Genshin Impact Baal, aka The Raiden Shogun, Build and Guide! (Artifacts, weapons, teams, & more!) By: oXevo


Raiden Shogun Build & Guide!

What is up everyone? Welcome to my Baal, also known as the Raiden Shogun, Build & Guide. I will be going over all that you need to know about her such as talents, artifacts, weapons, teams and a showcase of putting that information into action.

Video Version of the Guide & Build

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10:34 Engulfing Lightning Build

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Baal is quite a unique character. She has a lot to offer for your teams, and she’s an amazing unit overall. Baal can be used in multiple ways. Baal can be a pretty good main dps, and a really great support, or sub dps all in one. She can deal good electro damage, buff your team’s damage, while also generating a large amount of energy for your team. She’s a well-balanced character, but her usability could potentially be a limiting factor due to her being electro. Elemental reactions surrounding electro aren’t the strongest, so do keep that in mind. Also, she is a little bit more on the complicated side when it comes to understanding her kit.

Regardless of that, Baal still has really good capabilities in nearly all roles, and in my personal opinion, I think she’s overall amazing, and I love playing with her. I consider her to be quite powerful, while also being incredibly fun. With that being said, let’s hope right into this guide!


In this section, I will try to Explain her kit in a simplified manner, because the way it’s described when you read her abilities, is a little hard to understand.

First I want to talk about how Baal works. Baal thrives off of using your entire team’s bursts whenever possible. She sort of plays a game of give and take. What I mean by that is this: She has an ability called Chakra Desiderata. When you use someone else’s burst, you will get this purple ring around you, which stays on even when you switch characters. What this ability does is that whenever you use your other character’s bursts, you gain a resolve stack based on the energy cost of said bursts. Baal’s own burst doesn’t count towards these stacks! Anyhow, Eventually, what you want to do with this, is to use your other character’s bursts before using Baals, because the other bursts will fuel Baal’s damage greatly. Another way to fuel the resolve stacks is by generating energy particles through your other team members. This feature comes from her passive ability called Wishes unnumbered. Now, here’s the refund portion. After fueling the damage for Baal’s burst with your other characters, when you unleash baal’s burst, she will start dealing great damage, while regenerating energy for your entire team.

This portion of her kit mainly revolves around Baal’s burst and the other bursts.

Now for the more math side of this, the maximum stacks you can get is 60; you get 0.2 stacks for every burst cost point, and 2 stacks per elemental skill.

So in a team where everyone has a burst cost of 80, you can get a Resolve stacks count of about ~54

however, most times you’d be looking at about ~45 simply because in more optimal team set-ups, not every single burst has a Cost of 80!

Moving on to her elemental skill! When you activate it, you will get the Eye of the Stormy Judgement, which is an off field coordinated aoe electro ability. The eye can initiate a coordinated attack every 0.9 seconds, so do keep that in mind. Now this ability also has a really great support type passive attached to it. When the eye is activated, your characters will have their burst damage increased based on the energy costs of the bursts. This ability offers a pretty great overall damage boost, and in terms of using this ability, I recommend activated the eye before gaining the stacks for her burst. So the way I recommend using Baal is to activate the eye, then start to use your other character’s bursts, along with their elemental skills as well to get even more stacks, and then finally use Baal’s burst and repeat. For her burst, what happens is her pole arm now becomes a sword, and you will continuously deal electro damage through her normal, charged and plunge attacks. Do note that your normal attack while in this state counts as burst damage, so leveling up your normal attacks has no effect on your damage. I wish I would’ve realized that before leveling mine up… Also, while in this state, as I’ve said previously, you do recharge a lot of energy for your entire team, which is really handy and useful!

So all this being said, The priority orderwould be: the burst, then elemental skill, and then her normal attacks, which potentially you dont need to ever level up.

For her passives:

The Wishes Unnumbered is the skill that gains resolve stacks from the energy particles your other team members generate, which further increases Baal’s Burst Damage

The Enlightened one, grants you a 0.6% Energy restoration for her burst And a 0.4% electro damage increase for every percent of energy recharge you have above 100%!

So to simplify that, if youre at 200% energy recharge, you will have a 40% electro damage increase, and a 60% extra energy restoration from her burst.

So this covers all you need to know of Baal as simply as I possibly could’ve done!

