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Genshin Impact Abyss Floor 12 Guide ( AR45, one 5stars By: InvisCr


I just successfully beat the SA floor 12 with AR45 (Welkin and BP, one 5stars – Klee)
So I wrote this guide to share a lot of information that I learned by trial and errors. Hope that it can be useful to anyone who want to get “Down We Go”

– Introduction

Floor 12 is way harder than floor 11. It requires 2 main DPS with full lv 20 artifact, thus it’s nearly impossible below AR45. My team composition is Klee/McAnemo/Barbara/Kaeya, Xiangling/Bennett/Diona/Noelle.
The most difficult new thing to learn in this floor is the ice debuff that stop stamina regen. So you need to evade by jumping to save stamina.

– Chamber 1

First half : I don’t have Venti too, it’s alright. You can use MC anemo (or Sucrose) to group up the duo flowers, and let the slimes jump to join by themselves. Target time 6 minutes for this half.

Second half :

Ice prison and ice mist are deadly. Slimes sprey ice mist, beware your position and don’t walk over it.
The most bulls**t aura in this game is ice prison. It periodically appear right at your feet. Here’s a trick, if you stand still, it won’t damage, but something heavy may drop on your head (slime or hammer). So it’s better to dash when the prison is about to appear to totally avoid it. You need to constantly count for the prison timing in your head, when it’s nearly the time, remind yourself to look at the floor and dodge it. Floor 12 stamina freeze makes the prison even deadlier. You always have to save some stamina until the aura enemy is killed.
The mage with ice prison aura is the most dangerous. When it dances with ice shards rotating around itself, the closest distance has no ice shards. Target time 1.5 minutes for first wave and 2.5 minutes for the last wave.

– Chamber 2

First half : Use anemo burst to collect 4 snipers and aim to kill it together at the same time, so that the next 4 will spawn together. When there’s one last flower, refill your party’s health and energy to completely full to prepare for the last challenge.

Second half : You can ignore snipers shooting at the altar (and still possible to get 3 stars), just focus to survive. Kill prison aura slime first (carefully), then heal and gather energy. The second wave, kill snipers first, then gather energy from the big guy for the last wave.
You want to kill the mage with prison aura first, but the other mage without aura is the real badass. It is set to target the altar and if it cast ice mist just one time, game over (the % goes down from above 70% to 0% in one go). So you need to focus the mage without aura untill it dies (and constantly avoid the prison all the time). Then try to refill your party’s health and energy as much as possible.

– Chamber 3

This is the real deal of Floor 12. I passed 12-1 and 12-2 at AR43 but got stuck at 12-3 for weeks, until I reached AR45 (time to burn all fragiles to farm 5* artifact sets) and Diona came out. And still need more than 20 hours to continuously practice to clear 12-3.

First half :

– Cryo fatso with prison aura and Hammer electro. Target time 3 mins.

In order to clear electro armor, you need one cryo character (almost useless in the previous 2 chambers) or trying to use anemo swirling ice debuff on the floor instead. I tried a composition without cryo ; Klee/Mc anemo/Sucrose/Noelle. It’s possible to clear but inconsistant. IMO, it easier to bring one cryo even though the first 2 chamber will be harder.

The fatso is the main villain here. You need to constantly dodge both prison and hammer while maintaining aggressive focus against the fatso. From my experience, Xiangling is much better at this task than Klee, but I need Xiangling’s agility to burst the second half (Klee can’t go clunky there). And Noelle heal is better than Barbara at this ice floor, but I need Noelle for the second half too. After I died pitifully many times at the second half. I decided to move Xiangling+Noelle to the second team instead, and it worked. I just need to practice a lot with Klee+Barbara vs the fatso prison and it’s the first duo you see in this chamber so it has practice advantage.

– Anemo boxer and Hammer electro. Target time 2 mins.

Dodging the boxer isn’t difficult but can be deadly when the time is lapsed with hammer from the other guy. Always save some stamina or E-burst to dodge. The hammer has electro aura but it’s not that dangerous.

Second half :

There will be ice spikes falling from above periodically (but no ice prison anymore, yeah), get one hit doesn’t hurt but it’s possible to get 4-5 hits combo which stagger you and deal 10k+ damage. So you need as much healing/armor as possible to absorb it. I used Xiangling as the only DPS and use Bennett+Diona+Noelle to make this part very much less difficult (all 3 supports have healing/armor and help break enemies’ armor). My strategy is to give the best for the last.

– Cryo fatso and Anemo boxer. Target time 2 mins or less.

If you dodge too much, your stamina gauge will be red when the boxer punch. And when the boxer pull you into the fatso’s ice flame, it’s deadly. Save some E-burst to evade accident, and use normal dash to dodge boxer punches. That means no stamina to completly evade ice spikes from ceiling, but it’s fine with enough healing/armor. Avoid the one punch man at all cost.

– Hammer electro with wire aura, Cryo fatso and Geo chanter.

If you have 3 mins left, it’s possible to finish at the last second. The more seconds you save from the previous parts, the less time-pressure. The remaining time 4 mins is considered good.

Always be carefull of electro wire aura, touching is hurt, standing is death. You may want to burst down the hammer with aura first, but the curcumstance may not always allow it. First priority is to dodge hammer&wire, second is to destroy the fatso armor to make it down and stop ice flame (because it’s so wide spread and hurt so much).

For my team composition :

Klee – charged attack after 3 normal or E-skill can throw the fatso, the mines+MC pulling can break the fatso armor in one go to save time. When the fatso stunned, use Kaeya burst to apply ice then Klee melt at close range.
Barbara – bringing her to 12-3 is hard, using her in 12-3 is the same. You need to count how many times to break free from the freezing state. But the good side is getting freezed can clear the floor debuff.

Xiangling – use E-burst to dodge and deals damage at the same time. Don’t need to save that much. Always keep her at high health (using sub healing and armor).
Bennett – try to save E-burst and use to destroy the fatso armor at the same time as healing.
Diona – save E-burst for healing the main DPS when Bennett is not ready. If any supports are at low health, wait for Noelle. Because Bennett and Diona heal one at a time, but Noelle heals all.
Noelle – swap to her (tough body) when you’re stagger or not sure what’s going on, she provides some time to assert the situation.

Hope the best luck for your journey to Down We Go.

Feel free to comment anything you agree/disagree or any additional or better ways.

Note; E-burst is from Elemental Burst or Ultimate or Q-button skill in PC
E-skill is from Elemental Skill or normal E-button skill in PC
English is not my native language, if anything’s wrong please forgive me.


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