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Genshin Impact Basic Teambuilding Guide By: someonewhodied


Basic teambuilding guide while I wait for resin to recharge… While I will be using specific characters or weapons for examples, I will keep things as general as possible.

Choosing a DPS/Carry:

The first step is to pick a character you like. While there are tier lists, you can technically main any character you want and deal a reasonable amount of damage. There are plenty of examples of people using DPS Amber, Kaeya, or Xingqiu. There are also many posts talking about “Barbara Nuke” builds. Of course some are better than others but in the end, the game is scaled well enough that you can use anyone. I’ll use traditional DPS choices in my examples though.

Choosing a team style:

Once you pick a DPS, your next step is to pick the playstyle you want. Do you want to just smash enemy faces with normals? Do you want to use elemental reactions for your main source of damage? Do you want this team to focus on bosses or mobs?


This is fairly simple. On your DPS you stack attack and multipliers (crit, element, physical/elemental, etc).

On your supports you either take things that directly benefit your main (Noblesse oblige artifacts, favonius weapon series, etc) or things that reduce their field time, increasing your DPS’s field time. (Scholar/Exile artifacts, maiden’s beloved artifact set)

Example Teams:

Team 1: Klee (Current rate up character, Commonly used main DPS at C0)

Team 2: Razor (Previous Glitter Exchange Character, upcoming rate up 4*, commonly used DPS at C1)

Team 1 (Klee): Vaporize build. This is an accessible team, and even though fire on water vaporize is 1.5x instead of 2x, this team is still enough to melt anything.

Char 1: Klee: Any DPS Catalyst (Eye of Perception, Widsith, Lost Prayer, etc), Wanderer 4piece set or stack Attack/multipliers and get gladiator or brave heart 2piece set.

Char2: Sucrose (Rate up in same banner): Thrilling Tales (3* Catalyst), Viradescent 4piece set. This will reduce enemy’s resistance to fire, increasing your damage. Thrilling tales will also increase your damage. She also provides crowd control.

Char3: Xingqiu (Rate up in same banner): Favonius Sword (4* sword), Scholar and Exile 2piece sets. Xingqiu’s burst adds a water sword to proc hydro on each of your normal attacks. This will allow Klee to proc Vaporize on her attacks to increase her damage.

Char4: Bennet (Free in Glitter Exchange): Skyrider Sword (3* sword), Noblesse Oblige 4piece set. He is there for healing you, energy gain, pyro resonance (more attack), buffing you with his Q, and when using his Q, Noblesse set procs. Having him here is essentially triple dipping attack buffs in a single character. Skyrider is an accessible sword that works well with his kit, but if you have sacrificial or an extra Favonius sword, that is better.

Team 2 (Razor): Superconduct build: This is a simple team to make use of Razor’s kit.

Char 1: Razor: Any dps sword works. Animus is craftable and works well. Stack multipliers and attack on him (Gladiator, bloodstained, thundersoother, etc)

Char 2: Fischl (Upcoming free, previously rate up): Favonius Bow (Free from story), Thundering Fury 4piece set. This will keep applying electro on enemies if you choose to go with thundersoother set for Razor. Also 2x electro resonance when we are going for elemental reactions will generate more energy, recharging bursts faster. Fischl basically becomes your electro + energy battery, a literal battery.

Char 3: Kaeya (Free): Sacrificial Sword (4*) or Skyrider (3*), He’s just here to get your superconducts off to reduce enemy defense.

Char 4A: Bennet (I think we’re going to be seeing a pattern here): Same as before, but without pyro resonance, you’re only getting to double dip in buffs instead of 3 buffs.

Char 4B: Barbara: Thrilling Tales, If you use barbara, bring maiden’s 4piece artifact set and put noblesse oblige on Kaeya instead.

Notes to consider:

You want someone who recharges their bursts quickly because bursts provide invulnerability during their animations. This allows anyone to become an evasion tank when you can’t dodge something.

Thrilling Tales 3* book is a free attack buff.

Bennet can become a top tier support on any team. He heals you, buffs you, and is pyro which helps towards getting the Pyro resonance for more damage. He also has a fast recharging burst. I swear this isn’t a Bennet appreciation post though.

Noblesse Oblige Artifact set is another source of damage increase.

Most of the time, 5* weapons are not useful on supports. There are better 3* or 4* alternatives for your teams. One of the few exceptions is Wolf’s Gravestone on Chongyun support, as you can then get the buff on your party from him, then use another weapon on your main DPS (Skyward series, rust, etc) for even more damage.

You can absolutely run multiple DPS, or Burst characters if you build around their elemental reactions.


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