Genshin Impact Bamboo Shoots & Loach Pearls (Axolotl) By: Iced_Lemon_TeaZZ


Disclaimer: I did not make these guides/screenshots etc. I am compiling them together for easy reference for myself and anyone who may find it useful. Source will also be quoted, and thanks to these people for providing concise details on the new resource locations

1) Best guide I found for Bamboo Shoots (by COLE ANDREWS):

If you just want the map screenshots: S1 ; S2

2) Best screenshot I found for Loach Pearls: Link

This screenshot was posted as a comment by username RiamMar in the official Genshin Impact forum. The original post here

According to him, this should be taken as a special note, quote:

“Don’t kill them (I killed my first one o_O), the killed ones don’t reappear, as far as I see. “

If anyone found more locations or info about these two new resources, please do share! Thank you.

Edit: In case anyone is asking,

Bamboo shoots are for the 2 new recipes available from Wangshu Inn NPC and Wangmin Restaurant NPC.

So far, no info about what the loach pearls are for yet.

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