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Genshin Impact Bennett Support Guide – He’s in the store next month! By: DrZeroH


Hi guys. Just wanted to share with people what I have learned about Bennett so far based off of information I gleaned from other guides and conversations and from personal experimentation to confirm.

So before you guys invest in the wrong weapons/artifacts for him I just want to give people some advice before you make the same mistakes I made.

  1. Bennett’s Ult is an attack steroid combined with a heal that applies a tick of healing as long as the person in the ring is below 70% of their health. Important note is that at Constellation 0 his attk steriod is only applied if the person in the ring is above 70% health. At constellation 1 this requirement is completely removed. Bennett is one of the best supports STARTING FROM C1. He is still a fantastic support but imo he is gated pretty hard by his first constellation. However good news is that he only needs 1 constellation to really get going. Also x2 good news. If you already have him and have enough star glitter you can BUY HIM STARTING FROM NOVEMBER.

  2. His attk buff scales with BASE ATTACK ONLY (Base attack: Attack of character based off of level/ascension + attack of weapon based off of level/ascension. NO Attk% modifiers are applied). If you are using him strictly as a support and NOT as a dps you do NOT need to stack Attk% on him.

  3. Prioritize Energy Recharge: This means Energy recharge weapon (Sacrificial Sword or if you are a whale/lucky as fuck Skyward blade) and your Hourglass Artifact should be running energy recharge. Also get energy recharge on your substats. People love to talk about ideal situations where they find themselves with their ult completely charged but it is still on cooldown. The energy recharge is NOT for ideal situations where you are swimming in small enemies/slimes and energy orbs are everywhere. Even the most energy starved supports can have their ults up with little investment in ideal situations. Energy recharge is for when you are in deep shit fights with asshole fatui and abyss mages with fuck loads of shields/health who give you no fucking orbs and you need your heal up and you are desperate for that last 10% of energy you need to heal your hurt team. Do NOT neglect energy recharge otherwise you will feel the pain. Bennett’s ult is EVERYTHING for his support kit. Your extra 20% attk and 15% crit chance/damage on bennett’s stat sheet means fucking peanuts to your total dps compared to being 1000% sure your ult is up off cooldown consistently so you can keep your DPS on the field and let them berserk with a fucking mega attack steriod.

  4. Noblesse Oblige set. Can I name a better pairing? Noblesse Oblige lasts 12 seconds with a fat 20%+ attack steroid. Bennett’s ult lasts… oh would you look at that: 12 seconds with a fat attack steroid. Perfect pairing. Watch as your DPS suddenly becomes an unkillable (in the circle) roided out raidboss for 12 seconds on a 15 second cooldown. There is only a 3 second downtime for it (between all the character switching etc you won’t even see it usually).

  5. Bennett’s ult does NOT synergize perfectly with the Berserker set. His ult actually heals above 70% most of the time because it checks whether or not to tick off a heal based off the characters health at the moment. If the health of the character is even 1 below 70% it will do one more tick and suddenly you are above 70%.

  6. Bennett’s best pairing are with Pyro main DPSes. Diluc and Klee are obviously good with him. Xiangling is not bad either. His goal in the abyss is to be your healer. In the overworld its kind of annoying to be at 70-80% health so a lot of people tend to just run him as a attack buffer and have an additional healer alongside him.

  7. Bennett is a terrifying enabler for burst dps comps that utilize Mona.


Mainstat prioritization on weapon/artifacts:

Sword: Energy Recharge

Artifacts: Noblesse Oblige set:

  1. Flower: Always HP (one of the first artifacts you should level to scale up your healing)

  2. Feather: Always Attk (level this last. It doesn’t do shit for you unless it has Energy recharge as a substat).

  3. Hourglass: Energy Recharge (one of the first ones you should level).

  4. Chalice: HP%

  5. Helmet: Healing Bonus% or HP%. I prefer Healing bonus but its up to you.

  6. Substats Prioritization for all artifacts: Energy Recharge. HP%


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