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Best Team For Series (Let me know what you want to see next!)

In this series, I will help you build the best team comp surrounding your favorite character, with just the units you own. That’s right, I’ll be going through every character in the game.. so regardless if you want to build around powerhouse damage dealers like Diluc and Keqing, or if you want to build around less popular DPS units, this is the series for you. After each video, you’ll be able to immediately build the team comp that will allow your favorite character to shine, and understand more in-depth the logic and reasoning behind how teams are built.

Today we’ll be focusing on the newly released character and husbando to all, Tartaglia, or Childe.

Overview: (1:00)

The first thing we want to note is Childe’s abilities and elements. Childe is a hydro type and his kit is centered around marking his opponents with riptide and dealing massive hydro AoE by continuously proccing it in his dagger form. The unique stat that he gets from ascension is hydro dmg bonus, which means that taking advantage of reactions and focusing on elemental damage will play a huge part in maximizing his damage potential.

We have to take both his element and his kit into heavy consideration when we build a comp around her. Because, if he’s our main character, we want a team that will set his up for success and amplify his damage as much as possible.

Elemental Reactions: (1:53)

So, before we even begin picking certain characters to fill into our composition, we need to look at what elemental reactions we want to consistently trigger.

I’ve put up a graphic that shows every elemental reaction in the game, and you should spend some time figuring out what each elemental reaction does. With hydro, we have the potential to trigger vaporize, electro charge, and freeze. Out of the three, we want to prioritize vaporize, which is one of the best reactions in the game, and then electro charge.

  • Vaporize is an amplifying reaction, which scales the hardest towards late game, because it has a multiplier that scales off your atk %.

  • Electrocharge deals massive AoE damage, which compliments Childe’s inherent ability to deal AoE already.

I don’t like freeze with Childe because he’s a bow user, meaning he can’t take advantage of shattering the enemies to deal extra physical damage that claymore users can.

Swirl is excellent especially with the elemental reaction-centric damage build that Childe excels in. It allows us to group mobs effectively so we can get the maximum value out of Childe’s kit.

Geo is decent paired with the geo petra artifact set, however without Zhongli right now, it’s not as great with Childe.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)

For me personally, if we’re looking at elemental reactions in a vacuum, the priority is:

  1. Pyro

  2. Anemo

  3. Electro

  4. Geo

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)

Notice that I don’t have cryo listed. Again, I think cryo with hydro is only good when you have a claymore DPS.

Resonance: (3:27)

In addition to elemental reactions, we need to take a quick look at elemental resonance, which is having redundant elements in a single party. For Childe, there are two resonance points that are viable. Fervent Flames is great especially since we want to build pyro supports to begin with. The extra ATK % scales well with our damage and allows us to focus on building up our crit % as soon as possible. Impetuous winds is also great for Childe because the -5% skill CD reduction is very valuable due to his absurdly long inherent cooldown. You almost always want to fight in dagger form, so having more uptime with your melee form means more overall damage.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)

Team Comps: (4:09)

Let’s look at the best builds for Childe DPS. I’ve gone ahead and labeled comps abyss ready if I think that comp is something you can plug and play in abyss. Again, because the abyss has different enemies and buffs for each floor, I cannot advise you that these comps will work for all 12 floors. That’s why I also have listed an abyss core for each comp that you can build your teams around based on the circumstances.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)

Comp 1: Childe, Xiangling, Sucrose, Jean (abyss ready)

This is my best in slot. Building Childe as a burst DPS that focuses on AoE and elemental reactions is definitely the way to go. Xiangling is possibiliy the best support for Childe. Her bear allows you to get quick vaporize procs in when your bursts are on cooldown, and Xiangling’s burst combo with Childe’s burst and dagger attacks give you at least 8-9 vaporize procs per combo in the span of about 10-11 seconds. We pick up double anemo for shortened E cooldown so Childe can have more uptime with his dagger form. I prefer sucrose here over someone like Venti because you want to be able to reach the enemies when you combo off so that you can basic attack during the vortex.

Abyss core: Childe, Xiangling, Sucrose, Healer(flex)

Combo (mobs): Xiangling E > Xiangling Q > Sucrose Q > Childe Q > Childe E > Childe A > Childe Q

Short trades: Xiangling E > Childe E > Childe AA > Childe E > Childe AA

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)

Comp 2: Childe, Xiangling, Traveler(geo)/Zhongli on release, Sucrose/Jean

Once Zhongli actually comes out, this will probably be my new best in slot. Obviously, since Zhongli is not out yet, I’ve put geo traveler as a fine fill-in for now.

