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Genshin Impact Best Teams for Zhongli By: foyerhead


Full-length guide: *With examples of combos/attack patterns

Best Team For Series (Let me know what you want to see next!)

Today, we’ll be covering the geo archon himself, Zhongli. I’ll be going over all possible teams that feature him as both DPS and support, you can follow the timestamps if you already know how you’re going to build him, or you can stick around to see which playstyle and comp resonates with you the most.

Overview: (1:19)

Zhongli is a polearm user that has his abilities synergize with other geo constructs to do AoE damage. His burst calls down a giant meatball from the sky to do massive AoE damage and petrify all enemies. The unique stat that he gets from ascension is geo damage bonus. We have to take his skill set into heavy consideration when we build a team around him.

Elemental Reactions & Resonance: (2:00)

Let’s talk about elemental reactions. In terms of elemental reactions, we have no elemental reactions, because he carries the geo element (joke). Because of this, geo focuses on raw power through white damage and hard-hitting, short CD abilities over synergizing with other elements.

It’s also worth noting that archaic petra gives you some synergy with other elements, giving elemental specific dmg bonus that’s great for any main DPS who has a lot of that in their profile.

The more important topic to cover is elemental resonance, which is having redundant elements within a single party. For Zhongli, the most important resonance points are fervent flames and enduring rock. Fervent flames gives you a flat 25% ATK increase, which is great from what I mentioned earlier about raw power. Enduring rock is likewise really strong since you only need to add one more geo member for the 15% multiplier added to your attacks. Both of these are very strong and based on the circumstances, you may even run both.

DPS Team Comps: (3:03)

Let’s first look at all the team comps for DPS Zhongli. Support team comps will be later in the video if you want to jump ahead. I’ve gone ahead and labeled comps abyss ready if I think that comp is something you can plug and play in the abyss. Again, because the abyss has different enemies and buffs for each floor, I cannot advise you that these comps will work for all 12 floors. That’s why I also have listed an abyss core for each comp that you can build your teams around based on the circumstances.

Comp 1: Zhongli, Geo MC, Xinyan, Bennet (abyss ready)

This is my best in slot. I prefer Geo MC here because your constructs last longer on the field than ningguang, which helps with the resonating damage with Zhongli’s construct. The low CD on Geo MC also allows you to create a field on constructs that block off enemies and deals AoE damage. Xinyan and Bennet are my favorite pyro supports and give you access to fervent flames. Bennet gives you a healing safety net, but most of time serves as an AD buffer. Xinyan is great at ascension rank 4 because her shields adds 15% multiplicative phys damage bonus. I like her more than Xiangling here since her kit falls more inline with what Zhongli wants to do.

Because you’re running a geo DPS, you’re not focusing on elemental reactions. Rather, you’re looking to do raw damage with a flat ATK buff from pyro resonance into a multiplicative ATK DMG buff from geo resonanace.

There’s no real combo sequence for this team, it’s all about positioning Zhongli and Geo MC’s structures mindfully so you get the most out of Zhongli’s E resonance. Make sure you take advantage of Geo MC’s short CDs and spam when available. Bennet for healing if you ever need it in a pinch, and xinyan for great shielding and buff.

Make sure to take advantage of bolide 4 piece set on Zhongli if available since you should have a shield up for the majority of combat.

Abyss core: Zhongli, Bennet, Flex, Flex

Comp 2: Zhongli, Ningguang, Xinyan/Xiangling/Amber, Bennet (abyss ready)

A little worse than above, but ningguang gives you a geo boost after going through her wall at ascension rank 4. Zhongli is already a pretty single target DPS, which is redundant with Ningguangs damage profile, but double geo is undoubtedly very strong. I don’t like noelle that much here because the shielding is redundant, and bennet provides a better healing ability.

Again, play for your short cooldowns. Position Zhongli’s constructs near Ninguang’s screen and you should be able to have enough energy generation to get both their bursts online rather quickly. Pyro resonance again and play xinyan and bennet the exact same as comp 1.

