start healing each others. For the last chamber, have a pyro for first half to break the cryo Fatui’s shields, and have a claymore user to break the geochanter’s shield. For second half, have a cryo to break the electro guy shield, and another claymore to break the other geochanter’s shield.

F12 Guide

F12 is where the trouble really begins. Generally speaking, having Bennet, Klee or Diluc will make your life on this floor a hundred times easier, but it’s not needed. If you’re using Barbara to heal, do not use her E unless you can afford wasting 30 seconds being frozen over and over. Swap to her only for her to soak unavoidable damage and to use her burst. For the enemies that have the ice aura that spawn icicles from the ground, it’s damage can be avoided in several ways. It spawns roughly every 14-15 seconds, and the damage from it can be avoided in ways such as iframing with an elemental burst, standing still while inside it (do not use attacks either), simply running around when you feel they’ll spawn, doesn’t need to be sprinting, or just dashing out when you see the white circle beneath your feet.

  • Chamber 1: For the first half, you’ll want Xiangling as she’s really good at breaking the Cryo Slime’s shields with her burst and can deal a lot of pyro damage due to the Ley Line Disorder. I’d recommend killing slimes first, but it shouldn’t matter much. You’ll also want a character that can one shot the cryo flower’s charge gauge, I chose Baidou as her E can easily destory it and has a very low cooldown. For second half, be aware of the cryo slime and the cryo mage with the ice auras, as it will spawn icicles from the ground. You’ll also want another pyro character to break the slimes and mage’s shields, like Amber, and a DPS to defeat the slimes afterwards. Overall, this floor is just one big DPS check and there aren’t many things that can kill you here.

  • Chamber 2: This is a tower defense floor. Focus the hilichurs as they’ll attack the tower, and leave the flowers for last as they’ll always focus you. The hard part of this chamber isn’t keeping the tower alive from the hilichurs, however. The difficult part on this chamber is the last two enemies of the second half. The last two enemies here are two cryo shield mages, one which has the ice aura. You have roughly 30 seconds to destroy both their shields, or else they’ll cast the icicles on the tower and will one shot it, even if the tower was at 100% health. After breaking their shields once, you can’t let them respawn their shields either, because if they do, the first thing they’ll do afterwards will, most times, be casting the icicles on the tower and one shot it. So basically, this floor is a long filler of enemies with a stun check at the end. Make sure you have a way to destroy ice shields fast (amber makes it pretty easy, as her burst can one shot one of the shields and 4 charged attacks can destroy the other shield), and afterwards, defeat the mages while keeping them stunned, which is easier said than done.

Edit: according to /u/pjkm123987, the cryo mage with the aura always focuses on you, and the one without it focuses the tower, so if this is accurate, focus the cryo mage without aura first.

  • Chamber 3: The hardest chamber by far. You’ll need to kill 9 fatuis, 4 on first half, 5 on second half. For the first half, focus down the cryo fatui first, since he has the aura. Have a cryo on your team for this side, as the second set of enemies are a electro and an anemo fatui. Focus the Anemo first, and the electro will hopefully take collateral damage. For the second half, you’ll start by facing a cryo and an anemo, I’d kill the anemo first, since he’ll constantly raise the cryo guy from the ground everytime you destroy the cryo’s shield, and the cryo will always reshield after getting up if the anemo raised him. The second batch of enemies are a cryo, a geo and an electro. This also means you DO NOT need a cryo character for this side, as you can just cause a swirl reaction when the cryo and the electro are close to each other, which will break the electro shield. After breaking the electro shield, break the cryo shield and damage them, just be sure to not kill the cryo unless you already killed the electro, if you don’t have a cryo character. The Geo can be killed with collateral damage or focused first, it doesn’t matter.

Lastly, if you have Qiqi, keep in mind she’s both a healer and a cryo, which opens up a slot on the first half for another support if you use her on that side. If you have Bennet, he’s also a healer and a pyro, which can open up a slot at the second half if you use him there for another support. If you have Diluc or Klee and not Venti, they’ll probably be better than Venti for this floor due to the Ley Line Disorder, just swap Amber that way with an anemo, since you’ll already have a pyro for that side, and you’ll need an anemo to cause ice swirls on the last chamber if you don’t have two cryos.


Below is an image album, which acts mostly as proof of completion so don’t expect info on it that isnt written in the post.


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