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Genshin Impact Best Teams for Fischl By: foyerhead


Full-length guide:  *Videos now have combo examples

In this series, I will help you build the best team comp surrounding your favorite character, with just the units you own. That’s right, I’ll be going through every character in the game.. so regardless if you want to build around powerhouse damage dealers like Diluc and Keqing, or if you want to build around less popular DPS units, this is the series for you. After each video, you’ll be able to immediately build the team comp that will allow your favorite character to shine, and understand more in-depth the logic and reasoning behind how teams are built.

Today we’ll be focusing on my favorite character, Fischl. If you haven’t seen my best build for Fischl, make sure you watch that for an in-depth breakdown that’ll maximize your damage potential.

Overview: (1:00)

The first thing we want to note is Fischl’s abilities and elements. Fischl is an electrotype and her kit is centered around putting up Oz, who on summon deals AOE electro damage. It’s also important to note that Lightning Smite, Fischl’s passive talent, allows Oz to deal bonus electro damage if you trigger an electro-related reaction. We have to take both her element and her kit into heavy consideration when we build a comp around her. Because, if she’s our main character, we want a team that will set her up for success and amplify her damage as much as possible.

Reactions & Resonance: (1:52)

So, before we even begin picking certain characters to fill into our composition, we need to look at what elemental reactions we want to consistently trigger.

I’ve put up a graphic that shows every elemental reaction in the game, and you should spend some time figuring out what each elemental reaction does.

With electro, we have the potential to pair it with cryo to trigger superconduct, pair it with pyro to trigger overload, or pair it with hydro to trigger electro-charge.

  • Electrocharge helps to deal massive AoE damage, which is something that is lacking in Fischl’s damage profile.

  • Overload helps to do a bit of AoE damage while also dealing a lot to the initial enemy.

  • Superconduct reduces enemies’ physical resistance, which pairs well with the white damage centric profile that Fischl tends to play.

All 3 are decent depending on what you’re trying to do. This is another reason I really like Fischl; you can build her a multitude of ways based on your playstyle and your enemies.

Swirl can also help out to do some more AoE damage against mobs. I don’t really like Geo, even with Zhongli at the horizon, because it’s better for a closed range playstyle and excels with elemental damage DPS units.

For me personally, if we’re looking at elemental reactions in a vacuum, the priority is:

  1. Pyro

  2. Cryo

  3. Anemo

  4. Hydro

The reason why I favor overload over hydro is because I believe pyro has access to better units overall compared to hydro, and while it does less in terms of AoE, you can mitigate that by slotting in an anemo. All these elements are pretty close however and are better than each other in certain situations.

In addition to elemental reactions, we need to take a quick look at elemental resonance, that is having redundant elements in a single party. For Fischl main, Fervent Flames is the best because it gives you a 25% attack increase. I actually wouldn’t run electro resonance with Fischl DPS because there aren’t any great electro units that would support Fischl well. The increased energy regen would only affect your burst, which can lead to higher Oz uptime, but I don’t think is enough to justify running it over another unit.

Team Comps: (4:02)

Let’s look at the best builds for Fischl DPS. I’ve gone ahead and labeled comps abyss ready if I think that comp is something you can plug and play in abyss. Again, because the abyss has different enemies and buffs for each floor, I cannot advise you that these comps will work for all 12 floors. That’s why I also have listed an abyss core for each comp that you can build your teams around based on the circumstances.

Comp 1: Fischl, Mona, Diona, Venti (abyss ready)

This is my BiS. I really like this comp because it’s so versatile. Usually, I hate putting a hydro unit and a cryo unit on the same team because I think freeze is one of the worst reactions in the game, but because Fischl can trigger elemental reactions so easily with Oz, I love the potential to proc both electrocharge for mobs and superconduct for single target bosses. Mona combined with Venti helps with the general hardship for a bow user to clear waves of enemies, and Diona helps to proc superconduct easily while also providing healing. You have the potential for an AoE freeze with Diona and Mona, which most of the time you would never need, but it could be great in very niche situations. Venti is the best anemo character for this comp since all of the characters here do not lack the necessary reach to hit enemies in the vortex.

If you’re a Fischl DPS main with all these characters accessible. I heavily recommend you try this comp out.

Combo(mobs): Venti Q, Fischl Q, Mona Q, Fischl AA, Venti E, Mona E, Fischl E

Combo (single target): Diona E, Fischl E, Fischl AA (8-9s), Diona Q, Fischl Q, Fischl AA

Abyss core: Fischl, Mona, Flex (Anemo), Healer

Comp 2: Fischl, Xiangling, Diona/Chongyun, Venti (abyss ready)

This is a budget version of comp 1. Again, this comp focuses on versatility with the potential to proc overload while also pivoting into superconduct depending on what the situation calls for. Xiangling is no doubt the best pyro support in the game, and playing around Gouba and Oz will allow you to consistently proc elemental reactions with minimal setup. Diona is here again to provide superconduct if needed and healing. I actually like Chongyun as the cryo user in Fischl comps over someone like Kaeya because he does have some range with his Ult, whereas Kaeya requires you to dip in and out of battle frequently.