Abyss core: Zhongli, Bennet, Flex, Flex

Comp 3: Zhongli, Fischl, Xingqiu, Venti/Sucrose/Jean (abyss ready)

I’m in love with how Xingqiu works with Zhongli DPS. If you guys haven’t seen my other Zhongli video yet, there I talk about healing vs shielding and a change in team-building philosophy. You can check the video out for a more in-depth explanation. Xingqiu has soft healing, which means healing that is not as reliable as your traditional healer. Because of Zhongli’s strong shield, you can play off that combined with Xingqiu’s damage resistance to barely lose any HP in combat. Xingqiu’s ult also pairs nicely with Zhongli’s basic attacks being decently fast. Fischl is added here for a some bit of electro charge in combination with xingqiu burst. I’ve been favoring electrocharge every since they fixed it in 1.1, since it doesn’t force you to keep chasing after your enemy and lose precious time.

I think venti is actually pretty decent here and not redundant at all. Venti allows you to really clump all enemies together, and deal with large mobs effectively. You follow up Venti’s burst with your Zhongli meatball and then finish off the rest of the opponents with your Zhongli basics combined with Xingqiu’s Q. Try it out before you hate on it, you may be surprised.

Combo Sequence: Venti Q, Fischl Q, Xingqiu E, Xingqiu Q, Zhongli Q, Zhongli E, Zhongli AA

Abyss core: Zhongli, Xingqiu, Fischl, flex

Comp 4: Zhongli, Geo MC, Fischl/Beidou, Diona/Kaeya/Qiqi (abyss ready)

Pairing up the Zhongli Geo MC pair with superconduct to help enable Zhongli’s basics even more. Diona also provides a great shield that’ll help your bolide 4 piece, vortex vanquisher, or geo resonance have more uptime. The playstyle is to equip your Zhongli with crescent pike and poke the opponents until they die. I don’t like Lisa even with the def debuff at ascension rank 4, just because her E is too inconsistent and her burst requires a lot of energy.

No combo sequence here, you just play for your timers. Make sure to micromanage your constructs with Geo MC and Zhongli, and work in superconduct procs every 12s and basic attack away with Zhongli.

abyss core: Zhongli, Fischl, Diona, Flex

Comp 5: Zhongli, Geo MC, Fischl, Kaeya

This is my favorite f2p line-up. Similar to comp 4, we’re sticking with super conduct and playing around Zhongli’s basic attacks. I didn’t necessarily mark this comp abyss ready because you only have Zhongli’s shield to fall back on, since he’s decently squishy. However, if you learn how to micromanage your shield uptimes, you can potentially run this lineup in the abyss without any healers. Similar to comp 4, play for your constructs and superconduct uptime.

Support Team Comps: (9:34)

Now let’s look at my favorite teams for support Zhongli. In almost all the comps below, I have Zhongli slotted in as a burst support, with a bit of utility, since that’s the role I think best suits him. Either 4 piece petra, 4 piece noblesse, or 2pc of each is the artifact sets that I recommend, depending on your full team comp.

Comp 1: Childe, Fischl, Zhongli, Venti

I love this combo. Run Archaic petra on Zhongli, group enemies with venti, unleash a huge childe ranged burst, then follow up with Zhongli’s burst to petrify all enemies. Grab the hydro elemental shield to give you hydro damage boost. Drop Oz, and then swap over to Childe for melee form. Zhongli’s petrify allows you to keep enemies in place altogether so that you get the maximum value of childe’s riptide AoE damage. You can either use Fischl or Zhongli as your sub DPS when you run out of CDs with Childe.

Depending on how much your jade shield absorbs, this comp could potentially be fine without a healer. Especially against mobs, they shouldn’t have any chance at attacking you because you lock them up for an extended period of time and kill them before they can do anything.

