Genshin Impact Best Xingqiu Weapon Tier List [Write-Up & Video Showcase] By: TerafiedGaming


Howdy! My name is Tera and I hope you are having a Terarific day! I’ve just finished my mini-vacation from content creation over thanksgiving and am excited to announce the best weapon tier list series today. This series will be aimed to compliment my character build series starting with Xingqiu. My weapon recommendations on my character build guides are somewhat sparse and this series will allow me the opportunity to specifically show how I believe all of the desirable weapons on a character match-up. Xingqiu is one of my most used characters in Genshin Impact and I have personally tested most of these weapons on him.

Character Showcase & Video Guide:

Xingqiu Weapon Tier List Visual:

Weapon Tier List

S – BiS. Aquila Favonia & Blackcliff Longsword

A – Meta. Harbinger of Dawn, Sacrificial Sword & Skyward Blade

B – Viable. Black Sword, Royal Longsword & Favonius Sword

C – Okay. Iron Sting

D – Early Game. Fillet Blade

Weapon Notes

Aquila Favonia. Highest Base Attack out of any sword by far with an effect that increases attack further. While it may have a physical damage bonus secondary stat the high base attack and effect make-up for that. This will do the most consistently high damage out of any weapon option with a possible upside being that it enables Xingqiu to do better in CO-OP from that physical damage bonus. It will also make Xingqiu capable of being a main damager dealer, but I think using Xingqiu as a main damage dealer is choosing to use him sub-optimally as there are other characters who have much stronger normal attacks. In the end, this is a 5 star weapon and getting it max refined is impossible for majority of players so I recommend sticking with the meta or other BiS options unless you are willing to whale for a miniscule advantage.

Blackcliff Longsword. Blackcliff Longsword has a massive damage output with high base attack, CRIT DMG secondary stat and an effect that can be fully utilized by Xingqiu. Blackcliff will do less damage than Aquila Favonia with no ATK% stacks from its effect but will do more damage with ATK% stacks.

Harbinger of Dawn. R5 Harbinger of Dawn effect increasing CRIT Rate by 28% just completely makes up for it being a 3* weapon with low base attack. Harbinger of Dawn also has a higher CRIT DMG secondary stat than Blackcliff Longsword. Do not overlook this weapon just because of its low base attack as when considering additional attack from the feather artifact slot harbinger of dawn will have a higher total attack to develop critical hits from. It does do slightly less damage overall than Blackcliff Longsword but being a 3* weapon makes max refinement and investment cheap. Harbinger of Dawns damage output may suffer at times as Xingqiu can drop below 90% health periodically though.

Sacrificial Sword & Skyward Blade. These are the two best energy recharge weapons on Xingqiu. Either one of these will often ensure 100% uptime of Xingqiu’s elemental burst and sacrificial sword will even ensure that 100% uptime without having Xingqiu at Max Constellation. You will be sacrificing a huge amount of damage for this 100% uptime but depending on the situation or team composition that may be desired.

Having completed all 12 floors of the spiral abyss using primarily Xingqiu I can confidently state that energy recharge weapons are overrated on Xingqiu and not remotely required on him. Depending on the encounter (majority of the time) Xingqiu will have his elemental burst up off of cooldown without an energy recharge weapon. This means you sacrifice the amazing damage output on Blackcliff Longsword or Harbinger of Dawn in situations where your elemental burst would have been up anyways.

Black Sword & Royal Longsword. Both of these weapons are kind of the lesser version of Blackcliff Longsword & Harbinger of Dawn but still completely viable on Xingqiu. If I had one of these already leveled it would be advisable to not invest resources in building the more meta weapon options to save resources. Black Sword similar to Aquila Favonia can make Xingqiu better in CO-OP or as a main damager dealer.

Favonius Sword. Is an energy recharge weapon that can be used to try to get 100% uptime of Xingqiu’s elemental burst. This may be sought after as when using Xingqiu is in the supportive role having guaranteed uptime of his elemental burst can be advantageous when needing his sword rain for elemental reactions.

Iron Sting. Iron Sting is a F2P craftable weapon on Xingqiu. The elemental mastery secondary stat works great in a plethora of compositions that utilize elemental reactions, and the elemental damage effect is incredible as he can easily make use of it.

Fillet Blade. Fillet Blade is just one of those weapons that is extremely good early on until around AR30. It is found out in the world in chest and requires low resources to upgrade making it good to feed to other weapons late game or to just transfer onto other characters later.

I hope this weapon tier list gave you a bit of direction in what you will be equipping your Xingqiu with. This is only my first installment in this series, and it is my goal to improve it with each iteration! What are your thoughts on Xingqiu’s weapon options?

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