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Genshin Impact Astrolabos Chapter Quest Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to this video I will explain how to unlock Astrologers Chapter pursuit of the Jinshin effect, Thanks for watching the video so far Remember to give it a thumbs up Subscription The bell rang for help The youtube algorithm Now go back to the video. So One thing you’d probably do Along the way, while playing You collect the keys when you activate Daily commission tasks. So if the menu opens up skip to the task and Then here below, go to Then store orders every day when You make daily commissions that you can make Do four And all eight daily commissions are yours. He can claim a key. I’Ve been guided now because I already have, I got Three or three keys and M, and I have I’ve been making eight commissions, so I can get Potentially the fourth key Now what happened to this and The reason why this exists? You have attained this level. 32 level, 34 level 36. As an adventure ranked 32 34 36. More stories can be unlocked with one key And they add more seasons. So mihoyo released the developer This article or even And I’ll put a link to that in

The description explains how to open The mission of the separation astrolabe Boss, Dear travelers, separate the astrolabe About to unfold. Once the passengers have reached the desired Adventure rank and completion Prerequisite questions, They can use the story key to unlock Mona Story, Quest The Astro Labus Chapter. Passengers can get the keys to the story through Complete the daily commissions that I am Just Explain to you and key story. One Granted to all eight Daily completed commissions will be Start on October 26th. No time limit, So this means that it will be permanent. In addition to the match, Ah from October 26 to 4 in the morning, 4 AM tends to be the reset time for the European Union. Hmm, you have to see what it is Reset time if you are in other areas And you need to be adventurous at least Rank 26 Or higher to unlock story quests Initially, but to open Specifically, the chapter seeking astrologers Adventure should be ranked 38 And also to Complement the dark, Knight heroes, alibi From chapter noctua or chapter one As different servers say uh. Do They don’t have the same server times for that You should check it for your area. However, I’ll link this in Description. So I’m ready for this Come Hmm. When you are up Adventure rating 38, I am now an adventurer 40 And you are still a free player. What does that mean? I haven’t spent a penny on this Match and I was still able to play all A day for a short time. I do daily work Assign things like that Here. The adventure ranks 40. If any

You don’t have to spend money on A game of moving forward. It is not a pay-to-win game. The match. Only people who pay to win Additional characters or equipment may be obtained, But that’s all As if it were pure mum. Bonus items are not required for this Hope. This video was useful to you. You guys I’ll, try and Stay informed about gentian news Effect, because it still is Game in its infancy and during Now we run out of content. If you play the game, Like you can already see, Add more We’ll also see at chapter 1.1, Come out what Happen or occur So anyway, guys! That’S all in this video. If you want to be sure, give it a try, Excellent, you can watch it around the video There. You see, let’s lift up over there Or you can click here to subscribe, Thanks goodbye, guys,

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