Genshin Impact Battle Pass ALL Level 50 Rewards Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys I’ll show you in this video. How many rewards do you get if you buy all 50 levels of battle at the same time, Thanks for watching the video so far remember to give it a premium subscription And the bell rang to help youtube now algorithm back to the video So up until this Point in Genshin Impact – I was a Free Player and I haven’t spent one Penny is in the game because I’m too worried about it being a gateway drug. Now there are two exceptions to that to say the Battle Pass is definitely worth getting. If you reach level 50, that’s a big deal, then So, because I play this game every day and have played it every day since it came out, I decided to get it and also from very generous advice from my community too again.

I am very careful about spending any money on any free game, but I won’t Spend any money on wishful thinking, but I’ll spend it on things like this, like the Battle Pass, Because I definitely got more gameplay from this than I spent on this battle pass now Now we will multiply the claim for everything and see how many rewards we get for all 50 levels, because You see, I haven’t, got a single reward back since because I just got the Battle Pass now. So let’s do Claymore and let’s see what 50 levels of Battle Pass rewards you get. Okay, please specify the rewards. Well, let’s claim freedom Jesus, so 680 gems are first. What is this? 2.16 million Maura Four fates intertwined 126 champion wit, 288 Mystical Improvements and Five Guides to Freedom Oops.

Then you still have those other crates too, so you can claim Okay. So let’s ask a book from this book to read the book and then let’s do it. Well, let me look at each of these boxes. Let’S fight back, I try to make sure that I do different rewards every time and let’s go gold. Well, Ah, then, and now I need to decide which weapon I decided to use for that sword and I will give To Keqing what else can you do when it comes to these guns, and I recommend you, It is take a look at the weapon display. You want So I searched all these weapons and you can only choose one And I decided to get this black sword and give it to his queen. So, let’s do it now, So you need to obtain a Level 30 Battle Pass and buy a Battle Pass in order to obtain it. So let’s get going, You got that sword and it claims to do yeah. Then we have another couple of chests.

Then, let’s do. Ah, to do a song Well and more than that there are a lot of rewards uh for doing boom now books used for, But I still need the talent to make sure I get it all. Let’S fight back, Okay, so now we’ve bought every bonus. So I haven’t tracked 100. All What I will do is I will list everything in the description box for the video From everything I’ve got, so I’m not worried about the stuff you’re getting for free Because you just have to fire them and get them for free. I feel anxious about them. What, if you bought the Battle, Pass, what you would get and thought it was an insane amount. Well, we got it, we bought it, we got it all now, technically, You can get it from BP level. 40. If you get the upgraded level – and it will take you straight to Level 50

But it’s up to you if you want to do it like I said I still have Same mindset. I think it’s too risky to spend money on a free game. So please Please handle this with caution. All I will say, but because I reached level 50, I thought it was okay. I actually play this game. I play this game every day And thank you guys and thanks to your viewers, I’ve got over 100,000 views on youtube for this. The game too, thanks for everything, and we will continue this match because they have achieved today Display 1.1 patch demo that hit something crazy, like 14 million syncron. So this game Going straight to the force, at least in the beginning, at least yeah. But that’s all I will say for now Anyway: gun-yes! That’S it for this video. If you liked it make sure to give it a thumbs up, You can watch the video there and watch the last download there Or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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