Genshin Impact Basic starter guide to Aloy By: Derpsy_Dooper


It’s been a lil while since she dropped for us PS players. I’ve tested her alot recently and have come up with some things to note for other fellow PS players, and those of you who’d like to use her when she releases later. I’m sure there’s been a few guides already, but I wanted to share my experience aswell.

Her Kit:

She mostly shines as an AA main dps, or a sub dps/nuke. her E, when thrown, does some pretty good cryo dmg and afterwards drops 6 Klee-like mines. we’ll get more into that later. each of these mines will also deal dmg, and giving Aloy 1 stack of rushing ice. once 4 are achieved, her AA dmg will do cryo dmg.

Her Q has some great scaling and does lots of dmg in a single hit. it’s relatively cheap, only costing 40 energy. this is good for a burst spam playstyle, and just good uptime in general.

She can boost her own atk, and her parties atk, making her a great dps and sub dps in one. Her special trait let’s mobs that drop food items, fowl/meat etc., not run or fly away when you approach. this allows for a much easier way to terrorize Timmie.

Back to her E skill and her stacks. so to best utilize her for a dps, you would have to manage all 4 stacks for maximum cryo dmg. it is at this point where we see complications. managing all 4 stacks can become a hassle as there’s no way to garuntee an enemy will hit one of the mines. there is of course, a way to help with this issue. anemo CC. I’ve tested all but venti and sucrose and can tell you what I’ve found out:


His CC is by far the strongest in terms of pull power. he also resonates well in a mono cryo or freeze team which I’ll discuss later. however, he’s far from my first choice. his CC doesn’t pull enemies in towards the center, he pulls them up towards him in the air, while only pulling Aloy’s mines in to a clump on the ground in the center. in theory this would sound good since Kaz will pull enemies up and smash them down into the pile of bombs and proccing all 4 stacks. this doesn’t happen, and it’s a recurring problem with all anemo CC.

While 2 mines can proc and deal dmg at the same time, only one stack of rushing ice will proc. so when all 6 mines get procced, only 3 will proc the stacks. this is a known problem that I’ve faced throughout my testing and it’s always stuck at 3 stacks, rarely can I get off 4 using Kaz. this issue mostly occurs when facing a single enemy but is not uncommon when faced with groups.

Anemo MC:

E pull in is much less than Kaz, but it’s the slowness that wins here. pulling in the mines slower means there’s more time in between each proc, allowing for a more consistent uptime of 4 stacks of rushing ice. even though I could manage 4 stacks more than Kaz, it’s still 50/50 on whether or not you can get them to hit the enemies or not at a decent rate. Anemo MC tornado can also pick up the mines.


By far the most consistent choice. Jean has an even slower pull speed than Anemo MC and this is much better for Aloy. even slower speed slows for even more time between each proc, giving a much higher uptime in 4 stacks. I’ve had about a 75% uptime on keeping 4 stacks with Jean as the CC. she can also pick up the mines as you would an enemy and yeet them in a direction. this allows you to pick up all 6 mines, and throw them at an airborne enemy(I’m looking at you spectre’s). if you’ve got a C1 Jean sitting around, I promise you, her and Aloy are gonna be bff’s.

The issues with Kaz where the enemy gets picked up rather than sucked in is also sure to be a problem with Venti and Sucrose since they both have the same mechanic as Kaz.

That covers the basics for her best partner. now we’ll go through best builds and teams.

Perma Freeze:

For this team, you’d want to run her with Xingqiu or Mona. I prefer Xingqiu since he also adds ranged dmg. AA bow users have their limits. shots miss mobile enemies and you’d quicker turn 50 than hit a slime. Perma freeze negates this issue.

So assuming we run with Jean and XQ, why not Chongyun? Aloy had a 20s cooldown on her E, which can really cause problems in a pinch where you need your cryo dmg now. Chong will decrease this to 16s, making him a much welcomed team member. his Q is also only 40 energy making him drop in some huge numbers very often.

Build for Aloy would be 4pc BS

Melt Team:

This one will give you some huge dopamine hits for sure. Melt is insanely powerful and we’ve all heard of the Chong+Bennet nuke before. Aloy can fit the same bill, but she prefers a more sub dps/burst spam playstyle rather than main dps.

You’d ideally like Xiangling and Bennet for insane pyro dmg and application. and for the final spot, Chong or Ganyu is where I’d be leaning. Chong will still have his place as a melt nuke and will definitely still put in his fair share of work, but with this you lack a main dps and rely on their bursts for dmg. not a bad option since you’ll be killing everything faster than you’d need to.

Ganyu would be a safer option. she’s already busted in terms of raw scaling and then add in some melt and you’re sitting real fine. she also fits in the main dps role you’d lack when using Chong.

For this team, Aloy would prefer 2pc BS 2pc NO, or 4pc NO.

Weapons may vary depending on what you have and what team and playstyle you’ll be using.

These are all things I’ve observed throughout my personal testing, and teams and members that I think would bring out the best in her as they are entirely opinions. this was just a quick bit of info to get you started on what you can expect out of Aloy, and how you can best utilize her. there is of course better methods I’m sure but this is just what I’ve come up with.

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