Genshin Impact All-in-One Materials Tracker Patch 1.3 ready! Calculate how many domain/boss runs you need, how much pre-mitigated damage you will deal, resin costs for each character/weapon/talent, materials to farm and when to do so and more! By: 0ble



* Compact list. Easily view your party, their equipment, and skill levels alongside materials you need to farm. Calculates all the resin you may need per character or weapon! Make sure your World Level is correct!

* NOW READY FOR 1.3! Full list of characters, weapons, talents so you don’t need to go to external resources or sift through your saved guides

* Weekly/daily schedule for your farming plans based on the things you need

* Domain run summary. Find out how many average runs you need to do and how much resin that will take you

* Damage calculator! Wonder which artifacts can give you the highest DPS? You can calculate pre-mitigated damage from the spreadsheet in the Detailed Tab (factors in ATK, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage)

* Include/exclude characters/weapons from the calculations in case you were only curious about what else you’ll be needing

* Built-in data import to help you transfer between old and new copies (video guide in the Info Tab!)

* Wondering if I made a new version? Just watch out for the notification scattered throughout and you won’t miss the next version

> Only major changes will adjust the main file version (date), but if you check often, I actually add minor things every few days or so. Read through the changelog in the Info Tab and make a copy for the optional updates if you like!

* Read more in the Info Tab on how to use and whatnot!

* Bonus tip: Zoom out a bit for a better viewing experience. For 1080p screens at 100% scaling, you should be good. 1080p 125% scaling, 80% zoom on your browser may help

Video showcase and a quick guide on how to use:

from Mattjestic MultiGaming (again, thank you for the feature!):

Don’t forget to make a copy (and update your spreadsheet timezone)


link to auto-copy

For long-time users, the Dynamic Version will no longer be updated after patch 1.3. Continue using the Static Version linked above this message

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