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In this series, I will help you build the best team comp surrounding your favorite character, with just the units you own. That’s right, I’ll be going through every character in the game.. so regardless if you want to build around powerhouse damage dealers like Diluc and Keqing, or if you want to build around less popular DPS units, this is the series for you. After each video, you’ll be able to immediately build the team comp that will allow your favorite character to shine, and understand more in-depth the logic and reasoning behind how teams are built.

Today we’ll be focusing on the newly released character and “Red Burny Girl,” Klee.

Overview: (0:56)

The first thing we want to note is Klee’s abilities and element. Klee is a pyro type and her entire damage profile is AoE. Her unique stat that she gets from ascension is pyro % damage, meaning proccing elemental reactions will be a great deal of her damage. We have to take both her element and kit into heavy consideration when we build a comp around her. Our goal is to find a team that can set her up for success and amplify her damage as much as possible.

Elemental Reactions: (1:39)

So, before we even begin picking certain characters to fill into our composition, we need to look at what elemental reactions we want to consistently trigger. I’ve put up a graphic that shows every elemental reaction in the game, and you should spend some time to figure out what each elemental reaction does.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

With pyro, we have access to the best reactions in the game.

  • Amplifying reactions, which scale the hardest towards late game, because it has a multiplier that scales off your ATK %.

  • Overload, which has the highest single target damage output within all electro reactions.

Swirl is probably the most important because we want to group our enemies and take full advantage of all the AoE in Klee’s kit.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

So, if we’re just looking at elemental reactions in a vacuum, the priority is:

  1. Anemo

  2. Cryo/Hydro

  3. Electro

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

Elemental resonance: (2:33)

In addition to elemental reactions, we need to take a quick look at elemental resonance, which is having redundant elements in a single party. For Klee, the only resonance that fits her playstyle is pyro, which gives you a 25% attack increase. Even then, I don’t think it’s that strong with her, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to slot in a throwaway pyro unit just for the buff alone. The other elemental resonances don’t matter.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

Team Building: (3:00)

Now, let’s get down to team building. Like I mentioned at the start, I want to give you guys a variety of different options so that you can build the best team with the pieces you have. I’ll start with my most ideal comp, and then slowly work towards a F2P version. Note that in my F2P version, I assume you have XiangLing and Barbara, since these can be acquired just by playing the game.

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

Comp 1: Klee, Mona, Fischl, Sucrose

This is my BiS Comp for Klee. Mona allows you to proc vaporize easily since her abilities apply AoE hydro status and also provides group and large crowd control. The perfect kit to layer all of Klee’s damage on. She also builds very well into Energy Recharge, since her damage scales off that, which allows her to get a lot of bursts out during a fight. She was made for this comp. I wouldn’t suggest running any other hydro user so if you don’t have Mona, try out one of the other comps.

Fischl is the best generic support in the game and will consistently proc overload.

Sucrose is my choice for an anemo user, since her abilities actually pull Klee’s mines when it sucks in enemies. I don’t know why but Venti’s burst doesn’t do that at the moment, hopefully, that gets fixed next patch. If you don’t have sucrose, really any anemo user is fine here. I’ve listed it in terms from best to worst.

Full Combo: Mona E, Klee E, Sucrose Q, Mona Q, Klee Q, Klee E, Fischl E, Sucrose E

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

Comp 2: Klee, Qiqi, Fischl/Lisa, Sucrose (anemo)

Without Mona, Qiqi can become your consistent amplifying reaction proc. She also provides great healing which is relevant as you venture further into the abyss. Chongyun or Kaeya is not a direct replacement for Qiqi, which is why I don’t have them listed in this comp. I’ll have them further down.

Full Combo: Klee E, Sucrose Q, Qiqi Q, Klee Q, Klee E, Fischl E, Sucrose E

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

Comp 3: Klee, Bennet (C1)/Xiangling(c6), Fischl/Lisa, Sucrose (anemo)

Slotting in one more pyro user for the resonance. In general, I like c0 Bennet a lot more than C0 Xiangling, since he provides one of the best healing bursts in the game. The buff he provides is also very relevant. Build him full energy recharge with good base HP and Atk stats, and watch your Klee shred with each basic attack.

If you have Xiangling C6, run her over Bennet c0. Always run Bennet c1 if you have it.

Full Combo: Bennet Q, Fischl E, Klee E, Sucrose Q, Klee Q, Klee E, Sucrose E

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

Comp 4: Klee, Xiangling, Chongyun/Kaeya, Venti (anemo)

With this comp, you’re looking to stack Xiangling as your DPS support. She plays really well with Chongyun’s ice field, being able to proc melt very consistently. Most of the time, however, you’re only switching onto Chongyun to access his skill as a quick AoE melt proc and his burst to layer it on with your full combo.

Full Combo: Klee E, Venti Q, Chonyun Q, Chongyun E, Klee R, Klee E, Venti E

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee
r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

Comp 5 (f2p): Klee, Amber, Lisa, Traveler (anemo)

Wombo Combo.

  1. Place Baron Bunny

  2. Spam Klee Bombs

  3. Lisa & Amber Burst

  4. ???

  5. Profit

Full Combo: Amber E, Klee E, Lisa Q, Amber Q, Klee Q, Klee E, Traveler E

r/Genshin_Impact - Best Teams for Klee

Characters I didn’t mention: (7:50)

Barbara: Solid healer, but no true synergy. She doesn’t do enough here. If she’s the only healer you have and you need one (which you shouldn’t outside of abyss), then I would gladly slot her in over 2 pyro.

Beidou: only good in double electro comps

Diluc: Better as DPS, don’t play as support. Save for your second team DPS if you prefer Klee.

Keqing: Better as DPS, losing so much value playing her support. All her abilities requires you to be on the field.

Ninguang/Noelle/Traveler(geo): Geo is just not really useful right now

Razor: better as DPS, his kit requires him to be on the field to get value.

Xingqiu: Too hard for him to proc elemental reaction, the damage reduction will barely get value on a catalyst user.

Thank you for checking out episode 1 of my team build series. I’d really like to hear from you guys as to what your favorite team is so far. Comment down below with your current party setup, I’d love to check all of them out.

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