Genshin Impact Ascension Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this video, I will explain to you how the boarding system is He works for Genshin Impact and also where to get some boarding material. Thank you for watching the video so far remember to like it Sign up and ring the bell to help youtube now algorithm back to the video. So once you get Adventure Rank 15 and once your characters reach their initial maximum And it’s level 20. You have the option to go up them, so the way ascent works is You need certain materials now, if you are outside and collect everything like You’re using a lot of these materials already, for example, all of these, The material is already in so that was actually A bonus for hitting him at number 15 and then being chosen From the Adventure Syndicate, but you can get it another way, but I’ll explain that in For awhile, so we’re going up now, so we’ve now gone up. The maximum level. Now is the 40 level

But as we can see, this is one star this six, which indicates that the maximum level may be 120. However, We will let you know that we will see in the future if we approach it anywhere and mother. Each letter can also be climbed separately. So, for example, we have the materials for this Uh the amber letter, but we need this element or agnidus a silver gate. Now, if you are, The anemoculus was collected, as shown in the other video and then restored to the statue Among the seven you’ll have animal signs, after which you can come to Monstat and talk to the NPC Marjorie and you can buy some of the basic stuffs. You need so click browse items, So we needed this. Let’S just buy one there, so we bought it for 10 songs and Um. Yes, let’s move to the amber, let’s click on the climb and we can go up to it too. There we go. It has now climbed the maximum level 40.

I will use the same method that I used in Video Leveling up to level 40 of the character, because I’ve been collecting items For a while. Now I’ve got tons of items to help them scale up as quickly as you need to Do the same operation for weapons, so weapons also have the same restrictions. So the method for ascending When their maximum level is exceeded, tap, Optimize again and then tap Ascending. However, Again you need items so you may have gathered these two along the way, but these are, You will likely need to purchase from NPC, so what these are called Dandelion wrestler, so we need two of them. So let’s talk to her again, so I highly recommend that To collect animosias along the way, because you’ll need them uh to give The statue of the Seven will give you signals of the animals that will then be used to purchase these items. So let’s buy a couple of these routines and the way I approach this type of game as well. I tend to buy exactly what I need. I don’t buy them all just in my ascension, because Some of these materials may not be needed again there. We also go now Maximum level increased, So I can raise this to level 40.

So I’m going to do this process over and over again, for, Yes, all the characters. I use in my Main Team Level, 40 to increase their weapons To level 40 Next time, we’ll see about going up again and that’s how the game comes about Really good job telling you what you need to climb so once again says what you need. You can just click on the item that says who to drop it where to get it or how to get it If bought or if it’s a bonus etc.and. Also this too, for example, it says, drop by Requests, so we have to.

When we find a hoarder of treasures, we will get these treasures, The badges we need to upgrade Kaya. Now you have to discover some of them in the world, For example, when we’re trying to go up to Lisa. We need these berries and you might wonder Where to get these from you, You may have searched everywhere. You could not find them To give you an idea. The berries fall into a storm uh, the bearing mountains in this kind of The area up here and you’ll, see it hanging as large pot plants. Almost resembling onions In this area go to this region of the Stormberry Mountains and you’ll be able to get some things From there and uh later. I don’t underestimate the value of everything else in the game Like taking expeditions to find jobs for your Adventurer’s Guild. Um. Do whatever you can do all dungeons everything brings everything together.

You can craft whatever you can with some of the upgrade materials you will need. It will also come from the chemist as the chemist is here, but I’ll explore the chemist in Separate video. So this is basically an uphill, so I’m now at the point of being able to do it First level climb to get them all to level 40, which is what I will do for my main team and Well. If you have any questions, then let me know in the comments below too: if it is, There are some materials you really don’t know where they are just google Search for it just type in the effect space in google gentian and then the name of the element. You may find Reddit post. You may find a video on youtube and someone try to find the item not give up You want, so you can move forward and you can go up and do whatever you want to do Anyway. That’S it for this video, if you like it, make sure to give it a thumbs up To top. You can watch the video there and watch the last upload there Or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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