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Overview: (0:35)

Today, we’ll be covering weapons and artifact builds for Fischl. If you haven’t checked out my previous Fischl video featuring 7 tips to playing her most optimally, I’ve linked it above. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Fischl DPS main, currently, AR 39, and I’ve cleared up until floor 10 of the spiral abyss by playing her as my main DPS. I should be able to complete the entire dungeon once I can ascend to lvl 80 and have access to good 5-star artifacts.

Support Build: (1:06)

I won’t be covering her support build in-depth in this video, but generally, if you’re playing her support, the best weapons for her are stringless, Favonious, and Viriduscent (BP) in that order.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Fischl Build

For artifact sets in the early game, you want to look for 2-set Sojourner into either 2 set instructor, exile, or scholar in that order. Mid game you should look for 2-set gladiator into 2 set gambler/instructor in that order. Late game you should have 4-set thundering fury.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Fischl Build

The best stats for support in terms of priority are:

  1. electro % damage

  2. elemental mastery

  3. atk %

  4. energy recharge

DPS Weapons: (1:41)

In the early game, in terms of 3-star weapons, slingshot is the best fit for her, but if you didn’t roll it via wishes, recurve bow is also a nice placeholder. These weapons are just temporary until you can get a better one. Slingshot RR5 does pretty decent damage late game, but the 4 and 5* weapons provide much more value. In general, I wouldn’t use too many resources to get them upgraded, just treat them as a placeholder until you can get something better.

Let’s take a look at 4 and 5-star weapons. The best weapons for Fischl as you approach late game is as follows:

  1. Amos Bow (R1)

  2. Skyward Harp

  3. Compound Bow (R5)

  4. Rust (R1) / Compound (R1)

  5. Slingshot (R5)

  6. Virudescent

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Fischl Build

Amos and Skyward Harp are 5 stars for a reason, they provide great secondary stats and relevant passives. Overall, Amos Bow’s passive will allow you to do on average more damage than Skyward Harp, but both are great choices if you have them.

A lot of people trash on Compound Bow because its secondary stat is physical ATK %. However, comparing the damage that R5 Compound Bow does over R1 Rust, Compound’s damage starts lower but ramps up to a higher ceiling at 5 stacks compared to R1 rust’s constant damage per attack.

R5 Compound Bow 3745P – 4193P (PD) +32% ATK for 6 sec. included.

R1 Rust 3880P (ATK) only for normal attacks


It’s also worth noting that the attack speed from Compound Bow’s passive does matter, and especially with C1 Fischl, you’re getting a lot more additional damage from the orb as well.

Furthermore, in a DPS build where you’re dealing white damage most of the time, there is really no difference between physical dmg % and ATK dmg % stats. In fact, by the law of diminishing returns, it’s actually optimal to spread out your stats instead of heavily investing in ATK %. You do lose some damage from your skill and burst by opting for the compound over rust, but again the majority of your damage from DPS Fischl is basic attacks.

You can also take advantage of pyro resonance to compensate for this, and I’ll talk about it more in-depth in my best team for series.

I factored in R5 Compound because it’s a craftable f2p weapon, whereas getting Rust at a higher refinement rank requires a lot of luck. However, if you do have a refined Rust, I would definitely go with that.

I don’t like Slingshot R5 because of the shortcomings with the range and Virudescent is just very lackluster for a DPS build.

Artifacts: (4:13)

For early game artifacts, it doesn’t really matter what sets you have equipped. In fact, it’s more important to equip artifacts with good stats than to force complete a 2-piece set. In terms of priority, look for base atk/atk%, crit rate, crit damage in that order. I wouldn’t go for any phys atk % dmg stats especially if you’re using compound. If you have the luxury, good artifact sets for the early game are berserker and sojourner. For both sets, I would only go 2-piece.

For late-game artifacts, you want 2-piece gladiator with 2-piece berserker. Depending on how much crit rate you roll as a primary stat, you can replace 2-piece berserker with either 2-piece bloodstained chivalry (if you’re not using compound) or 2-piece braveheart/sojourner.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Fischl Build

Stats that are the most important in terms of priority are:

  1. Crit DMG

  2. Crit Rate

  3. Atk %

Generally, you want to sit at around 60-70% Crit Rate and 120-140% crit damage. Anything above that will net you diminishing returns, and you should look to invest in other stats like Atk %.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Fischl Build

Constellations/Talents: (5:22)

For DPS Fischl, C1 is the most important. It’ll immediately give you a sizeable increase in damage. Outside of that, any additional constellations are not really necessary and just icing on the cake, since they help increase your electro damage profile.

Level all of Fischl’s talents to full, but always prioritize her basic attack talent before everything else.

That’s it for my Fischl DPS build guide. I hope this will prove helpful to you guys and give you guys a better understanding of what works best when playing her as your main carry. Machine Gun Fischl is a lot of fun and I’m so glad I was able to pick up this character as my main. Please leave a comment below, I’d like to hear how you guys are currently building her and how she fits in your team comp!

Thanks for watching.

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