Genshin Impact Artifact Re-Roll Mechanic and Why is it good By: 11universal


Following a post from u/Ok_Spirit_5794 on Math about Artifact RNG, it’s very unlikely for a player to get a character they love so much, to have a perfect gear they desire.

Thus I made a suggestion on how artefact re-roll mechanic can work but still retain the excitement of RNG.

Primary attribute re-roller:
Artifact Primary attribute re-roller which require 10 Crystal Ore, 100K Artifacts EXP, and 20k Mora.
Re-roller attribute can be chosen e.g (Atk%, Pyro Dmg% etc.)
Each re-roll will increase the odds of the next re-roll to be the re-roller attribute by 25% start at 0%.

Secondary attribute re-roller:
Artifact Secondary Attribute re-roller which function the same as main attribute re-roller. But require the target Artifact to be at max Level first.
With this change, there must be an indicator showing how many times a line of a secondary attribute is upgraded.

++ Def% = 2 times
+ Hp% = 1 time
++ Def = 2 times
+ Elemental Mastery = 1 time

So the player can know which Secondary Stat is worth the Crit Dmg% re-roll for example.

Then each 4 of the Secondary Attribute can be re-rolled individually.

This way player can have the desired Artifact set in ~75 days if you only get Artifact from the domain or ~57 days if you get an extra Artifact from the world, assuming the pieces are complete, for 1 character.

This changes will give players a sense of control and a sense of real progress.

Player will know each day they logged-in they have real Artifact work in progress to look for into which is not RNG but actual progress.

Players can choose to play with just pure RNG (Current System) or have a chance in a more linear form of progress.

Finally, Why? Is the current Artifact RNG-fest not good?
According to the post I linked above getting one good Artifact is like winning a lottery twice (maybe more).

Also, it has benefits:

  1. Character progression planning will be much better.

  2. Getting a new character is much more desirable. Thus creating incentives to spend on wishes.

  3. Gearing all character they are much more achievable for whales.

  4. Whales will know the money they spend on refill is worth the price. Thus creating incentives to spend more on the refills.

  5. Trying different builds will be possible for whale content creators. Thus create a diversity of content (e.g Barbara duo Amber floor 12 full clear), not Just this Diluc build and that Childe Build.

  6. A guide that everyone can finally copy because they can have the same Artifact or close, to the content creator.

If you find this idea worth to be suggested to the dev.
Please do a favour and send feedback to the dev through.
In-game – Paimon – Feedback – Scroll Down until you see “Suggestion Box” and Paste on 3 separate Suggestion Box (each box has a limit)
The frequencies are up to you, personally, I send this to them every day.

If you’d a like a chance of Artifact overhaul send this Paste to the dev through in-game feedback-suggestion box.

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