Genshin Impact Abyss Floor 12-3 Guide and Team/Character Building Advice By: KushP_


I cleared 12-3 (0 stars, 2 stars in total) 2 days ago and it was brutal. So I wanted to give some of my tips. Please note that there may be better ways to do this with the same teams and so don’t take this as the best possible guide, but rather as a way of beating it.

Also sorry if the formatting is bad or it’s too long. I just wanted to give my advice, since it took me 5 hours to beat. I hope this helps and if you any questions I’ll try to respond to them.

All of my flowers are +0, so I’m not listing them, but know I had them on.

Team 1

C0 lvl 80 Venti with level 80 Favonius warbow. 4 pc Viridescent – +20 Feather, +16 Attack hourglass, +20 Anemo cup, +16 EM headpiece

Make sure you have enough ER on Venti so that you get ult off of CD. My substats on Venti were bad, so I had to use whatever I got.

C0 lvl 80 Razor – level 80 prototype animus. 4 pc glad. +20 Feather, +20 Attack hourglass, +20 Physical cup, +20 crit rate headpiece.

I had decent crit substats, the total came out to 46% crit rate and 70% crit damage. I would say try and get a 1:2 ratio for crit rate to crit damage. And if you’re like me and get nonideal crit stats you roll with it. Also, my attack was 1800.

C6 lvl 80 Xiangling – level 20 favonius. 2 pc exiles and 2 pc wanderers.

I didn’t bother listing the artifacts cause they were useless. All +0 leftovers. She was wearing defense and hp, so yeah anything you have is probably better than this. I just tried to keep her ult up, so energy gen is good. Also, don’t level her up, 60/70 is good enough. I used her as a main carry before Razor, so she was 80 and had Razor’s set.

C0 level 80 Qiqi – level 60 prototype rancor. 4pc Maidens – +10 feather, +4 Attack hourglass, +0 Attack cup, +6 healing bonus headpiece.

Yes, I know Rancour is bad, but it was the highest attack weapon so I equipped it for stronger heals. She had around 1kish attack, can’t remember too well, but I would say stack attack, energy gen, and healing bonus. Also, don’t go past level 70, its a waste, I made a mistake by doing so.

I start off the chamber by placing Xiangling’s skill in front of cryo fatui. Swap to Qiqi hit her skill and apply sigil, then you swap to Razor and beat them down. With Razor, I did 3 basics, jump cancel, 3 basics, and skill. Repeat this until the shields are up. Then you swap to Xiangling use ult, use Venti ult, use Qiqi ult, and swap back to Razor and kill the cryo fatui and then thunder. For the next wave, you pop Venti ult, Xiangling, and Qiqi skills, and swap to Razor and kill the ameno guy then the thunder. I did this with 6:30 remaining.

Team 2

C0 lvl 80 Bennett – level 80 R2 Black Sword. 4 pc glad set – +20 Feather, +20 Attack hourglass, +20 physical cup, +13 crit damage headpiece.

Bennet has the best crit stats out of everyone. It was 68 crit rate and 104 crit damage. The attack was kinda low at 1400 and honestly, I wish I didn’t use a physical cup. Pyro cup with a 4pc Withers set sounds sooooo good, but this is all I had, so I had to work with it.

C2 level 60/70 Xinqui – level 40 Favonuis Sword. 2pc Nobless – +20 feather, +10 ER hourglass, +0 hydro cup, +0 attack headpiece.

XQ had like 700 attack. He wasn’t doing much in terms of damage. His role was to maximize ult uptime so that I can apply hydro frequently. I would say run ER over anything else and then go attack and hydro cup.

C3 Chongyun – level 50 Favonius Greatsword. 2pc glad.

I’m not gonna bother going over his pieces cause they were all +0 leftovers. All he needs to do is to hit e and not die, so I would say get to level 50 or 60 so you don’t die. You don’t really need good artifacts, but if you have enough resources go with ER. ONLY if you have every other character stacked. Chongyun is not a priority, the only reason he’s level 80 is cause I used to run shatter comps before I got Bennett, now I do melt comps.

