Genshin Impact Artifact farming tips (AR45) By: BedIsBetterThanChair


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Before we start I want to say, if you are below AR45 try your absolute hardiest to resist the urge to use Fragile Resin (or FR for short). Trust me, you will want to save all of it, the more the better. Also you can ignore this guide if you don’t care about abyss or hard boss fights or any guide on related topic for that matter, since the other content of the game is not really that hard nor is it necessary to compete the game


The main reason to spam artifact dungeons at AR45 is because with the increase in drop rate of 5 star artifacts (or gold gear) in AR45 artifact dungeons, you really want to quickly switch all your gear to gold gear to increase your strength. As many of you are probably aware, the odds are heavily stacked against you, saving most if not all the FR really helps to fight against the odds.

Using myself as an example of how many resin it might take to finish your characters, I saved all my 55 of my FR (your count might be different), this is a total of 3300 resin which is 165 artifact dungeons reward.

When I used 10 FR, I finished my half decent venti build, and one and a half healer build.

After using 24 FR I finished my 2 healer sets.

AT 30 FR used I’m done with half of my Keqing artifact.

AT 40 FR used I’m finished with all my Keqing build except for the cup, finished Ningguan build

At 50 FR used I’m down with my Keqing and all Xiangling’s artifact except for the cup

After using all of it I’m still missing the cup with pryo dmg. although I “finished” their sets, but is nowhere near perfect, but is good enough.

Actual tips:

– This one is for those of you that’s not at AR 45 yet. Getting to AR45 will be a huge boost in damage since majority of your character will be starting to be able to use gold gear, but that also means spending thousands of resin of artifact farming. What that means is that you should pre farm things like weapon and character ascension material, so you don’t need to worried about them when farming artifacts.

– Use condense resin to speed up the artifact grind, save you about half of your time. It cuts my 165 runs down to 83, from 12 hours to 6 hours.

Go for main stat on the correct set for your first set of gold gear (The reason being is that is way easier to get the main stat right then you know, a perfect gear. Chasing perfect gear is hard very hard. If you get it, congratulations. Chasing perfect gear not only takes a long time, it also doesn’t really isn’t resin efficient. You can switch to perfect artifacts later when they naturally come)

– Since the hardest piece to get is a cup with correct main stat, you can consider using cup as a broken set, so you can move on from the current dungeon if you already got all other pieces to get a set bonus of 4 or 2+2. And start working on the next character’s gear, maybe, just maybe your desired cup might come out of there.

– Gladiator and Wanderer’s Troupe sets are not only the earliest gold gear sets you can farm, is also the hardest sets to farm, highly recommend trying to avoid putting those set as a part of your artifact sets, unless you already have them. (Not saying they are bad, is just that they are hard to farm, is better to just let them naturally come when farming for character ascent mat).

– One thing many people do not realize is that the rolls have a very big impact on a artifact too, sometimes is totally worth it to break the sets to take advantage of the sub stats on these lucky artifact.

– Most of the times, co-op the dungeons will make life a lot easier for you.

– Realized how I said most of the times that coop will help you when farming? Well here is a few issues that comes up in dungeons when doing co-op (with strangers, with someone you can communicate it will be a lot better):

  1. Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern: definitely one of the harder dungeons to do, but it could be a nightmare in co-op, as the 3 abyss mages inside requires breaking its shield, and killing it when the shield are down, sometimes with bad communications I often finds myself in a spot of my team is unable to beak the shield with the correct element or not focusing on the same mage causing it to respawn it’s shield. This dungeon can be unbeatable when solo, if you don’t have the correct team. (Venti need not apply)

  2. Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula: Probably the most disgusting one for those of you whose main dps is pryo or eletro or both. Since you will be damaged if you trigger Melt or Overload. When doing co-op you want to make sure if that you have to use your eletro dps (ones that go physical can ingore it, just remeber to not use skills), it must satisfied with the following condition: 1 there is no pryo on your team, and 2 use your skills only when the pryo element on enemies are gone. (Venti forbitten)

  3. Domain of Guyun: only problem here is that your team might lack the dps required to kill the ruin hunter before it one shots everyone. Remember to have an archer on your team so you can shoot down the weak spot of the ruin hunter at the start of the round. And find a way to melt the cryo abyss mage’s shield. (Venti not necessary)

  4. Valley of Remebrance: Problem here is that you might end up with 4 venti on the same team. (Venti is great)

  5. Midsummer Courtyard: Get a venti and all your problems will be gone. (Venti is great)

Good Luck


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