Genshin Impact Beidou Showcase Review! Combos, Moves and Talents, 4 Star Character Worth Getting?


How’S everyone doing today rent gaming and we are going to have a video on beto she’s, one of my favorite characters from genji impact, she’s a character that i got in one of my roles that i didn’t really care for until i really got to start using Her and seeing how insane she is she’s, an electro type user and she is a heavy melee attacker with some insane defense of his stats. I recommend having her on any kind of team. I’M just gon na go ahead and level the out of her right now, because i absolutely love having her on my team. I always feel safe and i always feel like if i’m bombarded or flustered, with some stronger enemies, she is going to repel them and she’s going to be able to tank those hits. She is a beefy attacker. It’S actually able to get a duplicate to unlock.

One of her constellations, which will just increase her shield effectiveness and up the percentage of shield damage that it’ll absorb. I have yet to get the rest, but, like i said in other videos, i don’t recommend just blowing money to try and get those because you never know her normal attack is insane it’s a little slow, but her charge attack is like very fast. It’S very effective and it really clears out a hoarder plunge attack is insane too. She hits like a truck you’ll, see what i mean in a second when i start using her, but she does an insane amount of damage, output and she’s, so tanky um.

Let’S look at her other abilities here: tide color. Basically, you just have a bubble of lightning shield and you can absorb an enemy attack plus a counter with an electrocharged like slash. It’S insane, so you basically can absorb one free attack from this is especially good on a strong boss and like i’d like to unlock her constellations, to make this even stronger, so allows her just to basically like shield herself, and you can use it a lot and Her thunder burst charge when a normal charge attack hits they create a lightning discharge, so basically a punnett. It’S like a it’s like a barrier around her. It punishes enemies for even laying a finger on her. It’S crazy and it’s it lingers for a while. I feel like she goes especially well with uh ninghuang the geo spellcaster, because she creates a chrysalis that creates like more even more defense and it makes this beefy character even more beefy, like it’s crazy um.

Let’S look at her moves here, so we have her plunge, which we’re gon na demonstrate right here that thing it’s a little slow and here’s her charge attack or her shield attack she’s a little slow on just her regular swings and there’s a lot of lag, but, Like once you get going with her use her stamina holy, she can clear out a crowd of people in absolutely no time and honestly keep your distance. She does a ton of damage and she’s really actually effective too, as well at um attacking like boulders and different areas like that. Now that is her charge attack, essentially you’ll leave them with the electrical shock and then to crystallize it with ning wang you’ll create a barrier.

So now you have extra defense, it’s great and i feel like they work very well together, because ning wang can create that projectile barrier as well, but we’ll get more into that on another video but yeah. Let’S see how she goes rampant here and honestly doesn’t matter if there’s three enemies or seven, she goes nuts and obviously the more higher rank and like upgrades on her weapon and her level that’ll just get more dangerous as time goes on. One of those characters that are not super hard to use because she’s pretty straightforward, but she you she makes your team feel safe. You know she’s, like that heavy hitter on your team that you need here’s her like special ability.

So basically, any enemy attacks are gon na bounce off and leave them with the electrocharge and damage them so pair. This up with a character that really goes well with electro attacks and, like you, have an insane setup right here like she does just absorbs attacks and dishes it out twice as hard. It’S crazy and it’s great so yeah very quick video today on baido, because i know some people might not want to spend the money to try and unlock her if she’s worth it or not. I feel, like i she’s a character that i wasn’t crazy about when i first got her didn’t really care for her, but as i’ve been playing her now, i’ve really come to enjoy having her on my team she’s pretty much a staple on my team now. Unless i need a specific element to that, she doesn’t fill in so anyways guys hope this was helpful and if you enjoyed the video feel free to like subscribe and stay tuned for more against an impact content.

Super long video today just wanted to really touch on some characters. I’Ve been trying to make videos on different characters that i feel like may or may not be worth the money you put into this game so that you guys can have a better perspective of like what you’re getting yourself into and, like everyone has those characters that They want really badly, and this is a character that i did not want. But i got and i’m happy that i did so hopefully that shed some light on it and if you were considering uh getting vito so on that note guys feel free to like and subscribe. If you enjoyed the video stay tuned for more games and impact content – and we will see you in the next video stay safe out there!

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