Genshin Impact beginner/intermediate FTP’s guide to managing resin (AR1-AR45) By: Bilbo_Swagginses


**Disclaimer** I have added a tl;dr for each AR bracket within parenthesis and for those like me, who really hate reading, a mother of all tl;drs of this unnecessarily long post, right below

Tl;Dr How to better prioritize resin usage

AR BracketFirst PrioritySecond Priority
1-14Ley linesDon’t let resin hit cap
15-24World bossesWeekly Bosses (From AR20)
25-29World BossesTalent Domains and upgrades
30-34Weapon ascension domainsWorld Bosses >Talent Domains
35-39Talent Domains (from AR36)World Boss >Weapon Domain
40-44Weapon Domains >World BossArtifact Domain>Talent Domain

**Disclaimer 2** These are just one man’s advice, I am surely wrong in some or many areas for which I request the folks of reddit to kindly let me know where I’m dead wrong. You are not expected to read it all, just the bracket which you are in currently so in case you’re unsure of what to do, this can help. There are minor boss name spoilers but I tried to make it so you can make sense of things without reading the names of the bosses. K, here goes…

As the game evolves, and we learn more from our past misassumptions, some things on this resin management plan may become outdated. This post comes as a response to multiple questions I’ve seen here from people uncertain at different ARs on how to go about using their resin. By now, most of you should know you never let your resin to fill to max and the purpose of this post aims to sort of guide you into optimizing the value you get from your resin usage. Of course some of you will be reading this past AR25 and 30 and feel like you’ve fallen behind by not doing stuff as I’m saying you should have been, so the general path to recovery in this case is as follows:

  1. Identify what you missed out on farming in the previous AR brackets

  2. Check if you get a higher domain level in the next bracket, if so, wait till the next bracket to hardcore farm these mats up, if not, start farming your missing mats now.

First off, please don’t look at this as my way of telling you how to play the game. Genshin really can be played any way you like, at any pace you like. The part about never letting resin max out holds true if you’re trying to optimize your progress, but honestly, the slower you play the game, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of it. Do whatever you please, and when you please it, this applies to getting lost in exploring the map, doing story quests, side quests, commissions (though it’s universally recommended to do these if nothing else, everyday), collecting Anemoculus and Geoculus, spending resin on stuff, just appreciating the scenery and taking screenshots, etc. Only when you chose to spend your time on using up resin do I suggest referring to this guide as it will help you in the later stages of the game.

Before we begin, I will touch on a few other topics you should know (and stuff I might make similar guides on later, depending on this one’s reception). First off, you should settle on a team that you will stick with all the way until AR 45 (This can be tweaked any time before AR30, but past that, you’ll lose too much resources if you try and change it). This team MUST include at least one dps carry, meaning your main source of damage (Traveler, Razor, Fishl, Xiangling, Diluc, Klee, Keqing, etc.) and one healer (Noelle, Barbara, Qiqi, Jean, etc.). The other two slots can be filled with whatever units you like, more dps units, healers or supports. From these, settle on two who you will be prioritizing building (ideally a dps carry and a healer) and once you max them for whatever AR bracket you’re on, you will then focus on bringing up the other two.

As for artifacts, DO NOT upgrade anything that is blue. Before AR30 you can just gear your two main units (or even just one) and only upgrade their feathers if they’re purple. It is completely okay not to be one-shotting everything pre AR45. What I will completely leave out in this guide is weapon and artifact selection. These are character specific and you can google them individually (try to make a plan for artifact sets pre and post AR 45) Lastly, understand that while it may be tempting at times, any fragile resin you spend before AR45, is wasted value, the decision is still yours, but I (along with many others) highly recommend saving it all till AR45. Alright, on to the Brackets:

AR1-AR24 (Just get your units to 40 however way you can doing world bosses and using the souvenir shop for slivers, don’t do abyss.)

In this bracket, there is very little for you to worry about so you can ideally skip this part of the guide/plan to the next section. This section is meant to be read only if you’re just now starting and aim to really optimize how you’re going about with your resin. From AR8 to AR15, when you unlock ley lines (the blue and later, yellow clouds on your map) you should clear out your resin beating these until you’re able to access and beat the world bosses such as hypostasis and regisvine (you can find these in the bosses tab of your adventurer’s journal) and then only spend resin killing these bosses. You want to focus on the ones that correspond with the elements of your party. After AR 15, once your units are lvl20, you can ascend your main units to phase 1 (max level 40) using items gained from the world, and slivers from the world bosses or purchased from the souvenir shop. If you have a Liyue unit like Keqing or Beidou who require Liyue exclusive items(Cor Lapis, Noctilucous Jade, etc.), it’s not a bad idea to expand the map southward into Liyue territory to farm these for your first ascension. Lvl 40 characters with level 20 weapons should have no problem beating the prologue of the story. By the time you beat the Prologue you should be at or close to AR20 where both the battle pass and spiral abyss unlock. And with that comes maybe the most controversial advice on this guide:


