Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide to Artifacts (Very Simple) By: Nixiak015


What are “Artifacts”?

Artifacts are equipment that can enhance your characters. Artifacts are essential in this game and are really important.

Each character has 5 artifact slots.

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Like everything else in the game, artifacts are also separated by stars.

Unlike everything else in the game, artifacts are also separated by “sets”.

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Artifacts give you set bonuses when you equip 2 or more artifacts from the same set.

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You can enhance artifacts just like weapons. Enhancing artifacts will upgrade the stats it gives you.

Every four levels, it will unlock a new bonus attribute.

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This artifact currently gives me DEF, HP, and CRIT Rate as bonus attributes. After I enhance it to level. 8 (every 4 levels so level 4, 8, 12, 16, 20) will give me another bonus.

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Sometimes it doesn’t give you a bonus attribute, instead it will upgrade the ones you have currently.

How do I know if artifacts are good?

It really depends. Since this game is all about damage, usually you would want damage stats such as ATK, % ATK, CRIT, and % CRIT.

Why are you saying it depends then?

Well it depends because every character in the game is different. Each character favors certain stats over others. For example, Noelle. Noelle’s shield ability scales with defense. Noelle is a pretty strong character in my opinion because of the sustain she has. You are guaranteed Noelle on your first 10 beginner discounted pulls so she is also easy to get.

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Another example would be Barbara’s ability which scales with health.

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You have to take into consideration of your character when deciding which artifacts are “good” and which ones are “bad”.

Rarity of Artifacts:

You are getting into your midgame and start to get a lot of 4 star artifacts. You might be thinking, “I finally can get rid of those 3 star artifacts!” I’m sorry to tell you, but that is not always true. Sometimes 3 star artifacts can give better stats than 4 star ones. And replacing your 3 star artifact might ruin your set bonus. So don’t be afraid to use 3 star artifacts even if you have 4 star ones.

There is something to look out for though, the max level for 3 star artifacts are 12, while the max level for 4 star artifacts are 16, and 5 star 20. This limits the amount of bonus attributes you can have on each rarity so make sure to keep that in mind too.

Getting your first 4 star artifact (easy):

Head to the church in Mondstadt and go inside. Find a nun called “Victoria” and talk to her.

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Choose this dialog below and you will get a free 4 star artifact.

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You will get the “Bloodstained Chevalier’s Goblet”. The stats on yours might be different because it is random. This will be good nevertheless to help your early game.

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Getting your first 5 star artifact (not that difficult but takes a lot of time):

Disclaimer: You will have to fight bosses and the artifact is part of the Noblesse Oblige set which you won’t get more of until later (AR 30-35+) so it will be a lone piece.

If you want to get your first 5 star artifact for free, you will have to collect all the geoculus around the map. Yes, you will need 130 geoculus in order to get your first 5 star artifact(there is 131 in total but one of them is extra).

You can use the Genshin Impact interactive world map to help you:

After you have collected all your geoculus, give them all to the Statue of the Seven – Geo. It should be maxed out at lv.10.

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Next you have to head to Cuijue Slope

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You will have to insert the orbs you get from the Statue of the Seven – Geo into the 9 different pillars you see in Cuijue Slope.

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After you insert all 9 orbs, a dungeon door will open and you will have to fight a few bosses before you get your 5 star artifact. The earlier you do this, the better because the boss level will depend on your level also.

After finishing everything this is the artifact you will get. It will likely be your first 5 star artifact and it is part of the Noblesse Oblige set which you won’t get more of until later (AR 30-35+)

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How to get more Artifacts:

The easiest ways and the best way to get more Artifacts is to just play the game. You will get artifacts from chests, bosses, missions, dungeons, etc. You will be getting artifacts along your journey. Don’t focus on getting more things and forget about the beautiful game itself. Just play the game is my recommendation.

Things to remember:

  • Artifacts can boost your character’s stats by a ton. And I mean a ton. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of artifacts in this game.

  • If you are afraid of enhancing artifacts early because you think they suck, or you want to wait for better ones, don’t. In the early game, artifacts will help a lot. Upgrading them is cheap early too. You will be able to feed these artifacts to new and ones as you obtain them for exp with a slight penalty of 15% exp. But trust me, it is worth since it will help you get through the early game easier and faster.

  • Don’t forget to have fun! 🙂

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