One other thing to note, is that she still won’t recharge an 80 cost burst completely! However, you will have constant uptime on 60 or lower cost bursts


Baal is somewhat limited in terms of artifact sets to equip onto her; however, she has some flexibility when it comes to the main stats that you could use on her!For the artifacts set, the one that I personally recommend is:

The Emblem of Severed Fate set, which grants you 20% Energy Recharge with the 2-piece, and you get 25% extra burst damage with the 4 piece, and a total of 75% burst damage increase is possible if you have the right amount of energy recharge!

To get a 75% burst damage increase you need to have about 300% energy recharge; however it’s not totally necessary!

Keep in mind that Baal’s Burst’s normal attacks are considered Burst damage, so to maximize her potential, this artifact set is the way to go! While a 2-piece Emblem and a 2-piece Thundering Furry could work, I don’t recommend it over a full set of the Emblem artifacts.

That being said, the SUB STATS to look out for on your artifacts would be:

Crit rate Crit Damage and Energy Recharge.

A good Crit rate and Crit damage ratio could be somewhat harder to achieve on Baal since her kit doesn’t really provide any increases to those stats.

For the main stats, this is where it could get tricky!

For the sands, You could either go with Atk% or energy recharge! This ties into the weapon that you’d be using on her, but even so, sometimes it could be tricky to decide which one to go for!

While she scales off of attack, having a very high energy recharge can fuel her burst’s support abilities, and give you a high electro-damage percent bonus!
So to decide what main stat to go for, it depends on your weapon, artifact substats, and overall preference!

My take is that if you have a decently high energy recharge percentage on her, meaning above 200% without an energy recharge sands, you could benefit more from an attack percentage sand!

For the Goblet, you could either go with an attack % bonus or an electro % bonus.

Personally, I would go for the attack percentage bonus on the goblet since you already get a large amount of electro bonus through her energy recharge percentage, so therefore you could start experiencing a lack of damage due to that.

As for the Crown, I’d recommend crit rate or crit damage depending on what you need more!

So this covers her artifacts, but Baal can get more complicated once we go to the weapons section. Once I cover the weapons section, I’ll go into some more theory based recommendations, which includes some math calculations, but this mainly revolves around a specific weapon!


As a whole, Baal actually has some great weapon options in the 5* and 4* listings

Starting off with her 4*s,

I think The catchis the best 4* weapon to use on her, since it gives you high energy recharge of up to 45.9% on the main stat, while the passives can give you a 16% INCREASED burst damage, and a 6% INCREASE of burst crit rate at refinement one, and at refinement 5, the burst damage increase changes to 32% while the crit rate changes to 12%!

The catch weirdly seems like it was made for Baal according to the abilities this weapon has to offer.

This weapon is a f2p option and everyone will be able to get it, and if you are planning to get Baal or if you already have her, I recommend you to get this since this is most likely her best 4* option. I dont want to guarantee that statement 100% simply because i dont own it yet, however it seems to be the case.

Other 4 options would be:*

The favonius lance and prototype starglitter due to the energy recharge main stat,
but THE PASSIVES AREN’T anywhere near as useful as The Catch on Baal, and since the catch is also accessible to everyone, you could use these two weapons until you are able to get your hands on the catch.

the blackcliff pole arm or death match could be be used as well, but only for the crit rate and crit damage stats if you’re needing it heavily.

I cannot seem to recommend any other 4* polearm, so it is a somewhat limited roster, however the catch in theory is so good on her, that I would deem Baal to be f2p friendly because the Catch is a f2p weapon.

On to the 5s:*

all 5* pole arms can be used on baal

With Her absolute Best in Slot weapon being the new Engulfing Lightning Polearm! This weapon was made for her, and this is the weapon that offers you some different build options or theory crafting capabilities because of the passive, which I will get into after I talk about the other weapons.!

The Skyward Spine is also an amazing 5* weapon option. It can offer you up to a 36.8% energy recharge main stat, and also giving you an 8% crit rate increase through the passives!

Primordial jade spear and Staff of Homa are also viable options, mainly for the crit rate and crit damage stat increase respectively, and they just provide a large overall damage increase!

The Vortex Vanquisher could also be used on Baal for the ATK % main stat, however I don’t own it, and based on theory, I think the catch is still better than this weapon, even though it’s a 5*!


Now, I want to talk about the engulfing lightning in theory, because it has a very interesting passive ability, which could give you some even more wiggle room when building your Baal.