Combo (mobs): Xiangling Q, Venti Q, Fischl Q, Fischl AA, Venti E, Xiangling E, Fischl AA, Fischl E

Combo (Single target): Diona E, Fischl E, Fischl AA (8-9s), Diona Q, Fischl Q, Fischl AA

abyss core: Fischl, Xiangling, Flex (Anemo), Healer

Comp 3: Fischl, Xiangling, Bennet, Venti (abyss ready)

You’re picking up pyro resonance here, which is especially good if you’re heavily invested in compound bow. Bennet provides you with a big steroid and xiangling allows you to trigger overload very frequently. Abuse both Bennet and Xiangling’s short CDs to pick up buffs and continuously proc reactions. The downside to this comp is its lack of versatility in terms of reactions. You may run into trouble when you face element-specific bosses. However, electro and pyro usually create great reactions, so while you may be disadvantaged against say pyro mages (without hydro), overload can still do enough to break down the shield.

This comp is still good against mobs and single target enemies, but the lack of superconduct does mean you clear single target enemies slower on average.

No combo sequence here, just weave in xiangling and Bennet skills and bursts when you can.

abyss core: Fischl, Bennet, Flex (anemo), Flex

Comp 4: Fischl, Xiangling, Venti/Sucrose, Jean (abyss ready)

I think I’ve been underrating anemo resonance quite a lot in the past, but I think that it could be very good in a very mobile and kiting dependent DPS like Fischl. Stamina is probably one of the most important resources in a fight, because it enables you to take less damage and be less vulnerable to interruption. Especially with Fischl, where you’re constantly keeping your range and weaving your basic attacks in as you animation cancel and dodge around, you run out of stamina really quickly. The skill CD decrease is relevant with characters that can spam their E like Xiangling, and enables you a lot more uptime for gouba and oz.

No real combo sequence here. Take advantage of Oz’s interaction with swirl and maximize your turret damage by kiting around gouba. Pick up peppers on CD and pretty much gain a permanent Attack increase throughout a fight.

abyss core: Fischl, Venti, Jean, Flex

Comp 5 (f2p): Fischl, Xiangling, Amber, Barbara (Thrilling Tales R5) (abyss ready)

This is the best f2p comp. Amber gives you pyro resonance and her abilities are decent at helping your Fischl create space and deal some AoE damage. Xiangling of course is great with Fischl’s kit and gives you a great buff at Ascencion rank 4. Barbara gives you sustain while also allowing you to abuse thrilling tales buff on Fischl.

You should be able to do really well in abyss with this comp, it’s all about figuring out the play pattern.

No real combo sequence here. Gouba and Oz synergy is great when up, Amber for stall or added overload, and barbara swap when thrilling tales is off CD.

Characters Not Mentioned: (10:18)

Beidou: Her ult is irrelevant since you’ll be playing far back, also don’t like double electro with Fischl DPS

Childe: Better as DPS, I’ll have a childe video out soon!

Diluc: Better as DPS, watch my Diluc video if you want to play Diluc!

Keqing: Better as DPS, watch my Keqing video if you want to play Keqing!

Ningguang/Zhongli/Noelle/Traveler (geo): Picking up geo for extra elemental dmg isn’t relevant since Fischl focuses on white damage

Traveler (anemo): His tornado is so bad since it pushes enemies away

Kaeya: I like Chongyun a lot more and the other cryo characters for the extra range

Klee: Better as DPS, watch my Klee video if you want to play Klee!

Lisa: Double electro isn’t great and her skills don’t mesh well with Fischl’s playstyle

Qiqi: I think Diona will be a lot better in this comp over Qiqi, Qiqi is much better with melee DPS carries

Xinyan: I feel like her kit is lackluster compared to what the other pyro supports provide

Xingqiu: His kit is lackluster because his burst doesn’t do well with Fischl’s basic attacks being white damage, long CDs, his E requires you to get close, interruption doesn’t matter. You only run electro charge with Fischl DPS for AoE and Xingqiu is bad at providing that.

Thank you for checking out episode 5 of my team build series. I’d really like to hear from you guys as to what your favorite team is so far. Comment down below with your current party setup, I’d love to check all of them out. If you enjoyed this video, please consider leaving a like and subscribing to my channel. Your support goes a long way in helping me put out quality genshin impact content every week. Also, check out some of my other genshin impact content if you haven’t already!

Thanks for watching.

Til next time.


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