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Genshin Impact Artifacts Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to this video I’ll show you how artifacts work in Genshin Impact Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to give it a thumbs up, Sign up and ring the bell to help youtube now, algorithm back to the video, So artifacts are effectively Accessory or DIY so I already explained to you How to level up your characters. I have explained how the weapons were star combos, so here’s the following. It makes sense that the list on the list is Artifacts, so, let’s jump to it now until Artifacts They have different combinations.

So what leads you to say? You see they all are listed here And there are also specific bonuses. So the more pool you have, the more you have two-piece or Pset bonus, but you can only equip five, which means you cannot have four. Then Two pieces, you can have two pieces. One piece set two pieces from another mom and that’s just that. Fifthly, but I recommend picking a set and going for a complete look at each character and a look at Assign pieces or bonus combinations and then see what type of character it is if it’s magic Concentrate on magic set balls. If a powerful attacker like razer here, would I recommend a berserker kit until you see, I have fitted a berserker kit for it And then like the weapon and leveling you can And the way to improve a business is exactly the same. You add other business that you don’t. I need that, if you add this, for example, I don’t need this and you can click on, add automatic, then you can Improve them and they will reach a higher level, and I am also trying my best to raise their level with me side by side. So the way I do it, for example, is that now I get them all plus 10

Now is one thing: I’ve also noticed that, as the level increases, you also get more rewards for an individual Artifact first got a horse bonus, but then got a defense bonus and a critical rate Bonus percentage. Defense etc.are randomly generated when upgrade starts So take a look at the artifacts and make sure to update them so that they can improve your character. A lot Hmmm as well as pay attention to the gear bonuses.

For example, you notice that this An animated damage bonus of 24 percent, might obviously be best suited to the animal your main character, Instead of using a scanner but pay attention and make sure the animal is primarily on your team When you use it and try to Take advantage of the specified rewards, it is just an artifact, But I think a lot of people may not be bothered forget about them or randomly prepare them Just prepare them. Whichever is highest, I would say it is best to equip them. I get set rewards. So you can see that I’ve done it to each of the characters I use. I am taking full advantage of them and trying my best to raise their level as well. These are the artifacts in the gentian effect, and now I’m going to release the following videos about This game will be about the individual features of the game itself as the dungeons Go into and stuff like that and also dive deep into each of the individual characters.

If you have any specific requests, please let me know in the comments below, Because I noticed the videos work very well. So if you have any Questions or anything, you would like to know about the effect of Genji. Tell me in the comments Below is also, if you know something and want to share it with others, you can also post it at The comments are below because the comments will be a very useful resource for many people Anyway. That’S it for this video. If you liked it make sure to like it, You can watch a random video there and see your last download there Or you can click here to subscribe.

Thank you guys.

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