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Most FAQ Gacha Question: Do rates carry over their banners?

Yes. This has been asked and confirmed many times in the official Discord server by miHoYo staff. Character banner carries over to the next character banner, weapon banner carries over to the next weapon banner, etc. They have separate pity for each type of banner.

Flat Rates (timestamp @ 0:40)
TypeFlat Rate (no pity)
5★ Character/Weapon0.6%
4★ Character/Weapon5.1%
3★ Weapon94.3%

*Only 5★ characters can be rolled on the character banner, but both 5★ characters AND weapons can be rolled on the weapon banner (Epitome Invocation).

**Rates are effected by pity. Pity is discussed a bit later in this post.

Rates & Pools (timestamp @ 1:17)

These rates are not as hopeless as they seem here! Pity plays a big part in how the game calculates your results!

Character Banner:

TypePoolsFlat Rate*Available CharactersRate Math
5★ – Assuming that you roll a 5 star (0.6% – not including pity, this is explained later)Standard 5★ Pool0.3%Specific 5 star within pool: 0.06%Diluc, Jean, Keqing, Mona, Qiqi0.6/2 = Overall rate of 0.3%, 0.3/5 (# of standard 5 stars) = Specific 5* rate of 0.06%
Featured 5★ Character0.3%Featured 5★ character0.6/2 = 0.3
4★ – Assuming that you roll a 4 star (5.1% – not including pity, this is explained later)Standard 4★ Pool – Consists of standard 4 star characters (always available)2.5%Specific 4 star within pool: 0.25%Sucrose, Bennett, Barbara, Fischl, Noelle, Xiangling, Beidou, Ningguang, Diona, Razor, Xingqiu, Chongyun, Xinyan5.1/2 = Overall rate of 2.5%, 2.5/10 (# of standard 4 stars MINUS # of featured) = Specific 4* rate of 0.25%
Featured 4★ Pool – Consists of rate up 4 star2.5%Featured 4★ characters (commonly 3 of the standard 4 star pool)5.1/2 = 2.5

*Flat Rate does not include pity

Important Clarification (timestamp @ 4:59)

Rate up does not bring rate of 5 or 4 star characters up, it just increases the chances that the character is the rate up character.

Pity System (timestamp @ 5:23)

Pity as defined by the game:

Potential theory and what we know:

Observed data for rates indicates that 5 star pity likely functions closer to an exponential, getting gradually closer to 100% until it rapidly rises around ~75 rolls, and finally reaches it at 90. This means that if you are saving your pity for a specific banner, try not to roll if you have already built pity to ~70. Especially for my f2p brethren.

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