Same combo with comp 1 between Childe and Xiangling, however now you have a geo petra holder which can grant you 35% bonus elemental damage. This comp doesn’t have a consistent healer and relies on shields to help give you some durability, so maybe Jean is a better unit than Sucrose here. Not having the anemo resonance does hurt a bit, but Zhongli or Traveler will give you some added burst damage and become that reliable secondary DPS while you wait for your Childe/Xiangling Combo. I think geo support is on the rise, and Zhongli will help reshape the way people perceive geo.

Abyss core: Childe, Xiangling, Traveler(geo), healer(anemo)

Combo(mobs): Childe Charged Shot > Traveler E > Xiangling E > Xiangling Q > Sucrose Q > Childe Q > Childe E > Childe AA > Childe Q

Short trades: Childe Charged Shot > Traveler E > Xiangling E > Childe E > Childe AA > Childe E > Childe AA

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)

Comp 3: Childe, Xiangling, Bennet/Amber, Sucrose/Jean (abyss ready)

Again, we’re focused on the Xiangling combo with Childe. In this comp, we’re picking up double pyro for the atk % resonance. Bennet is great at giving our carry a huge steroid. Bennet’s short cooldown also means that you should weave in Childe’s aimed shots when available to get additional vaporize procs while you wait for cooldowns.

I honestly think that Amber is an OK replacement to bennet here, whereas in a lot of my other comps, I really don’t think she’s great. Her AoE burst makes sense for the playstyle that we have here.

The combo sequence is almost identical to the ones I’ve listed above, so no need to repeat it here.

Abyss core: Childe, Xiangling, Bennet, flex (anemo)

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)

Comp 4: Childe, Fischl, Sucrose/Lisa, Jean (abyss ready)

This comp focuses on electro charge, which is a lot better at dealing AoE. Fischl gives you some consistency in terms of AoE damage but also single target damage too, which helps Childe a lot when his daggers go on CD. Overall, I think this is weaker compared to the other comps just purely based on how much better vaporize is as a reaction.

You can technically pick up Lisa over sucrose here to run double electro and give your Fischl a lot more energy recharge to spam her abilities and have your Oz act as your secondary DPS, which compliments the fact that Childe hates being swapped out.

Abyss core: Childe, Fischl, healer, flex (anemo)

Combo Sequence (mobs): Sucrose Q > Fischl Q > Childe Q > Childe E > Childe AA > Childe Q > Sucrose E > Fischl E

Short trades: Childe charged shot > Fischl E > Childe E > Childe AA

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Childe (Tartaglia)

Comp 5 (f2p): Childe, Xiangling, Fischl/Traveler(geo), Barbara (Thrilling Tales) (abyss ready)

I think double hydro resonance is really weak, but since Barbara is our only f2p healer option here we have to use her. Childe and Xiangling combo is deadly, and Fischl provides you with more tools while you wait for CDs. I’m going to start including Fischl in my f2p builds because we’re getting free Fischl in 1.1. The versatility between having either electrocharge or vaporize gives you more options to deal with single target enemies and mobs since we lack an anemo user.

Traveler anemo is a terrible anemo character and I would not run him here. I’d rather run geo traveler to amplify the damage my Childe does.

Characters Not Mentioned: (11:06)

Beidou: Her ult is irrelevant especially since Fischl is a much better electro proc

Chongyun: His E actually doesn’t give you atk speed since it’s still considered a bow, and you don’t want to turn your hydro into cryo. Freeze is bad for bow user.

Diluc: Better as DPS, watch my Diluc video if you want to play Diluc!

Kaeya: freeze with bow users is lackluster.

Keqing: Better as DPS, watch my Keqing video if you want to play Keqing!

Klee: Better as DPS, watch my Klee video if you want to play Klee!

Mona: Usually a very good support but double hydro is bad resonance and she doesn’t do much to help Childe do DMG

Ningguang/Noelle: I prefer the traveler over both for geo petra set.

Traveler (anemo): His tornado is so bad since it pushes enemies away

Qiqi: See comment about Kaeya

Razor: Better as DPS, watch my Razor video if you want to play Razor!

Xinyan: I feel like her kit is lackluster compared to what the other pyro supports provide

Xingqiu: double hydro is bad, he doesn’t offer anything useful to Childe

Thank you for checking out episode 6 of my team build series. I’d really like to hear from you guys as to what your favorite team is so far. Comment down below with your current party setup, I’d love to check all of them out. If you enjoyed this video, please consider leaving a like and subscribing to my channel. Your support goes a long way in helping me put out quality genshin impact content every week. Also, check out some of my other genshin impact content if you haven’t already!

Thanks for watching.

Til next time.

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