Genshin Impact AR40 Step-by-Step guide for maximizing your resin usage By: kebatu


Hi Guys,

So I made a guide on how to maximize your resin usage on AR40 while also getting your whole team stronger, this is my thought process as I prioritize these steps before I hit AR45. If you have any feedback please let me know.

1.)    WHEN YOU HIT AR 40 Prioritize to Max level your main DPS Right AWAY

            The Main reason to this is due to the fact that there’s a level gap mechanic in the game where you deal less damage the lower your level compared to the enemy

ALSO you get hit harder the higher the enemy is compared to your level

            You’ll realize that when you hit AR40 all enemies become harder, this is the reason for that.

            So when I say max your unit it means max level 80 where you’ve also 5* ascended your unit

            Ascenion by killing elite bosses is also a great source of artifacts

            do exp and gold leylines until you can max level your character even if it takes 3 days or a week

2.)    Work on your Main DPS’s  Weapon

            The Base Attack calculated in our damage multipliers are tightly linked to our Base Weapon so the higher the level of the weapon the higher the damage

            This is where planning comes in, on the time that you are maxing a character you should determine what day you are going to set aside to only farm for weapon ascension material

            Let’s say for my Keqing, Her weapon is currently the Black sword from Battlepass.

            We know that weapon ascension materials for Black sword is on Tuesdays or Fridays.

            So on tuesday or friday I’d dump all my Resin to farm out her weapon’s ascension material.

            This also ensures that we can kill faster and hit harder so we can then farm faster for the other different materials that we’d need for other characters that I chose to prioritize weapons

3.)    Max out your Characters Talent up to Purple books and then IGNORE the Purple Books Talents ->

            Purple book talents are usually the level 7 and up assuming you have c0 on your units

            It’s Better to do this one Slowly

            These Talents are time-gated on the weekly bosses Dvalin and the Wolf as you can only get 1 from each

            This is why it’s better to put your time into levelling out other characters than ready up your talent books.

            IMO It’s better to just revisit it at higher AR levels 45+

            Just as your Main weapon ascension material, we all know that talent books have their daily schedules as well

            so we also plan for this and dedicate a day to just farm out our Talent books for our Current Character being maxed out.


        Don’t spread your resources too thin,

        I was bringing level 4 and level 7 characters just to do abyss

        because even with my 2 maxed out characters I can do abyss because I invested in them.

        Choose your next unit to max out

        Usually it’s your Team 2 Main DPS

        or a support DPS to make your abyss life much more easier

        Repeat step 1-3 but instead of your main DPS

        do it for the current character you wanna max out

        Identify what your Character’s Weapon/Artifact days are and use your resin to farm for them

        This will usually take about 1-1.5 weeks depending if you use primogem to Refresh your Resin or not

5.)    Work on your artifacts and do a free daily Artifact Run

        These are usually level 1-2 Artifacts that you get through investigation

        Get your current Artifacts while ascending characters as the elite bosses drop wanderer’s Troupe and Gladiator Set

        I’ve been using these 2 sets on all my current characters unless I have something better.

        My current artifacts on all units are in the video

        Don’t min-max your characters, you’ll know that the  longer we go in to the late game, most of your equipment being used currently is gonna be thrown out the window anyway

6.)    Do your daily farm or weekly farming routes.

        Farm your None-Resin bosses everyday and do your ORE FARMS every 3 days.

        This is where CO-OP comes in since if you go with a party of 4 you’ll have 4 times the loot for ores and bosses instead of 1 also faster farming.

        This is also good as you get artifact drops, extra Mora (don’t expect much) and also have ready materials for future units,

         If you can’t do this everyday then it’s best to have a farming day on the weekend with friends and just take this game slowly and have fun!

        It is better to have designated farming routes so you can farm faster.


DO NOT FARM THE ARTIFACT DUNGEONS This is a sure fire way to hinder your progression as the current artifact dungeons have 1-10 ratio with 5*

            I cannot stress enough to not even try to do this below AR45 unless you have extra resin, esp. if you’re F2P .

            If you’re a whale then by all means GO AT IT.

            Get your Artifacts from ascending your Characters


DO NOT PRE-GRIND Materials unless you have a good maxed out Roster

Here’s a video to those who want to watch it <3


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