Genshin Impact Artifact Guide: How to build Artifact for beginner (Eng Sub)


Hi guys! Welcome back to Chuutube, with me Chutoro! In this video I will explain about: Genshin Impact’s artifacts. In Genshin Impact, the equipment we use is called artifact. So we will be using artifacts and weapon. There are 1-star artifact, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star and 5-star. And there are 5 types of artifact. The first type is flower: Flower of Life. Each artifact has different status. This one here is the main status. This one is the additional status. Flower of Life’s main status is always flat HP.

And for the 3-star, 2-star, and 1-star artifact, we only use them as enhancement material, so we don’t actually equip them. So we will only discuss about the 4-star and 5-star. 4-star artifact’s max enhancement is +16, while 5-star’s max enhancement is +20. There are 4 additional status at most. If you are lucky enough, You might obtain a +0, 5-star artifact, with 4 additional status.

But, only if you are lucky. Usually you will only get 3 additional status at +0. If we get 3 additional status at +0, we will get another additional status when we enhance it. So if the additional status is less than 4, we will get a new additional status. We get an additional status every 4 enhancement: +4, +8, +12, +16, and +20. This one here is +16, with 4 additional status. If we enhance it to +20, one of these 4 additional status will be upgraded. Either Energy Recharge, Defense, HP %, or Elemental Mastery, because the flower already has 4 additional status. But if we only have 3 additional status, it will have a new additional status – and it’s random.

The additional status WILL NOT be the same as the main status. For example, the main status is flat HP, the additional status is HP %, it’s not possible to get a flat HP additional status. Let’s proceed to the next example. The second type is this feather: Plume of Death. The main status here is flat ATK, which means we won’t get flat ATK as the additional status. We may only get ATK %. The previous flower’s main status is flat HP, so it’s not possible to get flat HP as the additional status like this, it may only get HP %, ‘cuz the main status and additional status CANNOT be the same. Flower of Life’s main status is ALWAYS flat HP, as for Plume of Death, the main status is ALWAYS flat ATK. The third type is hourglass: Sands of Eon. It has 5 possible main status: ATK %, HP %, DEF %, Elemental Mastery, or Energy Recharge. You have to choose according to what your character needs. So don’t enhance the wrong artifact.

Keep in mind that this hourglass has 5 possible main status. The fourth type is Goblet of Eonothem. Goblet is the ONLY artifact that has ELEMENT DMG Bonus % as its main status. Its possible main status are: Pyro DMG Bonus, Electro DMG Bonus, Geo DMG Bonus, Hydro DMG Bonus, Cryo DMG Bonus, Anemo, and Physical DMG Bonus. So, Goblet is the only artifact that has ELEMENT DMG Bonus, it also has ATK %, HP %, Elemental Mastery, and DEF %. You have to choose the goblet based on what you need. Don’t enhance the wrong goblet. The last type is crown: Circlet of Logos. It’s the only artifact that has CRIT as the main status: CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG. It also has DEF %, ATK %, HP %, Healing Bonus, and Elemental Mastery. If it were me personally, I would choose CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG, according to what my character needs.

There is also this artifact set bonus here, so you get a 2-Piece Set bonus if you use 2 piece of the same set, according to the set you use. If you use 4 piece of the same set, you get the 4-Piece Set bonus according to the set you use. Each set has a different set bonus. I have listed the Artifact Set down alphabetically, take your time checking them out..

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