This is perhaps the single biggest resource trap in this game. It drives players to over-expend their resources for rewards which I believe are absolutely not worth it. In short, the first 8 floors don’t reset so you literally have no rush, and it is absolutely not feasible for an ftp to sacrifice their midgame to gear 5 or 6 units trying to clear the last 4 floors early on. Because even after beating floor 8, the spike in difficulty at floor 9 means you would essentially need even more time and resources to get strong enough to make probably an extra 100-200 primogems per 2 weeks. Just, save yourselves the grief and don’t bother with it just yet. The only thing worthwhile is xiangling from floor 3 which can get easily at AR 30. Stick to your main 4 homies. Until AR 24, continue just killing the world bosses and building up a stash of ascension mats. During this time you will unlock your first weekly boss, it’s the Big Bad Wolf you fight in the Razor story quest in wolvendom. The general rule you want to follow when tackling weekly bosses is: if you think you will hit the next AR bracket before the end of the week, wait until then to fight this boss. it’ll be harder but also more worth it.

AR25-AR29 (Settle on your main team for the rest of the midgame and farm enough materials so you can ascend to lvl 60 ASAP at AR30)

As you hit AR25, you will have gotten a feel for your team You’ll know the ones you like and the ones you don’t or that don’t add to your synergy. You also unlock your second weekly boss Dvalin who you fought at the end of the prologue. You should follow the same rules of when to do it as with the Wolvendom boss. Before you ascend anyone to second phase (max lvl 50), ask yourself if you’re happy with your current team. By now, you will have earned enough currency to summon quite a few times and build a larger roster and your team should be good to clear enough of abyss to get Xiangling, (Only summon on the character event banner to avoid getting 5* weapons before 5*characters). This is when you start preparing for the rough mid game from AR30 to AR44 and during this time you really should stick to a roster of maximum 5 built units (the fewer you stick to, the more resources you will have on hand) so if you have a shiny 5* you like or a 4* with multiple constellations you want to add to your team, do so now, make the necessary replacements now and bring them up to the rest of your team. Then, once you have settled on a good and sexy final team, grind out the world monsters and materials to bring them all up to 50. After that, you unlock talent upgrades, something many players tend to miss. Go to your character talent screen and click on your talents and upgrade the ones you can. Don’t bother with talent domains yet, you should have gotten plenty of talent books from the story to upgrade at least your main unit or two. For the rest of this AR bracket, spend your resin on world bosses so that you have enough to ascend your main units to phase 3 (max level 60) as soon as you hit AR30. Lastly, if you’re reading this pre 1.1, prepare yourself for a slow down in game time and content. I’m certain after 1.1 drops, the content drought will be backed up to maybe AR 35-ish depending on how fast or slow you’ve been playing the game, but your resin plan should not change.

AR30-AR34 (Weapon ascension baby. Do enough weapon domains enough so u can ascend these bad boys to max and once again ASAP ascend at AR 35)

Here we go. The beginning of the end where so many players start hitting dead ends. Rest assured, you will too. In the next ten AR levels, you are bound to go mora broke at least once in the process of just following through on upgrades. The main things you should recognize in the beginning is that your mora and xp books will replenish slower than what you spend (especially xp books). So, right off the bat, you should have enough to ascend all 4 of your units, and level them to 60. You can take your time in doing these, start off with your two main units then slowly work on the other two as you most likely wont have mora for all of them and you should try to avoid hitting 5 digits with your mora. This is also when you start getting a good stock of purple artifacts, gear your units with the gearset you prefer and prioritize upgrading their feathers whenever you feel like you need more damage. If you think you’re dying too quick, upgrade the flowers, you’ll be getting a lot of berserker set pieces from world side quests and regional shrines which are a great 2 pc set for the early-midgame. Throughout this bracket, your primary focus shifts to your weapons, these, along with your feathers, provide the highest boosts to each individual unit’s damage. Spend your resin primarily on weapon domains as the ones you need come into rotation, on the days your mats aren’t available, you can clear world bosses to get closer to your next ascension, or simply keep doing more of these weapon domains in case you need to build a new weapon in the future. Once your main dps and healer are pretty well built, you can finally try abyss, your goal is simply to clear the first 4 floors, if you can go further, good job, if you can’t make it to floor 4, that’s completely fine, but don’t try to upgrade stuff to push deeper into abyss. Only upgrade artifacts as the need arises, provided, they have the correct main stats. And this need must come from your world and not your abyss. Meaning, if it’s too hard for you to kill hypostasis, etc. then go ahead and up those gears, but if you’re stuck on an abyss floor, forget about it till much later. The reason for this is you never know when you get a better artifact piece that you could’ve upgraded instead and well, at AR35+, your purple artifact income increases quite a bit. Once you have all your weapons ascended to max, keep doing them so you’ll have enough to ascend them again as soon as you hit AR35. At AR34, you can start doing the world bosses again to work on ascending your main two units, but it’s okay if you can’t ascend them right away, this is intentional and works to maximize your resin value. If you get any new characters you like, 4 or 5*, try to hold back the urge to build them right away. Their time will come.