C3 Barbara – R5 level 20 dragonslayer. 4pc Maidens.

She got all of Qiqi’s leftovers. It doesn’t matter what she has, literally the only use she had was to pop ult to avoid anemo fatui punch and apply dragon slayer buff, which I only did once. I didn’t need the heals cause I had Bennett. She is never a priority, I thought I would need the heals so I ran her, but I’m gonna do Fischl next reset.

This is the hard part cause everyone, but Bennett is under geared. The idea with this team is that you use XQ ult and Chongyun e to freeze and spam Bennetts e inside of his ult to maximize melt reactions. This team synergy is soooooo good that only Bennett needs to be stacked. Everyone else is only there to enable the melt reaction, everyone but Barbara. I want to say that this team comp is not my own, I got it from Jinjinx and Tuner, go check out their videos they are very helpful. I always start off by using XQ skill and ult and Chonyun e to freeze anemo boxer. Then I pop Bennett ult and spam e every other basic attack combo to get melt reactions. If your about to get punched swap to Barbara and ult, then keep on melting. Once this wave is done you want to do the same thing with the thunder Fatui. Once he’s down you go for Cryo fatui and geo is easy, leave him until the end. BUT if Geo fatui uses the dome thing use Chongyun to break his shield, then focus the others. If you can gather the Fatui and melt them all at once its even better. I finished with 40 sec, so be wary of time here.

After I beat floor 12, I honestly didn’t want to make a guide. However, after seeing all of the misleading floor 12 clears, specifically with Zhongli, I wanted to make a guide and more importantly talk about why a lot of guides are misleading. This will not be a Zhongli shitpost, but rather how you should view these team comp and build videos if your F2P. First of all, I want to emphasize how WEAK my team 2 is. Bennett is the strongest unit, but he has 1400 attack, admittedly good crit stats, but a VERYYY scuffed set. Witchers with pyro is better, cause I’m always doing cryo damage with my basic combos. Physical is useless here. And my other characters offer no damage. its because I utilize team synergies to maximizes the damage of Benett. This is the ideal F2P/low spender team. I have 2 welkin moons and 2 BP, I don’t plan to buy more for some time. When I see Zhongli floor 12 clears, most of these have a Zhongli with full +20 artifacts rocking the BiS set and level 80 5* weapons. And most of their characters have similar levels of investments, so yeah of course their beating floor 12. Compared to my team 2 they have soooo much more investment. Even my team 1 has much more investment, 2 5*, all level 80 and good sets on Razor and Venti, Qiqi has a decent set too. I’m not trying to say they’re bad players or flex (Even though I’m proud of the clear) I wanted to show you that floor 12 can be beaten with team synergy or overpowering it. Either one is fine, again my team 1 was an example of good team synergy AND overpowering. Team 2 was a good example of good team synergy. So when you watch those guides PLEASE consider if you can copy that build. Look at the weapon, is it gacha?, are the artifacts a god set, does it seem like they spent resin refills to farm artifacts?, look at how long it takes to beat the floor, is it worth leveling character X up if it takes this long to beat?, and look at the team comp, can I copy the team and their builds? This should give you a good sense of if this is an expensive team that’s worth and buildable or if it’s not worth.

As I look back on this I realize its quite long. If you made it through thanks for reading! I hope it did help and again if you have questions I’ll try to help as best as I can. And if anyone has tips for me that’d be great too.

Edit: I also want to add if you want to beat floor 12 soon, then MAKE SURE you see the character in floor 12. Floor 11 and below is a joke compared to 12. I beat all of 11 on my first try this reset with 7 stars, when I got to floor 12 it took me 4 hours to beat chamber 1 with 0 stars. I got 2 stars on chamber 2, and 0 on chamber 3 after 5 hours. IF a character is “OP” see how “OP” they are when they get to floor 12 with levels of investment you can do. Anyone can make a character look “OP” outside of floor 12 or with whale investments. Floor 12 is the real judge of how useful someone is. Trust me you can run weaker comps on 11 and at least 6 star it.

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