Combo sequence: Venti Q, Childe Q (ranged), Fischl Q, Zhongli Q, Zhongli E, Childe E, Childe AA, Childe Q

Abyss core: Childe, Zhongli, Venti, Flex

Comp 2: Ningguang/Traveler, Zhongli, Xinyan, Bennet (abyss ready)

Play Zhongli for burst support 100K+ crit AoE ult. Ningguang for consistent DPS and single target prowess. Ningguang’s wall at ascension rank 4 passive gives you a geo bonus, and along with bennet’s AD buff, allows your Zhongli to nuke enemies with your ult. Zhongli also works well if you’re playing traveler as your main DPS.

Xinyan and Bennet here with the exact same explanation from DPS Zhongli comps. No combo sequence except to layer your Bennet Burst, ningguang screen so that your Zhongli burst can come down with the most AoE DMG possible.

Abyss core: Ningguang, Zhongli, Bennet, Flex

Comp 3: Razor, Fischl, Diona/Kaeya/Qiqi, Zhongli (abyss ready)

Razor was always missing a fourth member that works really well with him. Sucrose was always filler to accomdate for some AOE damage. With Zhongli, Razor is even better than before. You still play him for white damage through superconduct reactions, however Zhongli provides a shield to give you more durability and stay in your razor ult longer.

Zhongli’s petrify is amazing because it acts as a pseudo freeze without having to use 2 elements to trigger it. His burst allows you to keep big enemies in place that wouldn’t usually be knocked up by anemo abilities. This gives Razor the freedom to hit enemies in place, and even deal some passive AoE damage from the greatsword’s cleave.

Zhongli can also be played as a burst support and help chunk or eviscerate mobs, which razor usually has a tough time clearing fast. Play razor the same as you have always, with your superconduct CDs and getting your ult up as fast as possible. Zhongli will provide you with shielding and set up a giant ult so that razor can tear through the enemies.

Abyss core: Razor, Diona, Zhongli, Flex

Comp 4: Diluc/Klee, Mona, Zhongli, Venti

This is the all-powerful whale comp, featuring 4 5 stars in a single party. Diluc/Klee, Mona, and Venti are fantastic together already, and taking bennet’s usual spot is Zhongli for some more added utility and access to the archaic petra set. Because you have so much hard crowd control, the mobs will never get a chance to play the game as you destroy them all. I don’t have this that high up because I know a lot of you may not have access to a comp like this, but for those that do, assemble this super team and you will not be disappointed. It’s a lot of fun to play because it’s verycombo oriented and flashy.

Same case as in comp 3, if your Zhongli doesn’t provide a strong enough shield, you may need to replace him for some healing in the abyss.

Combo Sequence: Diluc E, Venti Q, Mona Q, Zhongli Q, Zhongli E, Mona E, Venti E, Diluc Q

Comp 5: Geo MC, Zhongli, Xiangling, Amber

I like this comp as my f2p. We’ve officially gone full circle. Double geo and double pyro focusing on raw power with Geo MC basic attacks and synergizing the constructs together. Again, bringing this into abyss is dependent on if Zhongli’s shielding is enough to forego healing. No combo sequence, just play off your constructs to funnel enemies and drop xiangling and amber abilities for max damage.

Characters Not Mentioned: (15:22)

Barbara: Not great as a support since we play off shielding instead and not great support combo with zhongli, no synergy. A lot of the times, you’ll overlap your shield and barbara E to get diminishing returns

Chongyun: bad as support since turns your damage to cryo, not bad as support duo but no good way to fit both in teams above

Keqing: Spots are tight since you typically run double electro, an anemo, and another element to proc reactions.

Traveler (anemo): His tornado is so bad since it pushes enemies away

Lisa: Fischl is better

Noelle: no real synergy with Zhongli without constructs, other options are better

Thank you for checking out episode 8 of my team build series. I’d really like to hear from you guys as to what your favorite team is so far. Comment down below with your current party setup, I’d love to check all of them out. If you enjoyed this video, please consider leaving a like and subscribing to my channel. Your support goes a long way in helping me put out quality genshin impact content every week. Also, check out some of my other genshin impact content if you haven’t already!

Thanks for watching.

Til next time.


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