AR35-AR39 (Talent material time babyy. Farm books to upgrade talents to lvl 6 and then spend resin on world boss to ascend at least one unit to 80 as you hit AR40)

This is where the game really slows down. You want to spend the entirety of AR 35 just doing world bosses to ascend your characters to phase 4 and getting them to 70. This time however, if your main healer is a non dps healer like barbara(or any other healer post 1.0), you’re good to leave them at lvl 60 and work on the rest of your team first, but if your healer is part dps/actually your main dps like qiqi, jean, noelle, then you can just continue focusing on your main dps and healer before the rest. From AR36 and onwards, it’s talent farming time. Your talent levels give a big chunk of your damage and AR36-39 is the best time to top up all your talent levels. Every day, check which books are on rotation, and if you need them, farm them for the entire day. If the books on rotation are not what you need, then spend resin on world bosses, Ar 35-39 is quite good because the world bosses will be dropping purple artifacts at a higher rate, including gladiators finale which you can then use to round out your mid game builds. If the domains start getting too difficult, or you don’t have the units to break certain shields, you can start doing co op more frequently, co op in these stages are quite fun imo and you are more likely to have balanced team comps. I have rarely come across any issue playing on mobile or pc (not certain about ps4). You want to farm enough talent books to get all your talents to lvl 6 over the two weeks or so in which you’ll spend on this bracket, which will also require lots of monster mats but those don’t require resin so you’ll have something to do after running out. Lastly, at AR 39, you want to be in a position where you can ascend at least your main dps to 80 as soon as you hit AR40, if you have this earlier than needed, then try to farm up the ascension mats for the rest of your team. This will require lots of world and mob materials but they don’t require resin, so again, stuff to do once you’re out.

AR40-44 (Top up on anything you’re missing: character levels, talents, weapons, etc. Then just spend resin on artifact domains and world bosses till 45)

If you’ve made it this far, you’re on the home stretch, you’ll be here for close to a month, less if you have more story/side quests left (depending on whether 1.1 has hit already or not), to prepare for the endgame which is AR 45 and above. Once you hit AR40, work back to your main dps, ascend and level them to 80, check for any talents that need to be brought up to level 6 (9, if you have their talent constellation upgrades). Getting past talent level 6 really depends on how your weekly boss rewards go as you need exclusive drops from those bosses to level talents any further so you can really stop worrying about talents after level 6 without constellations. The next level of weapon ascension stages will have unlocked. Spend your resin on these stages whenever the mats you need come into rotation. Again, if they’re too hard, co op. If you’ve done everything optimally so far, you should have enough or almost enough resources to ascend your characters to 80 along with their weapons within AR 40-41, it’s okay if this takes you longer, you essentially have until AR45 to do this. Once you have your homies up, and their talents and weapons maxed out, it’s time to start the artifact grind. Now this will be a soft grind as you should still not use fragile resin for any refreshes until AR45. Pick one of the units in your core team, decide on how you want their endgame artifact set to be (google if unsure). If it’s a gladiator set, then just drop resin on world bosses as you slowly work towards getting enough mats for ascension at AR50. If it’s not a gladiator set, then farm that artifact domain with whatever resin you have. You will most likely never get a full good set from doing this, but you will have a foundation going into AR45 (for context, I personally needed to farm Crimson witch set for 2 and a half weeks to get a semi decent set for diluc but when I hit AR 45, I can pause diluc’s progression and use him to farm other sets). And well, that’s it for me, I’m still at AR 43, I’m currently just spending my resin on world bosses and noblesse domain depending on how much time I have.

AR45+ (I’m still not here, however, I imagine it will be mostly just hardcore artifact farming for the perfect sets on each unit and farming for ascension mats)

And there you have it, my first attempt at any guide. I apologize for any formatting or grammatical errors (not my first or second language). To any madlad who actually bothered to read through it all, please please please let me know of any errors or incorrect info on there, I will be editing it promptly. I lost track of time while writing this up, I’m sure I missed a few points along the way so pls help if you’ve actually read it all.

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