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Genshin Impact Best Crystal Core Farming Route By: jamsna3


After hearing the news about the upcoming features for Version 1.1, I’ve gathered locations at which you can farm Crystal Cores in a very efficient way.

Get up to 35 Crystal cores in just 10 minutes. It will be used as a material when crafting Condensed Resins when version 1.1 arrives.

I’ve included some notes in the video for you to follow as well as the amount of Crystal Cores you can get per node/spot. Please take note that this route is only for Liyue, I will make a separate video for Mondstadt as they have their version of Crystalfly (yields the same number of drops).

Parts 1-2

Parts 3-4

Part 5

Parts 6-7

Part 8

Youtube version: Crystal Core Farming Route

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