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Genshin Impact Bennett Weapon & Artifact Build Guide [Write-Up & Video] By: TerafiedGaming


Howdy! My name is Tera and I hope you are having a Terarific day! Today, we are going to be talking about someone who is a little bit of an odd one within the Genshin Impact universe, Bennett. Bennett’s reputation has continued to grow as players reach later stages of the game. However, building Bennett is no simple task due to his unique positioning as his place within a team composition spans across multiple roles. Bennett is a damage steroid healer, who also functions as a hybrid main carry or dps support. That is a lot of hats for one character to wear but nevertheless Bennett with the most optimal build can fulfill his roles superbly.

Video Guide:

Bennett Brief Summary

Bennett is a Pyro, Sword character who provides massive healing and damage buffs to any team compositions he is in. He is one of the few hybrid supports and is a must-build character for those that have him. His elemental skill, Passion Overload allows him to strike forward dealing pyro damage. Passion Overload can furthermore be charged to strike additional times up to 3. However, if fully charged the last attack will trigger an explosion that launches both Bennett and enemies away. His elemental burst, Fantastic Voyage deals pyro damage while creating an inspiration field around the area hit. Characters within the inspiration field’s circle will receive continuous healing up to 70% health and each tick of healing is based on Bennet’s health. The inspiration field circle will also provide an ATK bonus based on Bennet’s Base ATK when health is higher than 70%. At constellation 1, the 70% health requirement is negated on his inspiration field for the attack bonus. It must be said that Bennett’s packed kit requires the appropriate build for him to shine.

Recommended Weapons

When building Bennett there are two things you will look for to get the most use out of his kit. Weapons that possess high base attack, an energy recharge secondary stat or both will allow him to create consistent and powerful inspiration fields with his elemental burst.

Favonius Sword. Favonius sword is a 4* weapon which provides some of the best energy recharge out of any weapon. It has an energy recharge secondary stat and an effect which creates a 6 energy restoring elemental orb occurring when a critical hit is done up to once every 6 seconds. The Favonius sword will give Bennett the best chance at using his elemental burst, fantastic voyage on cooldown which is what is required for him to fulfill his roles in team compositions.

Sacrificial Sword. Sacrificial sword is another 4* weapon that also has an energy recharge secondary stat. It has an effect which after damaging an enemy with an elemental skill gives a up to 80% chance to end its own cooldown occurring up to once every 14 seconds. In essence this weapon will boost Bennett’s damage output by allowing him to spam his elemental skill and also generate additional elemental particles as a result.

One important note to make is that once ascension 4 is unlocked on Bennett he will no longer be launched by his fully charged elemental skill. This makes it much less detrimental to charge his elemental skill and as it will provide three slashes you are almost guaranteed to get the cooldown reset off from sacrificial sword.

Aquila Favonia. Aquila Favonia is a 5* weapon which possesses the highest base attack out of any sword weapons. It has a physical damage bonus secondary stat and an effect which increases ATK by up to 40%. Aquila Favonia will also trigger an effect when taking damage to regenerate a portion of health equal to up to 160% ATK and deal up to 320% ATK as DMG to surrounding enemies once every 15 seconds. As this weapon has such an absurdly high base attack it will create the best damage steroid field out of Bennett’s elemental burst, fantastic voyage. Lacking an energy recharge secondary stat does mean that you will be more reliant on artifact substats to make-up for the missing energy recharge though.

Skyward Blade. Skyward Blade is a 5* energy recharging sword. It has an effect that increases CRIT Rate by up to 8% and upon using an elemental burst will increase movement speed by 10%, increase attack speed by 10% and increase DMG of normal and charged attacks by up to 40% for 12 seconds. This is the best in slot weapon for having both a high base attack and energy recharge secondary stat. The effect will also make Bennett a better main carry.

Recommended Artifact Sets

4-piece Noblesse Oblige. Noblesse Oblige is kind of the go to support character set and while Bennett is not a pure support it will provide him an even better damage steroid for your team. It will increase your elemental burst DMG by 20% and using an elemental burst will increase all party members ATK by 20% for 12 seconds. Bennett’s elemental burst, fantastic voyages inspiration field will last for 12 seconds which is the exact amount of time Noblesse Oblige artifact set effect will last. It is sort of a cherry on the top damage boost.

The Noblesse Oblige set can be farmed from Artifact Domains starting at AR 35.

4-piece Maiden Beloved. Maiden Beloved will enable the highest amount of healing out of Bennett. It will increase your healing effectiveness by 15% and using an elemental burst will increase healing received by 20% for 10 seconds. This is a massive amount of additional healing out of Bennett. One very important thing to note is that even though healing is stopped at 70% health, the final tick of his inspiration field can actually go over that 70% health threshold. Essentially having more healing can actually ensure your characters have more health once topped off.

The Maiden Beloved set can be farmed from Artifact Domains starting at AR 30.

4-piece The Exile? This last set is for those that are a bit earlier in the game. The 4-piece Exile set will give 20% energy recharge and when elemental burst is used will give party members 2 energy every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. This set is great early on when energy recharge is lower and will also allow other party members to benefit off of Bennett’s proclivity to high amounts of energy recharge.

The Exile set can be farmed from world and weekly bosses.

Recommended Artifact Slot Main Stats

Sands. Energy Recharge. The sands artifact slot is the only one that can have energy recharge as a main stat. Since energy recharge is fundamental to using Bennett’s elemental burst on cooldown this slot should be utilized for that. The only time I would recommend not to use energy recharge and consider something like HP% or ATK% is when energy recharge is already above 200% as past that point energy recharge does become a bit redundant.

Goblet. HP%. The goblet slot is a point of contention among the community as choosing between ATK% or HP% is on many players’ mind. I recommend going for HP% as Bennett has naturally low skill damage ratios making him not utilize ATK% as well as those who have high skill damage ratios. By building HP% Bennett will become more tanky and his healing will become way higher. Bennett can be used as a lower risk sole healer when built with health who can also provide a huge damage steroid. This opens up a slot in your team composition for another supportive damage dealer resulting in even more damage when everything is said and done.

Circlet. HP% or Healing Bonus. The circlet slot should be used in a lot of the same ways as the goblet slot. HP% will make Bennett more tanky and provide a bit more healing. Healing Bonus on the otherhand will provide a massive amount of additional healing. If using Bennett as a main carry HP% could be more sought after to make him as sturdy as possible, however healing bonus will net the most amount of healing. CRIT Rate is a consideration in this slot if using Favonius Sword as your weapon of choice.

Bennett might be an oddball but he is also one of the best characters in the entire game. His kit allows him to be a damage steroid healer which in late game content is the exact thing you will need.

What do you think of Bennett? Do you have any other build suggestions?


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