Genshin Impact Alchemist Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this video, I’m going to show you how a chemist works in Jinshin Impact jean will get upset if you catch us lazy. Thank you for watching the video so far, remember To give it a thumbs up, sign up and ring the bell to help the youtube algorithm now again Video. So I couldn’t stop this game at all, since it came out every day For many hours.

Now that I’ve been here at Adventure 25, I’m ready to climb again now some of these items Do you need to go up or is it saying I need to make this piece, so I can’t manufacture it Now. He thinks it’s actually a good time to delve into the realm of chemistry, because, if you’re here in the monster, Here’s where the cook is where the alchemist is – and the fountain is here just check this out Bench is then an option available to you and you Can make some of the items that you make? You also need to make potions and other things that you may need to go up in.

So now is the time To really pay attention to the Alchemist. Maybe you could ignore him before this point, but now Time to look at it now also remember: these materials are like this Uh green is one lower level that you can buy at the souvenir store. So I need two more levels in order to make it Two of these are larger, but the souvenir shop is only here, so you can go to the souvenir shop, You can browse items and if you collect um animoclius and upgrade statues Get these mentions, and you Can use the signals to buy items now you are completely gone Conservative with the way I spend it, so I have more to use for the items I need At that time. We bought two and then go to the chemist to make them and make two of them The character will cost 600 coins and consume the 6-item problem. We did so we did one of these for Well.

What else do i need for level 30, pyro Good enough, so I’ll need to go out into the world and find the other materials, But any of the items you might need to make like this one. Here I need these blue ones. I wonder when I’ll be on top: let’s see if it’s available, I have one so let’s make it Then let me see if I can purchase three more green items at the souvenir shop. So basically, some of the items when they say they’re made and you don’t know who they’re making Whether it was a cook or a blacksmith whatever could be made by an alchemist for it Pay attention. So look at what is available in the list make what you need and enjoy Simple Alchemist is very simple. It’S just a case, as with all the wording in this game, Collect the items uh take them to this seat and make them then send your characters to the second stage uh. So anyway, that’s it for this video

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