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In the world of Genshin Impact, you’re exposed to a lot of different stats and attributes that can help make your characters stronger. A majority of players like to focus on stats like flat attack damage and percentage increase, crit rate, and damage, or elemental damage bonuses. Although these will definitely make your characters hit harder, none provide as much value to your entire team comp than energy recharge.

What is Energy: (0:55)

To understand energy recharge, we first need to understand how energy works in Genshin Impact. Basically, energy is a resource that you need in order to cast your elemental burst. If you’re familiar with the term “mana” in other games, energy is kind of like the mana system. In those games, character’s abilities require a mana cost, and only after you have enough mana can you successfully use that ability.

You gain energy by picking up elemental particles and orbs during battle. Elemental particles look like this, while elemental orbs look like this. These can either be generic, or they can be element-specific, which depends on what action you took to generate it. Generic particles/orbs regain you a flat amount, while element-specific orbs give more energy back to characters with the matching vision.

r/Genshin_Impact - All About Energy Recharge
r/Genshin_Impact - All About Energy Recharge

Picking up elemental particles and orbs gives your entire party energy, although your active character receives significantly more.

Here are the exact numbers for energy generation:

r/Genshin_Impact - All About Energy Recharge

Now that we have a better understanding of energy, let’s take a look at exactly how you can generate these elemental orbs.

How to get Energy (2:36)

  1. Basic attack

Every 4 attacks, you generate 1 energy. This only applies to the character on the field. Overall, this generally isn’t that important because the energy generation is so insignificant.

r/Genshin_Impact - All About Energy Recharge

2. Using an elemental skill

By using your elemental skill on enemies, you will always generate elemental particles. This elemental particle is element-specific to the skill you used. The standard amount is 4 particles, but for some characters that have charged abilities, this can change. Lisa for example generates no particle when you tap E and generate 4 particles when you fully charge the AoE. Bennet only generates 2 particles when you tap his skill, but generates more when you charge it.

It’s also interesting to note that if your elemental skill persists (i.e Gouba or Oz) and keeps dealing damage after cast, you will generate energy from that too.

3. Killing an enemy

Killing an enemy will always generate you a generic or element-specific particle (depending on the mob you face). In addition, some enemies will give you generic or element-specific energy when they hit certain health thresholds. For Hilichurls, they usually drop 1 generic orb once they hit 50% hp. I’ve also tested this on a few other enemies, but generally, I don’t think it’s worth learning these thresholds for each enemy. Just know that your enemies will drop energy particles and orbs the more you damage them. This may change how you approach a certain battle. For example, maybe instead of focusing down one enemy at a time, you use your elemental bursts and try to get all the enemies low to enable you to cast your elemental burst quickly again.

Alright, let’s talk about the energy recharge stat that I claimed is one of the best stats in the game from earlier.

Energy Recharge Overview (4:47)

So what really is energy recharge, and why does it matter?

r/Genshin_Impact - All About Energy Recharge

Energy recharge is simply how much those elemental orbs and particles fill up your elemental burst meter. Simply put, The more energy recharge you have, the quicker you get your elemental burst back, and the more times you can get your ult off during a fight. This is important because in Genshin Impact, you’re playing with 4 characters simultaneously instead of one.

As so, you usually have one character that is geared to be your main DPS, while all the other characters support them, either through healing/buffing, providing crowd control, providing burst and AOE, or proccing strong elemental reactions.

If you’re building every character in your party to do damage, chances are these characters wouldn’t even be able to take advantage of all the offensive stats you put on them. Because, for the majority of the time, you’re relying on your main DPS to be basic attacking while you wait for cooldowns.

Stats like attack and crit only provide true value when the character wearing them is on the field for long periods of time. So, to get the most value out of your entire party, you want to be able to get as many rotations of elemental skill and bursts from your other 3 characters as you can.

Remember what I said earlier about how these elemental particles and orbs will give all your characters energy? So, even when they’re not on the field, they have the potential to charge up their elemental bursts. The faster they charge these up, the sooner you can rotate through your party and combo your elemental bursts together. You should always be equipping your support characters with energy recharge, either through artifact set bonuses or secondary stat boosts from your artifacts and weapons.

Example Builds (6:39)

The exile is a perfect 2-piece, or depending on your comp, 4-piece set that you should take advantage of for your support characters. You should also never run more than the 2-piece set for scholar. Weapons that have energy recharge as one of their core stats is preferred. For sword users, a great budget support weapon is the Skyrider Sword, and you can easily get this to max rank. For Xiangling support and future polearm users, Favorious Lance should be your go-to polearm.

For a quick example, my Bennet right now is sitting at about 200% energy recharge. With his elemental burst having a pretty long uptime and a very short cooldown, I can almost have his ultimate in play for the entire fight.

r/Genshin_Impact - All About Energy Recharge

Energy recharge may not be as sexy as shear offensive power. It certainly doesn’t feel as noticeable in-play compared to crit or attack. However, the value it generates over a prolonged fight, I believe, is greater than any other stat in the game. Especially towards the endgame, when all the fights get longer, the extra elemental bursts you can squeeze in is game-changing.

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