If you dont have this weapon or dont plan on getting it, you can skip over this since it wont apply to you!

So her passive is saying that your attack is increased by 28% OF ENERGY RECHARGE over the base 100% energy recharge. You can get a maximum of 80% atk increase.

So in a simple manner, for every percent of energy recharge over 100%, you Get a 0.28% atk increase. To get up all the way to 80% atk increase, you need to have about 285-286% of energy recharge, over 100%! So in total, an energy recharge percent of 385-386 is needed, to get up to that 80% atk increase.

While it could somewhat hard-ish to achieve that high of a number, it is possible with the right artifact substats, but I wouldn’t sweat it too!

With this weapon, an ER% sands, and the artifact set, you can easily obtain 300% at least with an additional 30% from the other passive of the weapon. With the passive activated, lets say we have at least 330% energy recharge!

That way, we already get roughly a 64-65% atk bonus, Which will already out perform having an atk% sands piece!

So with this weapon, my artifact recommendations would be:

ER% sands, ATK% goblet, and crit rate or crit damage crown.

This way you’d be could be looking at over:

80% electro damage bonus bc of her passive,

An Atk increase of at least 110%

And an energy recharge of 300% or above depending on artifact substats!


So we have now made it into the teams section. I will show some teams where she’d be fulfilling the role of being a burst main dps, and also teams where she acts as a battery, support, and sub dps!

To start things off, I want to mention a general rule of thumb! As I’ve explained earlier in the video, Baal thrives off of other High-burst cost characters. So any character who has a burst cost of 80 will generate the most damage possible for Baal at this time. However, creating good and balanced teams where everyone has a burst cost of 80 isn’t really possible, so usually you’d be stuck with 2 characters with a burst of 80 instead of 3 characters!

On a quick side note, Beidou has poor synergy with Baal because Baal’s normal attacks while in her burst state are considered Burst damage, so Beidou’s off field ability doesn’t Proc, for some weird reason!

(In Beidou’s description, it states that her off field burst will jump around when someone else does a normal attack. Xingqiu’s burst says something similar, yet Xingqiu’s burst works with Baal? Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, So let me know down below, or correct me!)

Anyways, this team is where Baal would be considered your ”main damage dealer” would be:

Baal, Xiangling, Xingqiu and Bennet,

or a variation of the national team!

This team will create a lot of elemental reactions and can regenerate a lot of energy due to Baal’s burst, and this team just works really well!

The reason I like this team is that both Xiangling and Xingqiu have a burst cost of 80, and their bursts are also known to create a lot of elemental reactions. And of course, Bennet will give us the pyro resonance, along with his amazing burst support capabilities.

Some other Supporting characters to consider with high Energy cost would be Sayu, Sucrose, and Diona!

Baal most importantly should fill a role of being a battery while offering some good dps through her burst, and also increasing other burst’s damages.

Moving onto Baal sub dps/Support setups:

One of them could be:

Eula, Baal, Bennet, and Zhongli.

Other examples could be:

Yoimiya, Baal, Xingqiu, and Bennet!

while this team works, do note that in an optimal standpoint, Yoimiya loses overall damage capabilities when her burst is up! So maybe switch to a crimson witch set instead of shimenawa’s if you wish to use this team

And other combinations could work too, these are all just some examples.

Using An anemo character with a 4pc Viridescent can help Baal deal even more damage, and Baal with someone like Venti or Kazuha can further increase battery potential for your entire team!

I do like to pair Baal with Kazuha or Venti, and you can fit them into Any team, just replace one character!

Through and through, Baal Is overall versatile and can be used in even more setups if you wish. These are just some examples!


This portion of the guide can be found in the video version:

On a quick side note, my own baal isn’t at her highest capability. I was not able to optimize her artifacts nor her weapon yet, so my damage could be considerably lower than other Baal damage showcases you might’ve seen; however, you can still get an idea of her overall damage and her support abilities!

Final thoughts

So Baal overall is a great character and could be a great addition to your team! Even though mine wasn’t fully leveled up yet, I could still deal some good damage as a main and sub/support and is somewhat comparable to my Tartaglia! (In terms of damage)

Anyhow, I hope this guide/build post, or the video was able to help some of you out and I also hope you guys enjoy building and using your Baal!

I also want to know how you guys are enjoying your Baal or if you feel like I have missed anything let me know down below!

Thank you all for reading/watching!


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