Genshin Impact – Battle Pass Weapon Showcase – The Black Sword Equipped On Traveler



This video will be an additional showcase to my The Black Sword review. You could view my Black Sword review on the link provided above and at the end of the showcase. I’ll be testing it on a level 20 Traveler which doesn’t have a healing talent like Jean. My Black Sword is at level 70 with a CRIT Rate of 22.7%. I’ll be testing it in THREE ways. Using the sword alone, sword with CRIT rate artifact, and a full DPS build. Let’s start with the sword alone, leaving no artifacts equipped. The healing amount of the sword will depend on ATK while triggering it will depend the CRIT rate. CRIT Rate is 27.7%. We’ll test how much it triggers on Floor 1 of Spiral Abyss. You could utilize the full potential of the sword by stacking up ATK and Crit Rate.


I’ll try getting damaged first so we could test the heals. The next test will be tested with a CRIT Rate artifact. CRIT Rate is now at 56.1%. Let’s test how much it triggers the heals. Let’s try getting damaged first. Heals are triggering more often. Last is trying The Black Sword on a full DPS build. ATK is at 1,231 while CRIT Rate is at 64.5%. CRIT DMG is good to have for more damage but it doesn’t scale the healing amount. Heals are at 738 which is exactly 60% of ATK at 1,231. Thanks for watching! You could view my full The Black Sword review on the link above. Please like and subscribe if you like what you see!


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